Top 8 Feature of Automatic Screen Printing Machines

Top 8 Feature of Automatic Screen Printing Machines

Looking for the best automatic screen printing machine for your press? Here are the 8 best Features of an Automatic Screen Printing Machine That Guides you.

Screen printing is a complex process that requires some physical work. When you have a small and big screen printer, then you cannot manage to get a traditional method in your house. Also, Many automated screen printing machines accessible, and I discuss the top eight machines that you must purchase if you are interested in starting your screen printing company. However, These devices are made to manage large numbers of orders, complex prints, and quicker production. Well, here’s a list of the best eight Auto Print Machine in order, and additional information is provided below.

1. M&R Stryker Automatic Oval Screen Printing Machines

  • This machine is a flexible and low-priced rectangular screen printing machine. The StrykerTM component from M&R is a 10-station module that can be extended to produce 16, 22, 28, and more 52 unit combinations. In other words, there are still no limitations on where the printhead is placed.
  • All additional stations may accommodate coloured paper, as well as any terminal can be kept open. Furthermore, it can be customized to meet any manufacturing need.
  • A computerized touchscreen settings menu with symbol visuals is capable of displaying information and instructions in many languages.
  • A three-point package levelling system with variable (1-4) print stroke capabilities is required.
  • It also has a two-year or 2,000,000-cycle limited guarantee.

2. MHM Synchroprint 5000

  • The MHM Synchroprint 5000 has 18 colours and 16 ink spots, with a typical most significant part of 2839 inches.
  • Also, This is the only digital printing device with an automated screen orientation programme that uses motors to regulate and store screen location. Once configured, you can keep this in the next since the memory capacity is infinite.
  • The touchscreen device with wifi connection features controls all functions. You do not want to shut down the equipment to re-adjust the panels at the printing area. It is possible to do so immediately via the tablet’s primary controller.
  • A basic start button is used to modify palettes.
  • The MHM screen printer has a lightning-fast blade changeover. The wiper features a unique drifting mechanism that ensures equal pressure and even ink distribution.
  • Manufacturing capacity ranges from 900 to 1400 items per hour.

3. ROQprint ECO P18 XL Automatic Screen Printing Machine

  • The ROQprint Eco features the most modern technology advancements from ROQ. It varies from a base of 12 palettes to a high capacity of 20 palettes with a minimum of 1 colour and a maximum of 18 colours.
  • It’s particularly suited for the more complex and challenging printers since it is fast and can design to 1400 items per hour.
  • Also, It features a complete control center with a Monochromatic 10 inch LCD touch interface to command the screen printing equipment fully.
  • This has a maximum printing area of 10001100 millimetres and is recommend to suitable in sizes L, XL+, 2XL, and 3XL.
  • It’s handy for printing using liquid inks because the designer can control how long the screen remains in touch with the warm palettes.
  • Short time in connection implies less drying of the colours, resulting in more minor pauses throughout the job’s processing.

4. Brown ElectraPrint Automatic Textile Printer

  • At ONCE-TECH the Electraprint model reduces the cost of dyeing. They have been shown to provide a more reliable outcome than an air-driven system.
  • This has ten printing units, with each screen measuring 23 by 31 inches and the metal plate measuring 16 x 24 inches.
  • Being entirely electric, surety removes the danger of costly aircraft and valve pollution. There is no demand for an expensive air pump, air cooler, controllers, and so on. Above all, connect to the machine, and you’re ready to go.
  • The screen printing machine’s total dimensions are 144.00 x 144.00 x 60.00 inches, and it weighs 2600.00 pounds.

5. MHM IQ-Oval Compact

  • The IQ Oval machines are flexible and can be customize to meet virtually any manufacturing need, with the ability to expand in the future. In other terms, this completes your increasing demand for screen printing.
  • Whenever your production needs to expand, most significantly add more stations and colours to your existing setup.
  • It is also modified to contain a maximum of 60 units.
  • The maximum manufacturing capacity (pieces/h) is between 1200 and 1800.
  • Overall, it includes the iDS intelligent drive system that provides exceptionally smooth and efficient high-speed motion.

6. Workhorse- The Sabre Series

  • The Sabre Series automated screen printer from Workhorse is suitable for every medium to high volume digital printing business.
  • Also, Its press has a touchscreen settings menu that gives users complete control over all operations right at their fingertips.
  • It has a 20 by 20 inches digital footprint with 12 colour, 14 unit digital printing machine.
  • However, The automated screen printing machine has eight units, each measuring 16 by 22 inches. The 14-foot-diameter rotating digital printing machine has 1-9 print stroke capabilities, which are entirely controlle by a touch screen interface.
  • The Workhorse sabre range digital printing device comes with a two-year guarantee.

7. RPM Revolution Series

Automatic Screen Printing Machines
  • The 14 colour printer of the RPM Revolution series is available.
  • The different Color Electrical Revolution has an Electrical Conveyor Crank for minimal service and fast efficiency.
  • Also, It has electric-driven ink cartridges for constant power and computerized controls over stroke parameters.
  • It has multi-stroke parameters that may be programmed for each head (5x).
  • Other characteristics provide an individual wiper’s flood bar drag and front screen attachments allowing simple flash input and release even when the wiper and flood bar are in place.

8. Tas Hawk HX20 Automatic Screen Printing Machine

  • The HAWK HX20 series is ideal for medium-to-large-scale touchscreen printers.
  • This has a typical printing area of 50 × 63 cm (20″ x 25″). This is TAS’s best powerful machine.
  • However, On-demand, the HAWK set is accessible in up to 16 different colours. Also, It has 20 colours, 22 locations, and electric printing units with a maximum outer frame size of 660mm X 940mm (26″ X 37″) and a total print area of 508mm X 635mm (20″ X 25″).
  • The device’s size is 7300mm, and Automatic Screen Printing Machine estimated mass is 4200Kg.

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