Building Trust, One Click at a Time: Dental Landing Page Best Practices

Building Trust, One Click at a Time: Dental Landing Page Best Practices

Since most people are looking for services via the Internet, having your website is necessary. After all, in this way, potential clients will find the clinic’s address, read about excellent equipment and materials for filling dental canals, and get to know their doctor in person. In this article, you learn how to create a site quickly, efficiently, and qualitatively with the help of themes for dental landing pages.

Having your website is now necessary for many purposes. Among the most important is getting new visitors to your establishment. An important topic is who will support and fill the web resource. If you still need to make plans to hire a specialist in the company’s staff, our material is beneficial. After all, we collected the best life hacks for creating a website without hiring a marketer, programmer, or administrator in the company’s staff.

What Are Dental Landing Pages

You probably saw similar websites. They have one main page where basic information is collected. If you click on the menu items, auto-scrolling down to the desired block with information about the company, team, or reviews is activated.

We consider precisely this format of the web resource for several reasons:

  • The owner can buy a bit of content. It’s enough to purchase a few images, a layout for social networks, and a logo. Specialized firms are offering these services inexpensively. For example, visit TemplateMonster, and find many valuable graphics for different tasks. You may also download missing plugins and full-fledged dental landing page templates to get an excellent design for just a couple of dozen dollars.
  • You can not hire specialists for maintenance. In the best case, you contact an advertising agency. Specialists help you with promotions, new banners, and advertising campaigns. Also, marketers and advertisers often advise on how best to fill the site and how to maintain relations with the client. Or there is an option to order a complete service cycle.
  • It’s an excellent option for services or several goods. Such companies usually choose this version of the company’s presentation. If you have a service, there is no point in spending a lot of time developing and maintaining a complex web resource. Briefly, effectively and comprehensively present the main advantages of doctors and surgeons, and the first visitors will come to you.

Creating a small website seems like a simple task. After all, a few resources are needed to launch the project. However, it’s worth thinking about essential details to create the right impression on visitors and have the opportunity to manage the content yourself.

An Important Step Is The Choice Of CMS

Every web resource, even the smallest, has its admin panel, where you create new blocks, sections and add pictures and texts. This thing is a CMS – a content management system. If you want to be able sometimes to edit the account yourself, select the most simple admin panel. Among the most popular, we highlight the following:

  • WordPress. The system is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. There is a basic set of tools with which you launch a full-fledged project. A vast collection of ready-made designs also create a unique charm and style for your clinic. For example, on the large TemplateMonster marketplace, people may even buy a template specifically for dentistry, where web developers consider this business’s needs. The admin panel is quite simple and logically structured. There are whole communities on the Internet where people can find valuable instructions or obtain missing knowledge.
  • Joomla. CMS is in second place in terms of popularity. There’s no need for additional plugins and other complications. So, find plenty of templates. However, you need time to manage and configure. As a minimum, you must read the official manual from Joomla.
  • Jquery. A powerful enough tool with excellent functionality. However, beginners hardly learn this option. If you are an experienced specialist, the choice of this administrator is entirely appropriate. They also have an API.

You may also find options like Wix, MODX, and others online. However, some have very modest capabilities, while others require special programming knowledge. So, the top three options are above. The choice depends on your needs, skills, and requirements. Also, find good hosting options at the link.

Reasons To Use A Dentist Website Template

This product is well-known to marketers, web admins, and advertisers. If you never downloaded the theme, this is a ready-made design created by programmers in a team with designers. Specialists think through the blocks’ colors, order, and location, select beautiful icons, and provide the layout with other useful functions. These features help the project to become more colorful, profitable, presentable, and liked by visitors.

Here are several reasons why you must buy a ready-made dental landing page template:

  • Dental landing pages get a new lease on life. If the project has existed for a long time, but you understand that the external look has long been outdated, it’s time to renew it. Choose a variant similar in style and color. It’s possible to create an entirely different appearance.
  • The website starts up faster. Otherwise, you entrust the section design to a professional from scratch to get the result. Searching for suitable icons, elements, and necessary technologies takes at least a month.
  • It’s a cheap solution to many problems. The cost of a decent appearance is much better on TemplateMonster. This marketplace is indicative because there are works by different authors. Compare the goods and select a variant suitable for your budget. Calculate you may spend approximately 20-50 dollars. The price depends on the complexity of the dental landing page theme and the technologies and improvements added by the author.

At the same time, the template isn’t just new colors, blocks, and fonts. Buyers also get a lot of benefits, which we’ll talk about below.

The Main Features Of The Product

A variety of improvements help your oral care clinic develop. Read the information below to find out what buyers receive from purchasing and installing templates:

  • Bootstrap.
  • Valid HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Responsive. The feature allows the future website to adapt to different sizes of gadgets. Remember, there are not only horizontal but also vertical screens.
  • Easy to customize. Any editing is possible with the help of the instructions that the buyers of paid layouts receive.
  • Font Awesome icons. These are the beautiful elements that add elegance, grace, and beauty.
  • SEO friendly. Your site will be assigned a place in the rating faster if the project you started from scratch.
  • Google Fonts. The variety never leaves anyone indifferent.
  • Multi-purpose. Some themes are easily adaptable to other businesses.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.

It’s essential to read the description because the list may differ. Each product is unique not only in appearance but also in filling.

Best Examples Among Competitors

Let’s show you the sites of the best clinics for surgery and dental treatment in the world. Watch not at how many sections the site has. It’s better to pay attention to what blocks there are, evaluate the color range, and read what specialists write about themselves.

Mavidenta is a quality clinic in Istanbul. Pay attention to multilingualism. Examples of their work with before and after photos are immediately visible on the main page. Color solutions are standard for dental landing pages and medical businesses. White, blue, and lazuli are present.

Teknon – a chic clinic in Barcelona located in an original building. At the top, visitors immediately see a short video demonstrating the hospital’s interior and exterior. This point is possible thanks to the integration with the YouTube channel. The authors added exciting icons. Although, in general, the appearance looks relatively restrained and without modern refinements. The only necessary information is a beneficial treatment.

Search For a Similar Dental Landing Page Theme

Let’s go to TemplateMonster in search of a good design. Here people receive a minimum of 20 options for your type of business. Remember, multi-purpose themes can be adapted to your activity type, even if the author doesn’t specify compatibility with the medical field.

MaxMed Hospital is an excellent clean, and pleasant appearance for any medical institution. Buyers beautifully and presentably present general doctors, surgeons, and diagnoses.

Lumedic is suitable for those who don’t want a large amount of blue color. The author has chosen exciting shades. Mainly white prevails — the main accents are places with the help of pictures and photos carefully selected by you.

Please, look at all the options and choose the best one. Remember, goods are very flexible. So, edit minor details.

Helpful Video About Creating A Website

Each business forms its budget for launching a project. Find out what sums you should focus on.

Dental Landing Pages FAQ

  1. Where can I download the dental template?

Today we talked and reviewed the premieres on TemplateMonster. Also, find suitable graphics to fill the blocks with content and receive the required look.

  1. How to choose a dental landing page theme?

Be sure to watch the demo and read the description. The demonstration shows the appearance customers get. Remember, the images and texts will be yours, different from the shown preview.

  1. What is the difference between paid and free dentist landing page themes?

Paid options are more profitable because they are updated, have support, and always work correctly. Free items look more monotonous and poor. See for yourself by searching at and comparing a couple of examples.

  1. What is a dentist layout for a website?

Specialists often use several terms for a product. These names could be a layout, template, theme, or design. For a beginner, don’t delve into the differences. They roughly mean the same thing.

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