Why Do You Need Scanner Apps To Work With Different Types Of Documents?

Why Do You Need Scanner Apps To Work With Different Types Of Documents?

It seems that no one uses traditional scanners anymore. They are huge, out-of-date, and not very easy to use. However, the necessity to scan still exists. Traditional Documents Scanner machines are currently being replaced by phones. Yes, your iPhone or any other smartphone can be a full-fledged scanner. Of course, if you download a specific app.

People did not stop scanning their files or working with the documents. The necessity to capture something quickly and share it with another person is still very urgent. However, nowadays, you do not have to buy a huge and cumbersome scanner or multifunction device and install software connecting it to your PC or laptop. Everything is much easier and more convenient. 

You can easily scan documents to PDF using just a phone. Using the best scanning app allows anyone to work with documents in a matter of an eye blink. All you need to do is to have a smartphone and an Internet connection if you want to send the scanned documents to someone. Below, you will find all the perks of the apps that facilitate your work with documents and allow you to capture them and share them with any recipient you wish. 

They are very time-saving

If you work with documents a lot, you know that working with a traditional Documents Scanner is very time-consuming. You need to go to your office or home, turn the machine, as well as your computer on, put a document onto a scanner, close it, and then wait for it to do its job. After that, you need to save the document on your PC or laptop in the required format. Sometimes, you need to edit documents because the scanner doesn’t recognize all the text and convert them to the required format. 

With scanner apps, all of it can be easily avoided. The performance time is shortened up to seconds. It takes less than a minute to take your phone, scan whatever you may need to (your ID, agreement, bills, contract, etc.), save it, and share it with anyone. A scanner app will save tons of your precious time. 

Moreover, you are not tied to a place or location. Scanning with the help of your phone is possible in any place, even while driving. No more rush to the office or home. Scan everything you want wherever you may need it. 

Scanner apps are cost-efficient

If you choose a good app, a subscription will depend on your personal needs. If you work with different documents a lot and scan too often, you will need subscription terms that cover these needs. When not using a scanner too often, it’s enough to purchase a basic plan that doesn’t cost much. 

In any case, the money you spend on subscriptions is not big and it is much better than working with a stationary scanner that costs a fortune and is not that effective even. Taking into account they are more efficient and convenient, the investment is very advantageous.

They work with different formats

You can convert files very quickly to any necessary formats. Thus, if a traditional Documents Scanner machine can convert documents mostly to a PDF format, your phone app can save files in a variety of formats. You can either save your file in JPEG, TEXT, or PDF depending on your scanning goals. 

Phone scanners have more features

Unlike traditional scanners, iPhone apps are not simply for scanning. Apart from scanning, you can enjoy such features as effective text conversion and recognition, object ruler and counter, file management, and sharing. 

Converting any text into an image of the required format is absolutely effortless with a phone app. You will not even recall wasting your time rewriting a text. You can choose any part of the scanned image with text and convert it into any textual format. 

OCR (optical character recognition) extracts any piece of text quickly and effectively. Use preferred settings such as colors, fonts, sizes, etc. to edit the extracted text. You can also count similar objects by using your camera only. Even measuring and calculating the total room area or the length of objects isn’t a problem with a phone app. 

There is no need to save your files on your laptop or PC now. The app has available folders and tags to manage your files easily. Different view models are navigated easily. You can also pick any file and change its name.  Share scanned or processed documents with any recipient quickly right on your phone. 

They are 100% secure

You definitely need secure data on your phone, especially when working with business documents. Scanner apps ensure storage for iPhones and you can access any exported or scanned document quickly. No third parties have access to your files. Even if you lose the Internet connection, you can still access and manage your files and documents. Using a Documents Scanner is possible any time you need it. 

The best apps have such security features as e-signature, PIN codes, and Face IDs. It will help you make sure no one can access your delicate information and steal your files. 

Scanning apps increase productivity

Last but not least, any scanner app boosts users’ productivity. When processing tons of documents daily, it is crucial to be able to access the necessary documents on the go and even in bed. You do not need to go to your office to do that anymore. There is even no need to turn your laptop on. 

Thanks to high speed, a bunch of helpful features, security, and high efficiency, such apps allow you to process any document wherever you are and whenever you wish in an eye blink. Increased productivity of any business is the best bonus you could ever have from using scanner apps on your phone.


If you have a necessity of scanning different documents from time to time or daily for your business or just everyday routine, using an app for your phone is a must. It will fully substitute for a traditional Documents Scanner, save tons of your time and effort, and will give you a chance to boost your productivity by scanning at any time and any place. 

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