Most Artistic and Gorgeous Rado Timepieces for Women

Most Artistic and Gorgeous Rado Timepieces for Women

A list of Most Artistic and Gorgeous Rado Timepieces for Women. Rado is a Well-Known and Well-Respected brand among Serious Watch Enthusiasts.

Rado is a well-known and well-respected brand among serious watch enthusiasts. However, though most people recognize the name, they are unfamiliar with the brand and what it stands for. Rado, established in Switzerland, is a big global player in the luxury watch industry. The company has become well-known for its contemporary design and performance. However, Rado is a name that you should maintain on your mind if you’re interested in understanding more about the luxury watch trade.

For a long time, the brand was known for producing only men’s timepieces. They didn’t go into the field of women’s timepieces until 1996. In this article, we’ll focus on the women’s elegant watches of the brand. Its show here some of the brand’s best timepieces and discuss the aspects that distinguish them and even some of their ceramic Timepieces for Women.

1) True Star Sign

If you have an interest in horoscopes and stargazing, the Rado True Star Sign line features 12 distinctive watches depicting the zodiac signs. The bezel, case, and strap of these timepieces are composing of plasma technologically advance ceramic. Also, Each zodiac sign is meticulously engraved on the case and sprinkled with diamonds like the Gemini version which features fourteen 0.011-karat diamonds and eleven 0.032-karat diamonds.

Since it’s made of high-tech ceramic, it’s not only comfy and lightweight but it’s also guaranteed to preserve its luster for a lot longer. A sleek mother of pearl dial, four-diamond indices, automatic movement, and 30-meter water resistance, are among the additional characteristics. At nine o’clock on all timepieces is the title of each zodiac sign.

2) True Thinline

Thinline, which has garnered a lot of positive feedback, is part of the True series. These quartz watches, which were first released in 2011, offer a distinguishing characteristic of Rado’s high-tech ceramic and monobloc casing. The wristwatch is build of these materials, which make it scratch-resistant, sturdy, and compact.

The company has created the slimmest ceramic timepiece it has ever made.  When it was first presented in 2011, the True Thinline was acclaimed as a wonder of engineering for its exquisite minimalism, which is propelled by an extremely tiny movement of just 1 mm. They also have a variety of case colors like in the True Thinline My Bird; which are the traditional black and white. A green mother-of-pearl case was also featured in the limited-edition model which is the Thinline Leaf.

3) Rado True Timepieces for Women

Rado True is a line of everyday watches that are straightforward yet not boring. These timepieces, which come in gleaming conventional colors white and black, are incredibly comfortable, making them ideal for everyday wear. True timepieces, like this light-colored one, have a high-tech ceramic bezel, band, and case; keeping them compact, sturdy, and easy to wear.

The Rado True boasts a novelty-prize design that the brand refers to as a “contemporary classic,” specially designs for anyone searching for an uncomplicated wristwatch that is both basic and stylish. The three o’clock position features a little date window and the case has grooves that run into the bracelet.

4) Golden Horse Automatic Timepieces for Women

The Golden Horse Automatic is a replica of a vintage timepiece. The products in this series refresh with Rado’s revolutionary high-tech ceramic; and given much more stunning with a rose gold Ceramos, based on the 1957 model. These watches feature a 35 mm androgynous size and come in a variety of colors and strap materials; that will appear excellent on any wrist.

The case back is transparent sapphire and the bezel and case are Ceramos stainless steel. It also sports a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating and is 50-meter water-resistant. There’s also the Golden Horse Automatic with gemstones; which sprinkles with twelve 0.078-karat diamonds if you’re after something to dress in a more professional situation.

5) Hyperchrome Captain Cook Automatic

One of the brand’s most renowned sets is Captain Cook. This collection was first released in 1962, drawing influence from what is now regarded as a vintage range. The Hyperchrome Captain Cook Automatic boasts a classic style with advanced capabilities seen in most of the brand’s products; such as high-tech ceramic. The 37.3 mm automatic model, which is an exquisite women’s timepiece with 100-meter water resistance; and eight 0.064-karat diamonds, is offered in both women’s and men’s lines.

You can also check into the 36 mm Hyperchrome Automatic Diamonds if you’re after something with more diamonds. This watch features a high-tech ceramic bracelet and case, 56 0.834-karat diamonds; and a transparent sapphire case back, with starting prices at roughly $7,100. This high-tech ceramic substance is among the most common use phrases when talking about this brand. This is a cutting-edge watch design that emphasizes lightweight and sturdiness.

6) Rado Integral Timepieces for Women

The majority of Rado’s cases are circular, however, the Integral and Ceramica series has a distinctive square design. Another historical Rado item that has been modified to address the requirements of new clients is the Integral series. Integral was the first timepiece to use high-tech ceramic material.

It has been updated through time while remaining faithful to the original; it is still one of the brand’s most desirable and renowned watch lines nowadays. These watches are ideal for users wanting a smaller wristwatch. This one, for example, features a 19 mm case, making it a great ladies timepiece.

7) Integral Diamonds

There’s also a diamond-encrusted variant of the Rado Integral, like this Integral Diamonds version. Unsurprisingly, these are $250 to $350 more pricy than the standard Integral. The 50-meter water resistance is one of their potential drawbacks. This means it can withstand a few tiny splashes of liquid but not diving or other aquatic sports. Rado’s website features two versions of the Integral Diamonds series.

Rado Timepieces for Women In A Nutshell

Unlike mass producers, the Rado produces a limited number of watches annually, making them extremely rare and unique. A Rado watch isn’t something you encounter daily. They only make 500,000 watches yearly, including all of their one-of-a-kind designs. The timepieces are also available from a few select stores. However, For its groundbreaking and innovative work, the company has garnered over 30 international design accolades; consistently driving the watch market into new heights of quality and implementation.

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