Can You Travel on Air with Delta 8 THC? 

Can You Travel on Air with Delta 8 THC? 

Everybody needs a break. And why not? The daily routines can crush you in their monotony and trap you in their shackles, so much so that you will only gasp for air.

So, a weekend gateway is necessary, and everybody must go on vacation. 

But, What about your favorite Delta-8 edibles? Can you carry them on the plane?

If you hope to chew some Delta 8 gummies or have some Delta 8 vape cartridges along the beachside, this article holds much value.

First, Delta 8 is legal as per the present federal laws. 

Hence, you can undoubtedly transport or carry your different Delta 8 products to different states and zones within the United States, subject to the federal laws in operation at the destination state. 

Now, What Does This Mean?

Since you are carrying and consuming the Delta 8 products in your home state, it is evident that there are no restrictions over there regarding the use of Delta 8. 

But, this might not be the case in your destination state.

There are chances that the local state laws in the destination state might restrict you from using the Delta 8 products. 

The several states that have banned the consumption of Delta 8 are:

  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Arizona
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah, etc.

Hence, if you are flying with Delta 8 and your destination state is one from the list, we recommend not carrying cannabinoids with you. This is primarily because; all your Delta 8 products would not get clearance at the airport and would be seized.  

So, avoid this hassle by not carrying the Delta 8 products with you. 

Can You Carry Delta 8 Products on Domestic Flights?

There is no clear answer to this question, and much ambiguity exists. Long-drawn court battles are still going on regarding the carriage of Delta 8 products over an Airplane

However, presently, it all boils down to:

The Discretion of the Airlines 

If the airline’s company with which you are traveling allows its passengers to carry hemp-based products such as cannabinoids, you certainly carry them. 

However, if their policy prohibits it, there is no point in carrying them stealthily.  

The Rules of Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) 

TSA is a public authority that ensures the security and safety of traveling passengers, especially those commuting by air. 

This organization has formed specific rules regarding the carrying of marijuana-based products while flying. 

TSA exclusively bans all the following products that are:

  • Extracted from Marijuana
  • Products that are infused with cannabis
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) oil 

All the products mentioned above are illegal under federal laws and cannot be carried while flying.  

Still, in case you are willing to carry the prohibited products; be ready to bear the havoc of a TSA officer; who is authorized to conduct the screening processes. If a TSA officer obtains prohibited marijuana-based products while screening; they are obliged to forward the matter to the law enforcement agencies. 

The exception to the Above Rule

In case of products:


  • FDA approves that

Are federally legal and can be carried while flying over the airplane.

What Should You Do?

It is inevitable from the facts mentioned above that if a TSA agent finds your Delta 8 based products to be illegal, dangerous, or suspicious, they will certainly refer the matter to the law enforcement agencies. 

Hence, as a cautious air traveler, you must always ensure that:

All your Delta 8 products, be it candies, gummies, or vape cartridges; consist of no more than 0.3 percent of THC on a dry weight basis. 

This is because such Delta 8 products are legal as per Federal laws. 

In such a situation, even if a TSA officer finds such products during the screening process; they will not be able to either confiscate them or refer the matter to the law enforcement agencies. 

Can You Carry Delta 8 Products on International Flights?

This is an entirely different ball game. Generally, the citizens are aware of the domestic laws but have a limited understanding of the laws applicable in other countries. 

In such a case, you can undoubtedly carry the Delta 8 products on your international flight as you will get a federal clearance at your departure state. 

  • But, What about your arrival state?  
  • Do they have laws similar to that of the U.S, or are there variations? 
  • Do they follow the 0.3 percent limit?

These are some questions that you will undoubtedly need answers to before carrying your Delta 8 products on an international flight.

Each country has its unique laws and procedures to deal with marijuana-based products like Delta 8 and 9. For example, The European Union (EU) permits the usage of such products only if they have a concentration of THC less than 0.2%.

Hence, you will certainly be required to read all the laws of your destination country governing the usage of hemp-based products.  

As a tip of caution, if you have even a slight doubt about the usage of Delta 8 in your destination country; it is recommended to leave it at home! 

Consumption of Delta 8 While Flying

Human urges are surreal. Delta 8 is a psychoactive substance and leads to the release of dopamine; which creates the feeling of excitement, happiness, and bliss. 

Who does not want to have a “sensation of artificial pleasure” while flying above 31,000 to 38,000 feet above sea level? Well, everybody wants to.

However, be confident with the governing laws and consume Delta 8 only if your destination state allows it. 


If you are making a domestic trip within the United States, you can certainly carry the Delta 8 products; which have less than 0.3 percent of the THC on a dry weight basis.

However, in cases of an international trip, you must avoid traveling with Delta 8 if you have even the slightest doubt in your mind regarding its usage. 

You will be required to get acquainted with the latest federal laws and the local laws prevailing in your destination country. 

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