TechAhead’s Contribution in Expanding the Frontiers of Digital Transformation in the 21st Century

TechAhead’s Contribution in Expanding the Frontiers of Digital Transformation in the 21st Century

Introduction to TechAhead:

The ravaging effects of the pandemic have severely impacted the way enterprises function nowadays, especially with the work from home paradigm being in full swing at the present moment. In times like these, the Internet comes to the forefront as the primary medium of promoting one’s business since the visibility of startups suffers due to this drastic shift in the way working conditions are to be managed.

Digital Solution companies like TechAhead are responsible for maintaining a balance between cutting;-edge technologies and the tactical half of business strategies for their clients. This helps ensure profiting returns for their respective business agendas. 

TechAhead has spent the last 12 years delivering high-end results in transforming the digital landscape for businesses. 

Web development technology:

They dominate the web by serving countless users with clean web development technologies. While their web development process utilizes cross-platform technologies like Python, Angular, React JS, etc.; they also lead the mobile app development scene, producing hybrid and native apps on iOS and Android platforms. For this feat, they’ve been honored with the prestigious Clutch award for the Top Mobile App Development Company in 2022 as well.

Due to their futuristic efficient frameworks and technology, several well-known industries have reached out and partnered with TechAhead. These top-class brands include Disney, Samsung, AXA, American Express, ESPN F1, and many more. 

For each of these companies, TechAhead has catered to their respective demands and delivered tailor-made solutions as per the need of the hour. One of these instances is TechAhead assisting the 205-year-old world’s second-largest finance firm, AXA. 

The company constructed a digital app to provide filtered rescue operations to AXA’s customers. This roadside assistance platform, AXA Drive Easy, lists recommendations of workshops or drivers closest to the app user.

TechAhead Services:

As is often said, time is money, and so TechAhead provided end-to-end roadside assistance to AXA’s customers in no time. Thus, in this manner, the robust app came to rescue these customers stranded in the middle of nowhere in the shortest period; as was the necessity, saving not only them but also reinstating AXA’s brand value through this mission.

Finalizing TechAhead as one’s partner is indeed the right decision for companies at the moment. They’ve already proved that they deserve the title of the top mobile app development company quite a few times now, one of them being displayed when they collaborated with American Express and helped increase their sales.

By using the latest combination of Mobile and Cloud, TechAhead boosted the notable 171-year-old finance brand’s reputation by helping them register a huge profit of $3 billion.

Of course, finance companies have access to their client’s data. However, it is only through digital means that they can access it within seconds without any hindrance instead of a manual procedure. The procedure so followed in real-time procure this data slowed down everything; which eventually had an impact on the customer experience and their productivity as well.

American Express :

The mobile platform, eventually developed by TechAhead, allowed American Express to make more sales and follow its leads efficiently. This sales CRM adopted cutting-edge technologies and enabled the 64000+ employees of American Express to stay one step ahead in the game. 

The revolutionary vision employed by TechAhead has time again established that this mobile app development company keeps giving. The company never backs down from tending to the customizations so suggested by their business partners. It’s their ultimate goal to offer absolute satisfaction to the companies they’re joining forces with. 

Besides their meritorious acclaim from Clutch, TechAhead also garnered fame as one of the ten best iPad app development companies by in 2013. 

Therefore, regardless of which year it may be or even which platform they are catering to; TechAhead likes to stay at the top in the competition arena and has presented evidence for the same on countless occasions. 

It’s examples like these that help testify TechAhead’s stance as the leader of tech pioneers; who are here to stay for a long time to come, despite the ever-changing and intimidating competitive market scenario.

Offering a wide range of services like Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Product Engineering, Application Maintenance, App Development; Mobile App Consulting, Cloud Consulting, and so on, TechAhead deemed one of the most outstanding tech support companies.

Now, as the official business or consulting partners of various companies like Xamarin, Samsung, IBM; Microsoft, Fastly, and more, TechAhead has single-handedly aided in kick-starting and pushing the future of more than 600 startups. 


And this due is all credited to the top mobile app development company’s multicultural; and diversified team of more than 200 erudite contributors who have been of service to an endless number of users; by giving birth to 2000+ digital solutions over the past two decades.

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