8 Psychological Facts about Dream – Interesting Facts About Dream

8 Psychological Facts about Dream – Interesting Facts About Dream

8 Interesting Psychological Facts about Dream. What does Psychology say About Dreams? Do Dreams Actually Mean Anything or Just Illusion?

Dreams are sometimes confusing and we never understand why we have seen certain kind of dreams. Dreams are also part of ourselves and our lives. It has a wonderful way of showing us a wonderful of mind. But do we know that dreams are also one of way to connecting with your own subconscious mind and telling us so much about life.

Why does our dream say?

Dreams have a lot to say and reveal since our childhood we have seen so many dreams and each one of them is symbolic.  You only need to pay attention but 90% of dreams are kind of dream that we never remember but they are definitely symbolic and meaningful. It has some psychological relationship with our dreams.

Indeed we never paid attention but it is sadi that each dream says something. More importantly if you really want to understand subconsciously mind you can pay attention to the dream. This is also one of rare fact known by people that even children see dreams less than 2 years and they see in black and white colour but they do not remember even 1% of their dreams. Learn to pay attention to your dreams and know what you have just seen the dream which has something to reveal and something to say.

How different is the dream of an adult than children?

Well, dreams are symbolic and children, first of all, do not know and understand any of symbols. But we adults can surely do because we can understand our subconscious mind.  The other fact which no one would ever tell you or even know that even blind people sees a dream. It has a similar way and that too remember just like any other common people. Many interesting facts about dreams. Let’s try to know them one by one: –

Have you also wondered why you have seen a certain face or animal or anything and if you remember that when you ask yourself?  But yes all of them are symbolic and something to say. Here are 8 interesting Psychological facts about Dream.

1. You already know the faces

Yes, this is true that you may think like where you have seen this person. Or sometimes you even think that man I have never seen this person then how can I create unknown faces. Then you must know that your mind never creates unknown faces, in fact, you see those faces somewhere or the other into your life. We see thousands of faces in our whole life and we just see whom we already have seen somewhere or the other into our lives. So chill, you know them whom you were thinking to be your ghost.

2.  Blind people to dream

This may be not known by people because they hardly would have thought about it. But this is true that blind people to dream and they although do not see vivid pictures but they have the same feel of touch, senses, sound and emotions. Its amazing Psychological facts about Dream.

3. Symbolic dreams

We heard so many weirdo stories from people about their dreams but according to research, people do have weird dreams. They are weird for different people because the subconscious mind picks up symbols for itself and that is the reason that sounds weirdo for other people. So next time you sees some dream make sure that it might be a sign for you.

4.  Emotions are expressed in your dream

You might not have paid attention to it but this is also true that negative emotions are more common into dreams that. Positive ones. They are expressed in the form of dreams and sometimes we name those dreams as bad dreams.

5. More than 3 dreams

I think this must be experienced by many people seeing more than three dreams. This is also possible and you cannot just see three or four dreams at one time but in fact, seven. Is it not interesting? So now you know that you have counted the right numbers of your dreams.

6. Body paralysis

I think this is also one kind of experience which most of the people must have had. And we sometimes get afraid oh what just had happened to our body? This has some scientific theory because our eyes move a lot during that time and this is the reason that this happens. And this is called REP (rapid eye movement), during this sleep, our body gets paralysed in the mind and that is the reason even in sleep we can sense this feeling. Its also amazing Psychological facts about Dream.

7. Man are from Mars and Women are from Venus

This is true that Man and Women are not just different from each other but they even dream so different things. Data says that 70% of men see other men characters but when it comes to women they see them equally. Also, one another fact about the dream is that ‘Men are more aggressive into their dreams than women’. Its like ridiculous Psychological facts about Dream

8. Hey, Do you snort?

People say if you snort then you cannot dream and if you dream then you cannot snort. However, they are into a deep sleep and they are only sleeping but this has not got even proved by science and still yet to be confirmed.

Winding up

You now can understand many things about your dreams and someone tells you about their dreams then you can pretty well understand what they are saying.  Dreams are beautiful whether you see in your sleep or you see with open eyes. In both ways, it has some kind of beauty.

So go and sleep and see as many as dreams you want and enjoy your dreams. Now do not be afraid when you see something try to understand your dreams along with others. Also if you do not know this that dreams have big roles in each person’s life. Dreams have also helped leaders into battles and their campaigns. Dreams are beautiful and now you would surely want to see more dreams and find some meaningful meanings. Go fly high and have sound sleep and amazing dreams. After reading this you can understand the concept of Psychological facts about Dream.

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