5 Reasons You Struggle to Declutter

5 Reasons You Struggle to Declutter

How to declutter your home? Decluttering your home from time to time is an essential task to free up space, accommodate new items, and also maintain a tidy atmosphere. However, people often struggle mentally when it comes to getting rid of unnecessary objects. If you are struggling to declutter, it is wise to ask yourself why you are hesitant and once you know the answer to your questions, it becomes easier to overcome the challenges. Today we will discuss the 5 most common reasons people hesitate to declutter.

Retaining Items Just in Case You May Need Them

This is probably the biggest reason for not letting go of the things you don’t use. You always think in the future you might need those items. You often think that if you get rid of those things now, then you will regret your decision a few years later. It is easy to convince yourself by saying “just in case” and even before you realize it, you will find your home is full of things you never use or even love!


Firstly, honestly ask yourself about a realistic scenario and specific time when you will need these things. If you can’t think of a time you need these items to Declutter your home, remove them immediately. If you find a time and situation when you might need this item, ask yourself “is that situation truly realistic?” You do not love the item currently, what makes you think that you will love it in the future? Try to be realistic because even if you may need it in the future, you will probably not be able to locate it in clutter and there will be better versions of that item in the future. If you need that specific item in the future, you can always buy it.

Guilt Feeling Because You Bought the Item Spending a Lot of Money

Many people buy items that cost them thousands of dollars like a motorized treadmill but seldom use the equipment and it stands at one corner occupying valuable space.


Will you get back the money if you keep the costly but unused item at your home? Tell your mind that the money you have spent to Declutter your home is already wasted and now by keeping it you are also spoiling the look and space of your property. If something is not adding value to your life then it should not be in your home. Next time you buy something costly, take the decision using your brain and do not buy impulsively.

Getting Rid of a Completely Usable Item

Suppose you bought a bed for your kids and it is still in good shape after 10 years, but the kids have grown up and left home for college. There is no doubt that the bed is in good condition but will you ever use it?


Decluttering is all about taking tough but practical decisions. Since you are not using an item, it is not adding value to your life. You can always recover the money by selling it on second-hand markets. Moreover, by not adding the item to the list of inventory for the moving containers, you can also save loading space. If it is in good condition, you will get a good price for the goods. You may even donate it to your relatives who have children in their house. They will appreciate your kind-hearted gesture.

Obligation to keep an item

Sometimes you feel guilty to get rid of an item because it was a gift by a family member or a family heirloom that you are obligated to keep.


This is your house and you get to decide what will be there and how Declutter your home! No one can emotionally blackmail you to store something saying you are obligated to keep it. Gifts are given to express love and once the gift is given, the owner decides what he wants to do with the gift. So, you can get rid of it without feeling guilty. In case it is a family heirloom, then talk to the person who is forcing you to keep it. Explain why you can’t keep it and let that person take care of the object. If he or she refuses, then tell that person if it can’t be kept at their house, then you can’t be forced to keep it in your house as well.

You Think You Need to Organize, Not Declutter

This is one of the common mistakes we make to avoid getting rid of unused items. We often think that all we need is just more storage boxes and cabinets to organize things. The reality is you can organize the things that you need in your daily life; but if you store the items you don’t need now or in the future; you are simply creating a mess in your house.


Get to the root of the problem! You have too much stuff and it is making you claustrophobic! When you dispose of unused and unimportant items; you can organize essential commodities in a better way and provide more space for the things that are used in your daily life.

Last Words on Declutter your home:

Decluttering a large house is a time-consuming task. But you don’t need to hurry. Start small, like a room or even a file cabinet; and step by step you will be able to identify and purge the objects you don’t need in your home.

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