DotBig Ltd: a fair review of the broker

DotBig Ltd: a fair review of the broker

Is DotBig a reliable forex broker? Does it offer profitable trading conditions? How many assets are available? These are questions to answer in this fair review.

DotBig Ltd Review: start trading

Looking for an extra way to earn money? Online trading is a great choice. But you need to find a good trading platform that will help you to gain experience and become a professional trader. Does DotBig ltd meet this characteristic? Here is what we’ve found out about the company.

Image in the Industry

DotBig ltd is a brokerage agent with a 20 years long history in the Forex trading market. Naturally, it has managed to become a widely recognized brand with thousands of clients around the world. What do real traders say about the broker? Here are just a few DotBig reviews to make you understand why the company is highly appreciated by real traders:

  • Alejandro Chiquito on “It’s not terrible; there are lots of stats, strategy signals, and information. I trade both cryptocurrencies and gold as well as oil. The site does not have a news section. You will have to search the broker’s social media networks for them. The UI is simple and has all the necessary features.”
  • Eric Horton on Trust Mamma: “It is easy to use the Dotbig terminal. Forex quotes can be used in the same way as bank quotes. It was checked. Sometimes, they don’t reply to emails immediately. I’d like to receive a quicker response from managers”
  • Jhon Lennis on Trustpilot: “It’s a great resource and I’m currently working on it. The site’s training helped me become a more experienced trader. I began trading on the site in January. The site provides a variety of techniques and pairings that I use.”
  • Testimony on Proven Expert: “The horizontal line in the web terminal chart is not working for me. The horizontal line disappears when I switch currency pairs and then go back. It must be drawn again. This is probably a characteristic of the broker’s terminal. This is why I switched from DotBig to the MT5 terminal.”

More specifically about trading


Thanks to pretty low spreads on major pairs, traders make a good income from Forex trading. To be more specific, the typical spread for the EUR/USD pair falls as low as 1 pip. Speculating assets on foreign exchanges is available via DotBig Web or MT5. 71 financial instruments are displayed. You can even benefit more if you use signals, which are almost 100% accurate.

Share CFD

There are so many stock assets that every trader will find something to work with. You will speculate shares of international companies on major stock exchanges. The spreads here might fall as low as 0.67 pips.


Spreads for indices are the lowest among other financial instruments. They start from 0.24 pips. Plus, traders can manage their deals via smart contracts. This helps to save funds by operating positions of smaller sizes.


There are very few DotBig testimonials claiming that the DotBig company is the best agent for speculating commodities. Currently, the broker updates the list of tradable assets, so the only thing we can say is that commodity trading is commission-free.


DotBig isn’t known as the best crypto trading platform. Only 5 instruments are available there. Crypto traders speculate of price rates of, DOG, ETH, XRP, LTC, BTC.

Portfolio investments

You can create your portfolio of investments with the help of professional recommendations by the company’s managers. They will explain to you which are the best assets to invest in and how to manage your portfolio.

Venture investments

With the DotBig company, it’s also possible to make investments in some promising startups. It’s a risky affair, but it might be extremely rewarding if you find a prospective project to invest in.

Account types

AccountMinimum Deposit

Deposits and Withdrawals

Naturally, the broker allows using bank transfers and credit cards, but the majority of users who live their DotBig testimonials say it’s better to deposit and withdraw money via alternative payment methods, such as Transferwise, PayPal, Qiwi, Webmoney, and YooMoney. You need to know that those who make minimum deposits of $250 have to pay 3.5% commissions for every withdrawal.


One unique feature of the broker is that the broker offers you to open a DotBig card where you can store both fiat and digital currencies. You can use it for online payments and for making withdrawals via ATMs.

Why trade with the broker?

Every Forex broker has its pros and cons, DotBig is no exception! If a broker has no disadvantages, then he is 100% likely to be lying.


  • not only trading – but venture investments are also available;
  • tight spreads;
  • advanced analysis tools;
  • fast responses of personal managers;
  • customized services;
  • the ability to join a social trading platform;
  • system preventing losses.


  • a limited number of payments methods;
  • slippage of spreads during nighttime trading;
  • limited functionality of the DotBig Web terminal.

Final Words

As you can see, the number of reasons why trade with DotBig is much higher than the number of cons. This means it’s worth opening a personal account. DotBig ltd will become your reliable partner and trusted guide on the trading market.

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