7 Creative New Ways to Organize Your Jewelry Collection (2022)

7 Creative New Ways to Organize Your Jewelry Collection (2022)

Are you ready to call it quits with your study on “creative and convenient ways to store your jewelry?” You’ll find a variety of alternate choices here, ranging from stands to frames.

Any lady can have a lot of fun while simultaneously gaining a lot of satisfaction from amassing a stunning collection of one-of-a-kind items of jewelry. But when you have identified and purchased the items that best fit your sense of style and personality, you will need to give some additional thought to how and where you will store them.

It is essential to properly store your jewelry in order to make sure that it will endure for a longer period of time and to make it easier for you to locate specific pieces when you need them. Do you find yourself in need of creative suggestions for new ways to keep your jewelry?

If such is the case, you need to look no further than this tutorial. To help you step up your game when it comes to storing jewelry, we are about to provide seven useful recommendations. Are you prepared to take the spotlight?

1. Mirror + Storage Equals Fun


Have you ever given any thought to hanging a mirror on the wall in order to store your jewelry? You have the option of making one yourself or purchasing a finished product from a store or on the internet.

You’ll need some super glue and some wire made of brass or copper to construct your very own mirror and jewelry stand. After affixing the wire to the base of the mirror frame with glue, you can immediately begin hanging your jewelry, such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

This is not only a really entertaining and inventive way to keep the majority of your jewelry, but it also serves a very practical purpose. When getting dressed and determining what to wear, having a mirror conveniently located adjacent to the location where you keep your jewelry is an absolute must.

2. Just Embrace the DIY Ride


If you are into do-it-yourself projects, you are going to adore this idea: use empty toilet paper rolls to store your gold chains, necklaces and bracelets. Let me explain how you can get to that point before you start frowning at the notion of it.

When you have a few toilet paper rolls that have been used up, you can easily decorate them by either painting them or adhering colorful wrapping paper to them. After that, stack the rolls so that they are crammed into a small box (you might use a shoebox as an example), and then thread your necklaces and bracelets around them. And there you have it; your individualized jewelry box is now complete!

3. A Helping Hand


What could possibly be a better place to put your rings than… your hand? Naturally, we are speaking about a prosthetic hand here! Find a small hand-shaped sculpture made of wood, plastic, or metal (you can easily find one online), then place each of your tanzanite rings and others into the corresponding finger of the sculpture.

Then, lay your hand on a dressing table or another surface that is in close proximity to your other jewelry storage boxes. This will ensure that you maintain all of your accessories in the same location. Rather… convenient, wouldn’t you say?

4. Find a New Use for that Egg Tray


When it comes to coming up with inventive ways to store your jewelry, one of the first things you should do is look around your home for outdated pieces of jewelry and other accessories that you no longer wear or use. You’d be shocked at how many of those products can actually be reused, upcycled, and turned into wonderful jewelry storage boxes. You can even make some of them yourself!

Start your search, for instance, in the kitchen because that’s where you most likely keep a variety of miscellaneous objects. If you happen to find one of those ceramic egg trays with painted designs, then you are in luck, and if you do, then you are in luck. This item is ideal for storing delicate jewelry pieces such as rings, earrings, and petite bracelets, such as the ones shown here.

5. Keep Them in Sight


If you want to be able to quickly and easily find the piece of jewelry you’re searching for each time, then you’ll need the means to display them and have them all right there in front of you. If you don’t have a way to show them, then it will be difficult for you to discover what you’re looking for. A hanging storage solution is the only item that will work well in this scenario. And why not just use a regular hanger for your clothes?

You just need to attach some little hooks to the bottom of it, hang it on a wall (maybe next to a mirror if you can), and then proceed to add all of your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to it. Finding what you require will be a breeze from this point on.

6. Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

We are not suddenly proposing that you begin baking, but rather that you go out and purchase a cake stand for yourself. Because this item, which at first glance does not seem to have anything to do with jewelry, may in fact be transformed into an incredibly effective storage solution for all of your precious stones, the answer is yes.

The ideal option to display larger items of jewelry, such as statement necklaces, bangles, and larger pendants, is on a tiered cake stand with two, three, or even more tiers. If you want to be even more organized, you may assign each category of jewelry to its own separate shelf in the jewelry box.

7. Give Your Drawers Some Thought

If you want to dedicate one drawer to your jewelry collection, you can do it without necessarily having to possess one of those elaborate dressing tables that are designed to look like they belong to a princess. It doesn’t matter which drawer you choose to use; you can use it in either your bedroom or your bathroom.

Just make sure that it is roomy enough to hold all of your jewelry and that you can get to it without much trouble. This is the most important consideration. When you have located the ideal drawer, you can then go out and purchase one of those organizers that are available in a wide variety of stores and are quite reasonably priced. After that, you can begin classifying and organizing your jewelry collection according to stones and metals like keeping your tanzanite jewelry and other stone jewelry different and well organized.


Anyone who is trying to bring some order and organization to their jewelry collection will find that our storage solutions, which are not only straightforward but also quite inventive, are sure to be a success.

The practice of storing your jewelry in a methodical and organized manner confers a number of advantages, including extending the life of your precious stones and facilitating the speedy discovery of any item you might require.

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