How Long Do Electric Mountain Bikes Last?

How Long Do Electric Mountain Bikes Last?

Purchasing an electric mountain bike is quite a big investment, so it is not difficult to understand that Emtb riders expect their ebikes to last as long as possible. According to statistics, an electric mountain bike can last about 3 – 5 years.

But why? It seems quite a short time for paying lots of money, like over $2000.That is because Emtb riders tend to have some failures of electrical components, including batteries and electric motors. Also, other parts of electric mountain bikes can wear down due to a bunch of factors.

We think that it is totally not enough to tell you that your electric mountain bike can last 3 to 5 years or something as it can be affected by all kinds of external and internal factors. Below we will show you all about that.

What is the lifespan of an electric mountain bike

As I mentioned above, the lifespan of an emtb can vary based on a variety of factors, including motors, batteries, brakes, etc. Next, we will go over them one by one.

Electric Mountain Bike Battery

An emtb battery acts as one of the most important parts, which provides indispensable energy. And when it comes to the lifespan of an electric mountain bike, none of us can ignore the battery.

A typical ion-lithium battery could last for about 500 charge cycles. Then, the total capacity will reduce slightly. Even though it can still be used, the lifespan of an electric mountain bike will be lessened dramatically as time goes by. It is when you need to consider a battery replacement.

A battery lifespan has a huge impact on how long an electric mountain bike can last. To put it simply, without an efficient battery, your electric mountain bike won’t last enough for daily commuting or mountain biking.

Electric Mountain Bike Motor

To be honest, an ebike motor lasts longer than any other part of an electric bike for adults. And electric mountain bike motors are even better as they are specially designed to conquer all kinds of terrain, which means that they are more resistant and durable.

Motors of electric mountain bikes are able to last for about a minimum of 10,000 miles. That is to say, you may have replaced most components before you need a new motor.

Electric Mountain Bike Brakes

There are majorly 2 types of brake systems for electric mountain bikes, mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic disc brakes. Generally, electric bike brakes tend to last 2 to 5 years depending on how you use them. Moreover, disc brakes can last up to nearly 6000 miles.

Although mechanical disc brakes can work effectively, most electric mountain bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes as they can provide greater braking power and ensure riders’ safety. While it is wise to switch hydraulic disc brakes on an electric mountain bike, it can be complicated to maintain them.

How Can I Make My Electric Mountain Bikes Last Longer?

Above are three main parts affecting the lifespan of your electric mountain bikes. As we have come this far, we would love to let you know how to extend their lifespan.

1. Maximize Battery Life

Use the charger that comes with the ebike: Some people may lose their chargers by accident and choose chargers from other brands randomly. Even though they can fit and work, it is likely to cause fire and explosion.

Never discharge your batteries: A wise and smart emtb rider will never discharge his battery because it has a huge impact on the ability of a battery to hold a charge and the total capacity. You’d better keep about 20% of battery capacity left after every ride. If you can’t avoid discharging the battery, you need to replug the charger as soon as possible.

Remember to unplug the charger: This is a mistake that we always make. We tend to charge our electric mountain bike battery overnight and forget to unplug the charger, which is totally wrong. While most chargers nowadays can shut down automatically when the battery is fully charged, it can damage both the charger and battery if you keep the batteries charging for a long time.

2. Motor Maintenance

Fortunately, electric mountain bike motors require less maintenance. As you are to ride electric bikes in mountain bike trails, you need to pay attention to your motors to make sure there are no rocks and dirt stuck in it. Also, whenever you are riding out, don’t block the motors with something on the rear rack in case it can affect dissipation.

3. Other Maintenance

Believe it or not, regular maintenance can make your electric mountain bikes last longer. Ebike components that need maintenance the most include brakes and chains.

To maintain your electric mountain bike brakes, you can start with the braking rotors and braking pads by cleaning up dirt and sand. Also, you need to check every brake bolt and screw to make sure they are tight. If you are using hydraulic disc brakes, you will need to replace the fluid inside every 2 years.

To maintain an ebike chain, you need to lubricate it from time to time. Then, it is necessary to clean them to keep the chains from getting rusty. If you are tired of this maintenance, you can switch to belt drive ebikes, which need no chain maintenance.

Alright, after reading the whole article, you might have a clear idea of how long your electric mountain bikes can last. Basically, to have a long-lasting electric mountain bike, you need to do enough research and think twice about the ebike brand before hitting the pay button.

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