The Scope of eLearning Apps Marks the Future of Education

The Scope of eLearning Apps Marks the Future of Education

E-learning is the way to learn different academic subjects or various technical skills by the use of electronic means, creating a more dynamic and instructive learning environment. Interactive whiteboards, online classes, etc. are the means to accomplish this mode of learning. eLearning Apps are the future of education. 

E-learning took its birth when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to close its doors for lockdowns. Millions of children moved towards eLearning Apps to continue their academic careers. This changed the scenario of the whole world. Remote working, teleconferences, e-commerce, etc also turned up and fueled the change in every way possible. Also, eLearning Apps did not remain restricted only to school education. These proved equally useful in learning many other skills such as playing different musical instruments, etc. Teaching half notes in online piano learning classes, for instance, has become a lot easy due to the use of e-learning apps. The same goes true for many other skills in various walks of life as well.      

Hence, it is quite evident that e-learning apps are now the future of everything around. Youngsters are now adopting smartphones a lot faster than anticipated.  No wonder, the total number of smartphone users is near about 7 billion. So, it will not be wrong to say that eLearning Apps are now becoming the norm with such a large penetration all around. It is not the kids alone who are after these apps but the adults are also equally fond of them, for they also want to supplement their skills through online courses. All this shows that e-learning apps are really very much valuable and seem to be the future of education after all.    

As a matter of fact, digital learning was already there before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. However, it has now become the future as well. Students always find it a more flexible and fun way to learn different things through mobile applications. We have worked out some solid reasons why e-learning using mobile apps is the future of education.  

You always have ease of access

Now there is no need to travel to school to learn. Learning through mobile apps has removed this need. Students can now learn from their homes or somewhere else while enjoying the comforts of that very place simultaneously. Also, there is no pressure of going to school regularly or you will miss the lessons. You can take your lessons at your ease even after a gap of days if you are too busy elsewhere. Moreover, students also have the option to revisit the recordings if they have not got the concept clear through the live lesson the first time. This recording will serve them as additional help or an opportunity for a thorough revision whenever they need it. 

 Highly efficient learning

It is a proven fact that the medium of a presentation determines the rate of learning retention. You will be surprised to know that text-based learning is at the lowest. It has only a 10% retention rate as compared to video learning with a rate of 20-30%. However, the information learned through e-learning apps can stay in mind for up to 90% just because of an engaging, interactive, and playful experience. 

You are free to learn at your own pace

It is a biological fact that every student is different and requires a unique pace of learning new things than the others. When learning through mobile apps, students are free to explore concepts, chapters, or even subjects again and again. They can do so at their own pace to get the understanding they need and require. Quite possibly, a student needs a Physics refresh while some other wants a second look at Algebra. Students know their shortcomings very well and they can work on them using eLearning Apps. Interactive lessons can augment their knowledge, understanding, and retention. eLearning Apps also facilitate the students to select their favorite mode of learning from audio, video, games, etc. It will keep them in a more comfortable zone of a personalized approach for efficient learning.  

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