Why is Everybody Talking About Custom Rigid Boxes?

Why is Everybody Talking About Custom Rigid Boxes?

Rigid boxes, also known as custom gift boxes. What Exactly are Custom Rigid Boxes? How can you Build and Procure such Boxes for your Products?

The demand for custom rigid boxes has risen significantly over the course of time. If you are keen to enhance the customer experience when delivering your products, it is essential to comprehend the significance of using your packaging artfully to reap maximum benefits out of your investment. And if rigid packaging is your first choice to place and ship the products then it is negligible to have a clear understanding of what these boxes are and how they can be put to good use

Unlike stock boxes, the bespoke solution is specifically designed and manufactured to fit your packaging and operational needs. Due to its flexibility and firm structure, rigid packaging has become a favorite among business owners as it saves them hundreds of dollars in terms of product damages and returns. Moreover, these packaging boxes can be customized the way you want. This delivers much-needed assistance to brands in distinguishing their products from similar items on the racks available for purchase in the market.

So, rather than persisting with stock rigid boxes, try using the bespoke version of the packaging. It will be one of your wise investments when it comes to ensuring the success of your business; both in the short- and long term. The unique packaging option will present your goods in the best light and experience a unique thrill. Above all, your customers will be ecstatic to receive their purchase in such exhilarating packaging. It will make your customers fall head over heels in love with your brand and product.

What Exactly are Custom Rigid Boxes?

The rigid box packaging is specifically designed and carved according to the specific requirements and needs of a merchandiser. A partnership is formed with a custom packaging manufacturer like The Legacy Printing that offers you the best packaging and pricing. But before you engage a packaging supplier; it is vital to figure out your needs and wants in order to get the perfect boxes for the goods that help your business propel its sales. It will allow you to keep your products in optimal condition than those standard rigid stock boxes that are widely available across the market.

How can you Build and Procure such Boxes for your Products?

Suppliers like Legacy Printing saves you time and effort when it comes to building custom rigid boxes packaging. They take this burden off your shoulders by managing your entire packaging project from design to production and delivery. For instance, Legacy nurtures your concept and brings it to reality by engaging its in-house designers; and packaging manufacturers that have extensive knowledge and years of experience in building custom packages, including rigid boxes. In turn, you get shiny new product boxes that are worth every single penny. That too is on time and on a budget!

With its state-of-the-art equipment and professional competence; several businesses have been able to attain success by successfully launching and selling their products in the US. This includes e-commerce businesses, too, as the packaging company even caters to requests with minimum order quantity; and handles as large as 100,000+ packages. With its unbelievably fast turnaround time and rush delivery service; not only the company stays ahead of its competitors but also allows its clients to overshadow their rivals.

Eco-friendly Custom Rigid Boxes :

The excellent engineering methodologies and first-rate packaging materials further guarantee; that the encased products remain well protected throughout their journey, from warehouse to retail outlets. Best of all, the company doesn’t just love the planet; they love producing eco-friendly packaging boxes. For example, a large number of rigid boxes are made out of environmentally friendly packaging materials to help brands attract eco-conscious customers. The uber flexible packaging is produced in variable sizes using a wide array of Pantone colors; and finishing touches like gloss, matte, velvet touch, foil stamping, or embossing.

Thanks to the awesome team that is 100 percent in-house; and is always willing to go to great lengths for their clients. All you need to do is connect with the sales team via the official website; share your packaging requirements via live chat or online form to get a free quotation for your review.

A dedicated manager will be nominated for your project as soon as you embrace their service. The dedicated manager will walk you through every step of the process, from the artwork to manufacturing; digital mockups to delivery, or any questions regarding the service.

Additional Benefits of Bespoke Rigid Packaging Compared to Rigid Stock Boxes                   

This particular packaging offers numerous benefits. Below are a few additional benefits of these boxes that keep them in the spotlight; and sway business owners to use them over and over again.

Radiates Quality and Lends a Sense of Satisfaction

Laminated Custom Rigid Boxes instantly grasp attention. With durable raw material and robust appearance, these packages can allow you to evoke curiosity. And when you add beautiful graphics to the mix, it further underscores the elegance of these boxes.

The Smooth Exterior Feels Amazing

In the case of rigid packaging, the pressed sheet is layered onto the chipboard. Hence, apart from offering durability, these boxes also have a beautiful appearance. The adhesive layer is methodically added to the sheet, so it remains even. Resultantly, when you laminate the box sides, you will find them even and smooth to touch. 

Magnet Remains Invisible in Boxes with Magnetic Closure

It’s easier to use and secure these boxes if they boast a magnetic closure. Plus, it gives great exclusivity to the laminated rigid packaging. To hide the magnet; printing companies insert the magnet in a way that it remains out of sight (hidden inside the wall of the chipboard); elevate your final product by impressing customers with an unusual lock.

Elegant Packaging Don’t Require Complicated Graphics

The robust appearance of the boxes relinquishes the need to add complicated graphics. An attention-grabbing appearance can be attained more easily with high-quality offset printing; that makes the typeface, logo, and other elements of the packaging more intriguing.

Create Beautiful Edges with Groove Cutter

When you have a laminated product, it’s crucial to have exquisite and sharp edges. Even not-so-experienced manufacturers fail to meet this expectation. However, when you join hands with a professional US-based packaging company; that knows exactly how to cut the edges of the chipboard with the help of a groove cutter machine. It ensures your edges are as beautiful as the box itself.

Final Words on Custom Rigid Boxes: 

Now that you have developed a sound understanding of how bespoke rigid packaging supports a business; it’s time for you to take a swan dive and create these for your own products. The unique packaging solution will aid you in presenting your product most effectively when it hit the retail store shelves. But the real key to success lies in procuring unique and eye-catching boxes. This will give your products maximum exposure and increase your chances of recording more sales.

Mind you, there are different types of these boxes, make sure to choose the one that best meets your needs. An ideal way to pick one is by exploring various features of these boxes to figure out; if this is what you really want to invest in or not.   

Hope this information will help you with a greater cause. 

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