How E-Commerce SEO Agencies Can Grow Your ROI in 2021

How E-Commerce SEO Agencies Can Grow Your ROI in 2021

What is E-commerce SEO? Advantages of SEO in E-commerce. What an ECommerce SEO Agency Can Do For You? How much does ECommerce SEO cost?

There are an estimated 2.14 billion digital buyers worldwide in 2021. That’s a large market!

But if these people can’t find your products online, how can they buy them?

If you’re dabbling in e-commerce, finding the right marketing strategy is the way to increase your following conversions.

A traditional way to put your products out there is through paid advertising. But a more sustainable way to establish your brand online is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Yes, SEO can be done with e-commerce, too! All you need to do is work alongside a reliable eCommerce SEO agency, and you’ll soon find your sales sky-rocketing!

What is E-commerce SEO?

SEO for E-commerce is unlike Local or Enterprise SEO services. Rather than designed for traditional brick and mortar stores or location-based businesses, its strategies are specifically designed for products online through e-commerce platforms.

Advantages of SEO in Ecommerce

When your campaigns are specifically tailored for E-commerce websites, you can expect several advantages to your business. These results include:

  • Lower cost per acquisition than paid campaigns
  • Drive relevant traffic to your website
  • Become a more trustworthy brand due to organic listings
  • Raise your brand awareness
  • Long-term strategy to attract new customers
  • Drive free traffic for remarketing purposes

Of course, SEO can take some time before you can see the results. But like anything worth waiting for, it can outweigh paid ads returns.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) vs. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads have been debated endlessly in marketing circles. After all, each has its particular advantages, and it all depends on your objectives.

If you’re looking for something long-term, however, SEO comes on top. The ROI from PPC has a shorter lifespan than the potential advantages SEO can bring to your online business.

For instance, you spend $5000 in the first month for ads and hope you get new subscribers and a lot of conversions. But if you plan to do that again next month, then that would be another $5000.

If you invest the same amount in an eCommerce SEO agency, SEO in e-commerce can do the following:

  • Make sure your website is easy to find online
  • Create valuable content that your target audience, as well as new patrons, can return to even after one month
  • Rank up your website traffic and search engine ranks
  • Optimise your category pages
  • Attract one or more link backs to your website from other bloggers

When you follow the same path the next month, you’ll only be compounding on your previous efforts. In short, it would be similar to laying a solid foundation for a long-term marketing strategy.

What an SEO Agency Can Do For You

SEO in e-commerce is indeed a sustainable way to build your business. However, if you’re not sure how to start, you can always rely on an eCommerce SEO agency to guide you.

E-commerce SEO specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in helping brands achieve top rankings in search engine results. Their services include the following:

Effective Keyword Research.

SEO agencies are experts in identifying significant keywords for your business – which means identifying potential customers. They will develop a strategy to incorporate keywords seamlessly across your website, ensuring more visibility for your brand.

Experts on search engine algorithms.

Search engine algorithms can be tricky, and they often change without warning – and according to Google, a thousand times per year! An SEO e-commerce agency can expertly maneuver this area so your website will remain on top.

Optimise Your Website Structure.

After implementing keywords to your site, the SEO strategy goes beyond. They can identify which area requires tweaking, fix broken links, and re-organise your website’s structure, so that site pages link to one another smoothly.

Display Your Products Properly.

SEO agencies make sure all product category links are working, as well as links to individual items. Every text and metadata are optimised for search, too.

Create Valuable Content.

Quality content is an easy way to reach and achieve your target customers. E-commerce SEO agencies create high-quality content you can publish on your site or a third-party site and drive more traffic to your platform.

Competitor Analysis.

Competition is healthy because it drives innovation. Through an SEO competitor analysis, you’ll get a good idea of your position in the market. You’ll find the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals, and especially your own, so you’ll know where to improve most.

Full transparency of results.

Every step of your marketing journey is documented, and you will be fully aware of the whole process. From keyword analysis to sales graphs, they will make sure to keep you in the loop by providing legible graphs and details.

There are more SEO techniques you can apply to your website with the help of SEO eCommerce agencies. Other areas you can work on include fast web hosting, mobile-friendly website design, quick loading content, and more.

How much does E Commerce SEO cost?

Every brand is unique, so SEO e-commerce agencies customise strategies for your business specifically. It also relies on what services you choose to do. Hence, their cost of services varies widely.

While there are no fixed prices, e-commerce SEO is influenced by the following factors:

  • The number of products you need to promote on your website
  • The number of web pages you need to promote
  • How detailed your product descriptions and pieces of information will be
  • How often you will publish fresh content, or how much valuable content you want to publish monthly
  • Also, How many reorganisations to do on your website for a better user experience
  • How many competitors in your line of business


From these factors alone, you can determine how much of your marketing budget SEO services will share. If you find it a significant upfront cost, remember that you’ll only accumulate more with continuous paid advertising.

More products mean more details, and more web pages mean more reorganisation. But with e-commerce SEO, every part will be optimised to boost your online presence – and shortly after, your following and sales!

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