Why Higher Education Will Always Be Prestigious

Why Higher Education Will Always Be Prestigious

Is University Prestige? If you doubt whether entering college is a good idea or not, keep in mind that a degree is a sign of prestige. Read the article to find out why.

Is University Prestige?

Businessmen and successful influencers tell us that higher education isn’t important, that it’s possible to achieve something even without it. Open YouTube and find speeches of Kevin O’Leary, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and many others.

They all explain to us that a college degree isn’t the key to success. We partly agree with them: history knows many examples of when people who haven’t graduated from college made breakthroughs and became well-known. However, the world nowadays moves towards redefining the prestige of higher education, and it’s great. 

We know that transition between high school and college is stressful for many students, so they prefer finding a full-time job and getting experience.  If you’re reading this, you’re probably a school graduate who can’t decide whether to apply for college or not. Before we start discussing the main benefits of a university degree, we want to emphasize that college is the very last step of your education. We understand that you get tired of it, but be patient, and you’ll see that your efforts will pay off.

Many students think their degree will be prestigious only if they enter an Ivy League college or something like that. But does it really matter? Let’s get this over first.

Does University Prestige Matter?

Why do we all want to study at inexpensive and well-known colleges? It’s a kind of stereotype we all have in our minds. The private institution doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the high-quality education and experience necessary for finding a well-paid job. Numerous reports and surveys identified that college rankings don’t matter at all. Moreover, researchers identified some negative effects of these rankings. It may seem weird and unusual for us, but it’s true. 

Your success and your happiness don’t depend on what college you attend. We’ll say more: they depend on how you attend college and how you study. More and more school graduates start to realize it and choose a place to study not on the basis of rankings and prestige. They check the teaching staff, communicate with graduates, explore mentorship opportunities and get ready for the new school year. It’s possible to become a professional in the area you want, even studying in an affordable local public college. Fewer employers pay attention to the place where you’ve studied: your skills and knowledge are what can help you get a prestigious job.

Do you imagine how much money you or your parents will have to spend on a prestigious college? Is there any point in it?

Reasons Why Everyone Needs Higher Education

Well, we’ve decided that the university prestige is not the main aspect to focus on. Now we need to define what makes higher education prestigious. We are sure that all people who’ll read this article till the end, will have no doubts as for their future. So start preparing for a new stage of life: place an admission essay order to get enrolled, purchase textbooks and new devices to dive into the world of new knowledge. 

Get a bigger salary

We won’t argue with you and say that workers without higher education can earn good money. However, there’s a big difference between a qualified and non-qualified workforce. Why should you be content with a little? You don’t even imagine how many abilities and opportunities you have, and not using them is the biggest mistake you can make. We mentioned money first because it’s one of the main factors making people go to college. The earning potential of college graduates is huge, and the unemployment rate among these people is one of the lowest. Doesn’t it sound convincing to you?

Find your purpose

It’s very difficult for many school graduates to choose a degree they’ll study for. The vocational guidance can assist them, but it never guarantees the individual will like this or that field of knowledge. Let’s also not forget that we can change our opinion with time, and it’s okay. However, all these factors don’t change the fact that a college is where we can find the direction to move on. Is University Prestige? You study general courses, understand what’s interesting for you, and take additional courses in subjects you want to major in. It’s okay to make a mistake when choosing a major: just enroll in another program you want. 

Guarantee yourself a job satisfaction

The percentage of people who don’t like their job and want to change it is huge. But the number of college graduates among these people is very low. When you have a degree and qualifications, there’s nothing difficult in changing the job you don’t like. The non-qualified workforce has some troubles with it. We’ve already mentioned that a college degree gives an individual a whole bunch of opportunities, so they hardly start working in jobs they don’t like. 

Obtain new skills

Knowledge and qualification are good, but there are more useful things a student gains during studying. We mean skills. College experience lets an individual obtain general skills: think critically, be creative, analyze, explore new ideas, and always want to discover something new. When an individual has these qualities, success in work and life is guaranteed. It’s crucial to continue studying even after graduation: the complex of skills we mentioned above guarantees that you’d never stop there. I hope now you will answer Is University Prestige?

Build a network

The more people you know, the better for you and your career, and especially if these people are this or that way connected to the sphere of your work. College is more than just a place where you gain new knowledge. You get acquainted with many undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, and foreigners. Many alumni are eager to help other graduates in their job search. Moreover, all these people have their own connections that can help you find a good job. Never underestimate the power of networking.

Become self-confident

A college degree makes you a competitive person in the labor market. Of course, you have higher self-esteem and self-confidence, and there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s okay to consider yourself a better worker than others: you’ve spent several years studying, sacrificed your needs and desires to be who you are now. Higher education is prestigious — keep it in mind.

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