Quick Guide to Successful Online Flirt

Quick Guide to Successful Online Flirt

Romance requires dedication and hard work. Each of us learns throughout our lives how to flirt properly to attract the attention of other singles. In fact, everything starts with flirting, whether it’s a serious relationship or a one-night stand. But if there is a certain algorithm of actions to achieve the desired result in real life, what about dating sites? Traditional flirting methods don’t work here, so if you want to try your luck in the world of digital matchmaking, you will have to study this issue in more detail. So how do you flirt online to succeed?

Radiate confidence from the start

The ultimate weapon of any single person in the dating world is self-confidence. After all, we are always more likely to be attracted to a person who’s confident and outgoing, aren’t we? Even the smallest glimpse of confidence goes a long way when it comes to online dating. Instead of the humble, “I’d like to get to know you, if you don’t mind,” send something like, “I saw your profile and couldn’t get past it. Let’s talk?” Even such a seemingly subtle change of mood has the power to get someone to like you from the first message.

Compliment your partner 

Whether you’re using a matchmaking site or a flirt dating app designed to find quick flings, you must also be a smooth talker. For example, why don’t you compliment your partner here and there? Flattery is a universal language that everyone understands. But that doesn’t mean you can say anything and expect positive results. The art of complimenting also needs to be mastered. Forget about primitive compliments like “you have beautiful eyes” or “you’re sexy;” not only is it corny, but such compliments, even on casual dating sites, will sound rather disappointing than attractive. Instead, study your partner’s profile and compliment based on something more specific, whether their appearance or hobbies that are listed there. Don’t spare the pretty words (but also don’t overdo it).

Avoid writing long messages

This tip applies to the previous one to some extent. You won’t meet anyone on dating platforms who likes reading long messages. It isn’t an email conversation or your own podcast, so avoid messages over a few sentences long. It’s rather intimidating and creates too much of a serious mood in the dialogue. Which, of course, is not in any way conducive to the romantic atmosphere you want to create. Break up one big message into several smaller ones; that way, you can make a positive impression on your new match and put them in the right frame of mind.

Be moderate with emojis

You should also avoid using too many emojis. People who put more than three emojis in every message look childish. Who would want to flirt with someone who gives the impression of an inexperienced and immature teenager? But that doesn’t mean you should give up on using any emoticons. We often don’t understand the mood in which a particular message was written because we can’t see the person and hear their voice when chatting online. That’s why for many people, emojis have become a way to soften words and make messages sound friendlier. The key is to know the measure. There’s nothing wrong with ending a message with a smiley face or a heart, but don’t do it in every message if you don’t want to look silly.

Make sure you both have fun

The main purpose of online flirting is to have a good time. Therefore, when flirting on a dating site, avoid too serious topics, such as religion and politics. Never start a conversation about exes as well because that’s the real mood killer. Also, remember that boredom is the main thing to avoid if you don’t want to end up rejected.

Say goodbye to boring people

Speaking of boredom, run away if your new flirting partner seems in a bad mood from the first message or starts a conversation on a negative note. There’s no point in wasting your time on people who come to a dating site to complain about life or discuss the geopolitical situation of their country. Avoid boredom because that is the only way you can get the most out of your time on a flirting dating app. Don’t be afraid to change flirting partners as often as you want because this is the only way you will find people you will feel comfortable chatting and flirting with, and maybe one of them will become your future date!

The art of flirting requires time and effort to master. But when you finally manage to learn how to make online dating work, you’ll find yourself surrounded by dozens of hot locals ready to meet you for a date any moment you want.

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