Is there really a difference between vapes and e-cigarettes?

Is there really a difference between vapes and e-cigarettes?

What is the difference between vapes and e cigarettes? Why you should choose a vape over an e cigarette? Impact of Vape on our health.

Difference between vapes and e cigarettes:

People often talk about vaping and e-cigarettes interchangeably as if they’re the same thing.

You use them the same way.

They can both help suppress cigarette cravings.

Many come in the same shapes.

So it’s easy to think they’re the same thing.

What people don’t know is that there’s a distinct difference between the two.

Both how they look and how effective they are.

But here’s the main difference: 

Vapes tend to be favored by people planning to quit smoking.

Now we discuss in detail the difference between vapes and e cigarettes.

What’s an e cigarette?

An e-cigarette is very similar to a real cigarette.

They look similar and provide a source of nicotine to the user. 

You can’t replace the contents of an e-cigarette when you finish it, so you have to purchase a new one each time. 

Although they’re a great resource to quit smoking, they have very little variation.

They come prefilled and don’t taste good (they basically leave the same burning ash taste in the back of your throat as a real cigarette).

Because of how similar they are to regular cigarettes, people may find it harder to quit using one as they’re still getting the same experience.

What’s a vape stick?

Unlike e-cigarettes, vape sticks are more customizable.

You can choose from a range of device styles, different e-juice flavors, and different e-liquids,

You can also get different levels of nicotine-based on the strength you choose.

It’s this option to get different levels of nicotine in your vape that makes them so effective as a quit-smoking tool.

And the main difference between vapes and e cigarettes Is unlike e cigarettes, vape sticks have a multitude of flavor profiles you can choose from.

Why you should choose a vape over an e cigarette

The biggest difference is that vapes are much more customizable so you can alternate between flavors and strengths.

Having these variations can make it easier to manage your nicotine cravings and help you stay away from cigarettes.

With a vape, you can start off with a higher-strength liquid, which can be gradually reduced as you start to control your cravings. 

With an e-cigarette, you don’t have that freedom. 

Vapes also have much more variety in flavor so you can pick the one you like and it will make it more likely you’ll stick with vaping rather than returning to cigarettes.

Because there is much more variety in flavor with vapes, you can pick a flavor you like and know you’ll stick with.

This is a more effective way of quitting smoking.

If you enjoy the taste and flavor of your vape and still settle your nicotine cravings, you’re less likely to go back to regular cigarettes. 

E-cigarettes on the other hand don’t taste good and don’t come with any alternatives, limiting your choice.

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