Unusual Dating Search Queries of the British

Unusual Dating Search Queries of the British

Let us face it: internet dating is a bit confusing, whether you are newly single, used to meeting people in bars rather than in their DMs, looking for a fling, or searching for a lifelong partner.

But the truth is that dating platforms have actually become quite sophisticated these days and are more useful than ever before.

This rise in popularity is in part owed to the pandemic. It made dating more difficult, but now that the world has regained its freedom after being locked down, people are more able to start afresh. And dating sites really help them pick up where they left off. And just like everyone in the world, online dating has also made Brits feel confident reaching out to others in pursuit of meaningful relationships.

In fact, dating sites now provide people in the UK with a “digital fix” to the “chaotic” subject of love. And it is growing in popularity also because they can truly look for all types of dating and partners.

Accessibility and Diversity of Modern Dating Sites

When there are thousands of active dating sites, there are likely to be many specialized niches too.

There are a wide variety of websites catering to specific demographics, including those with specific ages, body types, interests, and religious beliefs. This means that there is likely to be a dating site for you; even if you belong to a highly niche demographic.

And it seems that Brits have realized that; which is why you can find some unusual dating platforms designed to cater to their needs. For instance:

Pagan Dating in the UK

Yes, that is right – finding pagan dating sites in the UK has become easier, which is a big relief for those who are very specific about who they date.

If you do not believe in any gods or have multiple deities, you can be termed a pagan. Pagans traditionally adhered to a religion that honored a pantheon of deities (polytheistic). People who do not regularly attend Jewish, Christian; or Muslim services are now commonly referred to as “Pagans.” And that makes them fall into a smaller, less mainstream niche.

For such individuals, using online dating sites is the best way to meet those who think like them. There is a sizable population of people identifying them as Pagan, thus, there is no shortage of Pagan dating sites. Over a quarter of a million Americans consider themselves Pagan. And the numbers in the UK are very large too, and they all benefit from using online dating platforms.

Platforms to Date Smokers

Many studies have confirmed women’s ‘in-built’ fascination with bad boys and discovered that women find guys who smoke to be more appealing. Of course, this is not to inspire you to start smoking; but if you do it already, you can find dating sites to meet like-minded partners.

In fact, it is quite fascinating to see exactly how many Brits actually look for ways to date smokers. And to give them what they want, they are dating sites designed just for that.

While you can surely try those sites, there is something you should also know from a “research” perspective. Yes, it turns out that women find the cigarette-smoking, beer-guzzling bad guys more attractive and “sexually receptive” to relationships, but only in the short term. So, if you are into a quick hookup with a smoker, you won’t be disappointed when using dating sites.

Dating Sites for Atheists

Considering how many dating sites are now catering to the needs of atheists, it is no surprise that people in the UK actually search for these people.

When people learn that you are a nonbeliever, they often react negatively, especially if they are believers themselves. As a result, they have no interest in developing romantic feelings (or maybe any feelings) for someone who isn’t.

It is at those times that people start looking for online communities where they can hang out freely without fear of being judged. And nothing works better than dating sites for atheists.

Spiritual Dating and Relationships

One of many trends currently going strong in the world of online dating for the British is spiritual dating.

In broad terms, “spiritual dating” is a type of courtship in which the two parties prioritize their spiritual well-being alongside their romantic needs. Finding a soul mate who cares about something greater than themselves is crucial for those on a spiritual quest.

Interestingly, there is no one denomination more likely to pursue spiritual relationships. Seeking a spiritual partner familiar with the path of self-improvement is crucial for people of all faiths. And that is when dating sites help singles find a partner with whom they may share common beliefs and ideals.


One big reason behind the popularity of online dating is that there is nothing off-limits; and you can find a partner no matter what. It is quite evident when you have a closer look at so many unusual dating search queries of the British. And there is nothing wrong with that. You just need to be on the right site, and you will meet someone who thinks and feels the same about being in a relationship.

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