Learn How to Use Customer Reviews for Marketing Purposes

Learn How to Use Customer Reviews for Marketing Purposes

Customer reviews are the engine that keeps prospects coming. Why User Review is necessary and What They Can Teach Us?

To grow credibility as a business, first, you must provide exceptional products or services. Then you need to build a positive reputation among your customers with your dealings with them. As you know, word of mouth is the best form of marketing a business can have.

Many factors go in while a customer makes a purchase decision and word of mouth or customer review is one the most crucial ones. Before buying any product or service, people generally ask for a recommendation from friends and family or do a lot of online research to decide on the purchase. Numerous researches have suggested that people trust recommendations from family and friends over any type of advertisement or marketing your brand conducts.

So if you can have more positive reviews, you have higher chances of lead generation and conversion. Just ask for some positive reviews from your customers. They will be more than happy to help you out. In this growing competition of the online-first marketplace, it is your priority to get your customers to share a positive review about your product or service to get even more and more visitors to your website.

Benefits of positive customer reviews

Stimulates purchase decision:

One of the prime benefits of positive customer review is that it stimulates your target audience’s purchase decision. Positive customer reviews build trust among your audience and help build loyalty.

A better understanding of your customers:

Customer reviews give you a better understanding of your audience. It helps your business achieve overall customer satisfaction as they provide you with feedback regarding what your customers truly desire from you. Use this feedback to improve your customer service, and you can quickly resolve any issue pointed out by your customers, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Helps with SEO:

Believe it or not, positive customer reviews are great for Search Engine Optimization for your website, especially if you are a local business. If your customers post reviews on popular review sites, it automatically helps you get good results on the SERP page. Reviews will help you rank well even if you have low-quality link profiles.   

Knowing what works and what doesn’t:

Customer reviews let you know what is working and what is not. Knowing which product or service is popular among customers and not doing well enables you to better categorize your product and services.

Free advertising and marketing:

The greatest benefits of positive customer reviews are getting free advertising and marketing for your business. As you know, that word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and reviews do that perfectly for you. Unlike other forms of marketing or advertising, positive customer reviews are more impactful and help influence customer purchase decisions.

Fight Competition:

Customer reviews enable you to compete with your competitors and gain a positive niche in people’s estimation and expectations. Also, Customers are always looking for a recommendation, and if a new company has some positive reviews, they have a better chance of survival in the market.

Allow your customers to have a voice:

Your customers who take time and leave positive reviews for your business are more likely to feel certain loyalty and keep coming back to you. Leaving a review makes them feel like they have a voice, making them more valued.

More reviews:

When your business starts receiving customer reviews, more customers will be encouraged to put their reviews and feedback. More reviews mean more business on your behalf. More reviews you receive helps you achieve all the above-discussed points.

How to ask the customer for a review?

After reading the benefits of positive customer reviews, how to ask your customers to write reviews for your business. How do you ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied to ask for a positive review?

To receive a positive review, the single most important factor is exceptional quality products or services. After that, there are several ways to ask for a review.

Identify the right moment:

Create a process and identify the right moment to make sure that you ask your customers for a positive review at the end of their purchase. In addition, Ask for customer’s review at strategic moments along the customer journey.

  • After using the product or service.
  • When your customer repurchase or reorder
  • After your customers tag you on any social media platform
  • If your customers are spending a longer time on your website, ask for a review
  • If your existing customers refer other customers

Create a process:

You must create a process to acquire reviews from your customers.

  • Train your team to ask for reviews from your customers after every successful purchase or service and share their experience
  • You can ask for reviews as a part of your email marketing campaign.
  • Include review section after checkout or on thank you pages
  • Use NPS to identify happy customers and have your team follow up on them to develop relationships.


Automate the process of asking for reviews from your customers. Use pop-up forms or follow-up emails to get reviews after your customer has made the purchase. Also, Use pop-up forms on your website to ask for a review after the customer has made the purchase. Although, Use follow-up emails to review how your customer’s experience regarding the product or service was.

Ask open-ended questions:

Always ask open-ended questions to create a conversation with your customers. Avoid asking questions that answer with just a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

Reduce friction:

Make the customer review process as simple as possible to encourage more and more customers to write positive reviews.

  • Use multiple options for your customers to choose from
  • Include a link directly to the page where they can submit their reviews
  • Use a simple template
  • Give them a prompt while they write, so your customers don’t get lost

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