Dragon Type Pokemon go – 5 Best Way to Catch Dragon Type Pokemon

Dragon Type Pokemon go – 5 Best Way to Catch Dragon Type Pokemon

 Dragon Type Pokemon go. How and Where to Find Best Dragon Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go? Here are Different Way to Catch Dragon Type Pokemon.

pokemon go, an AR mobile game allows you to enter into the fanatical world where you can go on an adventurous expedition and at the same time make your experience rich.  pokemon go allows you to customize your own avatar which majorly includes dragon type pokemon go. After creation, the avatar is displayed on the map and these species can reside in numerous areas of the world.

Dragon type pokemon go Collection:

 pokemon go has a huge range of collection and you can throw a poke ball whenever you encounter a wild pokemon. After the encounter, the player is rewarded with currencies: Candies and Stardust. These currencies can be used to increase the pokemon’s level. The maximum a player can achieve is level 40 but now it has expanded to level 50. The goal of this game is to complete the entries in the most comprehensive pokemon logbook, Pokedex and collect as much as you can.

Dragon type pokemon go:

There are in total 18 different types of pokemon considering the fact that each has particular strengths and weaknesses. Among all the pokemon collection, dragon types are highly demanded and well recognized. Dragon type pokemon go are considered perfect attackers as they take down the enemy players. They are known as superior, stronger yet still weak to Ice and Fairy.

You have a variety of options when choosing a specific dragon type. Each dragon varies differently and what makes them unique in their own way is plenty of their distinctive moves. Sadly, when they enter the battle, they can only have access to one fast move and one charge move. However, it is extremely difficult to consider one the best and strongest of all but let’s have a look at the below-mentioned list and you yourself break down the most powerful dragon type from the options.


A lilac-coloured dragon type pokemon go that appears to have a soft personality but it is known for its ability to deal with massive damage. It has a high max CP with attack focused base stats that makes it a strong shield. It is a fifth-gen Legendary that boasts dual typing like many other pokemon species. Fire attacks are preferable if you are willing to have absolute damage from Reshiram.

All you have to do is pair the fire fang with overheat so that maximum and extreme damage output is released. However, if you pick other dragons like Dragon Breath or Draco Meteor; it will cause destruction too but slightly less as compared to the great Reshiram. Also, It is true to say that it has no particular weakness.

However, It undoubtedly is a good resistant to fire and grass type attacks thus, allowing Reshiram to only have 39.1% damage to its body. Mostly,  pokemon species have certain limitations to choose the desired battlefield but Reshiram is the go-to dragon type for your team that is considered the legend of all.


When talking about the popularity, Salamence is the most popular dragon type pokemon go that has the ability to fly and be, of course, a dragon. It is of primarily blue colour having red stripes on its neck and tail. Moreover, it has grey stripes on the inner surface of its legs and as well as has two pairs of pointed teeth.

It mostly flies around and releases fire but only stops when it is either tired or sleepy. Salamence gets uncontrollable when it is furious. In addition to this, Outrage and Dragon tale are the renowned pair of moves of Salamence.

When both these moves are combined, Salamence has 19.7% damage to its body per second which is indeed a lot as compared to Reshiram. What truly makes it different from other species is the potential to be caught in the shadow form. As a matter of fact, it is the easy one from all and indeed a great dragon to add to your team.


Palkia is a huge water dragon type pokemon go that is introduced in generation four. The light grey pink body of Palkia has large armoured plates on its arms. Palkia has an affiliation to pearls as each armour has a pearl in the centre of the plate.

It has the ability to travel in different dimensions. It has no specific weakness but it is only weak towards usual Dragon and Fairy types. Just like Salamence, Palkia has too good resistance for fire and water type moves. Its versatility is certainly enough to categorize it as a good team member.


It is known for being the strongest in species since it can evolve and hold any item both at the same time. Also, It has the highest base stat making it well built. It spends most of its time flying high up in the clouds. As it has a variety of moves like dragon, flying, ground types, Rayquaza can adjust itself in a variety of situations.

Considering the major weakness of Rayquaza, the player should avoid ice type matchups. However, the best choice with type resistance to 39.1% is the grass and ground mashup. Undeniably, Rayquaza is a dragon type pokemon go that is sufficient to impress the player.


A dark blue coloured dragon, Garchomp has a horn-like feature that resembles a jet. This feature helps Garchomp to smell its prey even from long distances. It can fly at an amazing speed to catch its prey, being as fast as a plane.

However, It mostly lives in the cave but it is found in volcanic mountains too. It hunts for bird pokemon and is know to eat entire flocks of them. It sometimes fights with Salamence when they both are looking for food. Also, It can boast over 4400 max CP with a well-balanced base stat allocation allowing it to be of great health to be able to complement its high damage.

The last word on dragon type pokemon go

It is true to say that the player should be cautious when using Garchomp as other pokemon species can gain more damage than Garchomp. If you are looking for a dragon type pokemon go that deals with impressive damage yet having high durability then surely you are at the right place.

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