Who is Dream Fanart? Minecraft Genius who’s breaking the internet

Who is Dream Fanart? Minecraft Genius who’s breaking the internet

Dream Fanart is a YouTuber who’s famous for his gaming content collaboration with fellow YouTuber, Tori Bird in their channel, TBNRFrags.


Dream Fanart is a YouTuber who’s famous for his gaming content on YouTube, He has also gained fame from his collaboration with fellow YouTuber, Tori Bird in their channel, TBNRFrags.

Furthermore, he runs another gaming channel under the alias He as well as an Instagram account to complement his online presence. With over 29 million subscribers, this YouTube star and vlogger is ready to share more about himself and his personal life, including his girlfriend and future wife, Catherine Paiz.

Who is Dream Fanart?

He is a famous and popular YouTuber who is well known for his Minecraft series on YouTube. Dream Fanart has been working in video production since 2009 and he has now surpassed 28 million subscribers on his YouTube channel which shows how much people love his work.

He started a group called The Sidemen with three other friends and their channel continues to grow as more and more people become fans of them. His group has raised over £4 million for various charities so far. He also does Vlogs but only occasionally even though he does it all under one name, some people assume he is two different people which can be confusing if you are not aware of who they are.

Dream’s social media accounts have large numbers of followers ranging from 3.2 million followers on Instagram to 1.8 million followers on Twitter. He has also written books based around his life journey which have sold thousands of copies worldwide and continue to do so today.


Dream Fanart is a YouTube content creator and internet celebrity who initially became known for his videos in which he reviews toys as well as gameplay of various video games. He has received much attention from content creators such as Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. 

New York-based YouTuber Dream makes adorable reaction videos with an exciting edge. His current subscriber count stands at 28 million with more than 900 million views.

Also referred to as Travis Miller online, he started out reviewing products such as stuffed animals, action figures, etc., but quickly moved into gaming content after being inspired by fellow YouTube star PewDiePie’s level of success with that type of material.

Although his viewers are mostly in their early teens; Dream’s top videos have garnered millions of views consistently thanks to his youthful approach and high-energy commentary. He has also been praised for his cute looks which help add appeal to his channel; and make him stand out from other gamers.

Before Fame

Dream Fanart

Before He became a social media star, Dream had been active in online communities for years. As early as 2009, He was making videos on YouTube and was part of Project Playlist. He first gained popularity by posting songs and performing covers on her channel. Her first video to reach one million views was a cover of I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz in 2015.

In 2016, Dream Fanart released her first single titled Up which reached No. 3 on Billboard Hot 100 chart. The same year, He launched her label named Red Music and soon signed with Capitol Records. Some of Dream’s favorite artists include Beyonce and Adele while Rihanna is her biggest inspiration when it comes to songwriting. Both Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Clarkson are among Dream Fanart favorites when it comes to role models in the music industry.

He has an estimated net worth of 2 million dollars as of 2018 based on ads and touring income from live shows while self-made earnings make up at least $250 thousand in addition from other sources such as merchandise sales combined with other endorsement deals that added up to at least $150 thousand combined during 2017 alone.

Family Life

Dream Fanart is from Florida. He has a brother and sister who are older than him. Dream’s favorite food is banana milk. His favorite color is blue. He played basketball in middle school and high school and likes listening to music when he travels.

He has pet turtles at home and loves keeping pet animals. In 2016, He said that he cried after watching BTS’ I Need U MV for the first time because it was very touching. In 2017, He took his mother on a trip to Paris after he had waited for years to go on vacation with her son.

Also in 2017, his mother made a statement on social media supporting her son after viewers criticized him for how long it took him to upload videos on YouTube compared to other YouTubers around his age at that time. But Dream’s mother defended her son by saying that he would rather have him take more time editing his videos as opposed to uploading quick, unedited content. He also added that Dream does not work for money but rather does what he enjoys; which explains why there is often a significant gap between his uploads.


Dream Fanart studied at Musashino Art University, in Tokyo. He graduated in 2015 and majored in illustration. From there he went on to study character design at the international 3D computer graphics school Metis International College. In 2017 he graduated with honors and a bachelor’s degree in digital media studies.

At Metis, He learned about object-oriented programming for video games and character design for films and games; skills that would be put to use later when creating his YouTube channel. During his time as a student, he worked part-time at Kinoshita Group, an award-winning architecture firm based out of Japan.

Even before graduating from art school, however, He had taken up drawing characters for role-playing games like D&D. His first paid job was writing backgrounds for an online game back in 2013. He had only recently begun drawing digitally during that period; but he found himself dissatisfied with drawing digitally after working with traditional paint tools for so long. His interest grew over time, though and soon he found himself spending all of his free time practicing digital painting techniques.

Relationship & Partner

He never got married and does not have a wife. He is currently unmarried. There is no such information about him that he is engaged to anyone or he was in any past relationship. However, it has been seen on Instagram that many women tried their luck for Dream but all of them failed which implies it was not done intentionally by him because he might not even know about all those girls who tried their luck for him until today.

Dream Fanart mostly stays silent when her relationship with He comes up in front of public eyes so there are no further details regarding their status still and they haven’t revealed anything officially yet. Not only that, his wiki page hasn’t shared any info regarding his net worth yet but several sources say he makes around 5 million dollars every year from his job as a popular YouTuber only which means we can expect more from him if these stats prove true then soon. He earns around $3-5K per month from YouTube monetization sources.

Physical Statistics & More

Dream Fanart

He is a popular YouTube vlogger that has over 28 million subscribers. He was born in Tampa Bay Florida on August 12, 1999. His face is completely unshaven and he has brown hair that covers most of his forehead. He stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs approximately 120 pounds.

His zodiac sign is Gemini, Chinese zodiac sign is Dragon, nationality is American and religion unknown as well as his ethnicity which contains mixed ethnicity for ethnic background. He has also been a part of the musical.ly community by having under username Dreomusic before he had started YouTube channel. In 2017, he released his first studio album called Insanity featuring Hachi.

It debuted at number 50 on US Billboard 200 Chart with 25K units sold along with 6K albums-equivalent units including streaming within the first week. With its official single Cloud 9 debuting at number 23 making; it a top 40 hit from the album as a solo artist and another song off debut album titled ‘Purple Lamborghini’ peaked out peaking at 13 position overall singles chart.


He is an American YouTuber. Dream gained fame through his David After Dentist video and his He Cakes videos on YouTube. He has a reputation for making weird faces in his videos. Dream Fanart has 3 channels that he frequently posts videos on DreamTV1, DreamTV2, and DReamERocks. His most popular channel to date is DreamTV1 with over 6 million subscribers as of 2017.

He is also friends with fellow YouTubers Swoozie and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. On November 11, 2017, He uploaded his 100th Q&A video to his main channel.

On March 9, 2018, he announced via Twitter that he will no longer upload content onto his main channel but instead use it as a playlist containing all of his other material from previously established sub-channels and unlisted content from himself and others under various aliases.

Dream Fanart: the Minecraft Genius who’s breaking the internet

Dream Fanart

Dream is a massively successful YouTube vlogger and social media celebrity who has earned almost 28 million followers across her channels. He’s only 18 but He’s making $4 million a year through social media marketing you read that right.

For example, one of her biggest clients is Coco Pops; and they pay her $75K to share recipes featuring their products. He also just released a new song last month which got more than 7 million views within its first week alone.

Internet Profession

He’s YouTube channel has over 28 million subscribers and 2 billion views. He currently has over 2 million followers on Twitter and Instagram as well. He also sings in a Korean band called BOYFRIEND. He’s net worth is roughly USD 12 million as of November 2018.

In June 2015, he moved from South Korea to Tokyo, Japan where his main agency is located. There he also signed a modeling contract with Umaidi Models. 

Hobbies & Favorite Things of Dream Fanart

He is one of those guys who likes to spend a good time off-camera. Most of his hobbies include playing video games, going on vacations, and hanging out with friends. He is a big fan of riding his bike around town and his favorite sport is snowboarding.

His love for sneakers is extreme and he owns many pairs in different colors and styles! One thing that you need to know about Dream as well it’s that he hates animals. He doesn’t own any pets but would like to have an Alpaca or even a Mini Pig at some point because they are way too cute.

Net Worth

Earnings $7.77 million in a month. He mainly earns from a YouTube channel where he gets 100M+ views every month; and also has sponsorship deals with big brands like SoundCloud. 

Some are Vlogs, some are gaming content and others are just personal life videos. Over 3.7 Million followers on Instagram and 1 Million on Twitter will keep him busy to post regular posts till 2023; or more Estimated time to reach 25 Million subscribers by end of 2020; if constant new content is posted on daily basis until then which can be expected as he has been posting 1 video per day since 3 years now.

Fun Facts About Dream Fanart

  • He (also known as ‘Dezzy’) is a successful YouTuber and has been for over 8 years.
  • He’s known for his videos about Call of Duty, as well as vlogs.
  • His original channel was called NerdRage, but it was later changed to simply Dream.
  • He used to have other channels with different themes but he eventually merged them into his main channel.
  • One of his most popular series on Dream TV is a collection of vlogs that consist of him playing games while interacting with viewers through live chat.
  • He also uploads standalone gameplay videos and often plays just-released games to provide commentary on how they play.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dream Fanart

  • He is a 24-year-old American gamer and internet personality best known for his second channel, Dreamscapes.
  • Dream has amassed a large following on YouTube by creating video games; let’s play as well as playing fantasy football with his friends.
  • He recently moved from Chicago to Atlanta and seems to be settling down quite nicely into life there.


He is a famous young YouTuber. He has won various awards in his field. His gaming channel is growing fast day by day. 

His life as well as an individual and as YouTuber is very interesting. However, more information about him can be found in other sources available online. 

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