How to Increase Business Productivity with Employee Monitoring

How to Increase Business Productivity with Employee Monitoring

What is an Employee Monitoring app? Also, What are the Benefits of Employee Monitoring? What activities can TheWiSpy monitor?

In any business, managers face problems while monitoring employees or improving productivity. It’s not easy to increase productivity for sure, but it is an integral part of a business. Maybe it was a challenging job in the old days, but with advanced technology, you can do it effortlessly.

High-performance of employees is the basis of business success, but according to recent studies, employees who aren’t monitored continuously perform 30% less than those who are being watched. And when you have remote workers, it gets twice as difficult.

You can use employee tracking software to record employee’s daily activity and plan different approaches to increase their performance. Each worker is different, so you have to carefully notice their skills and ability to work and take action.

What is an employee monitoring app?

An employee monitoring app is a tool used by companies to monitor their employees’ performance closely. Employee surveillance tools use different methods to ensure the security of business data, attendance, working ethics, working hours, etc.

There are many types of surveillance tools that you can choose, and you have to make sure it is best suited for you. Instead of going through different kinds, you can pick one monitoring app that has everything. For example, TheWiSpy is the best employee monitoring app that helps you spy on emails, apps, web history, and unlimited mobile activities.

TheWiSpy- Best employee tracking software:

TheWiSpy allows companies to monitor or track company-owned devices. The purpose of TWS is to provide a digital supervising tool to employers or managers to improve their business productivity. In addition, the tracking is entirely remote, so you don’t have to check your worker’s devices physically.

TWS allows you to monitor emails, calls, messages, apps, browser history, and enjoy 30 other spy features. It is perfect for catching suspicious employees with the help of setting keyword alerts. For example, you can monitor their location 24/7 and figure out who they’re contacting outside the office. Or you can impose geographical restrictions on particular places and get alerts when your employee enters the zone.

What activities can TheWiSpy monitor?

TheWiSpy offers more than 30 employee tracking features to spy on their activities because there isn’t just one thing to focus on. So instead of telling you details, we have discussed the offered features and how they can help in tracking.

Email monitoring:

You can monitor emails that your employee sends or receive on their devices. There are different emailing apps available, and TheWiSpy allows you to access them. You can track employee devices remotely and read emails or delete emails if you find the need. It is an essential feature in employee monitoring because most business matters are done over emails.

Message tracking:

TheWiSpy keeps track of all incoming and outgoing messages on the device it is installed. It includes old conversations, new texts, and you can recover deleted messages as well. The need for message tracking is essential when you are trying to catch a deceiver in the employees. You can spy on text messages without any extra effort using TWS.

Call log tracking:

You can keep track of calls through TheWiSpy call log tacking. It helps you monitor calling history, caller’s information such as name, phone number, address if available. In addition, you can use employee tracking software to ensure that your employees are working more focused than talking on their phones all day long.

Web browser tracking:

Web browser history contains what a person has searched or watched on the internet. Ensuring a sophisticated office environment where you can expect progressive outcomes, you must monitor your employees’ internet activities.

It will help you find whether your worker is using browser for work purpose or entertaining themselves during office hours. You can also block websites that you find inappropriate for an office using the remote web blocking feature.

App tracking:

You will find many apps on a smartphone these days that offer entertainment, social engagement, etc. These apps provide great things but at the same time cause distraction for employees during office hours. Instead of working with concentration, they use social apps and end up being useless for the company.

If you’re paying your team members well, then you have the right to make sure they’re working, and you can monitor their app activity. TheWiSpy allows you to view live mobile action; spy on text messages, followers, and app history as well. In addition, you can make changes using the remote tracking features such as block the app or restrict usage.

Surround recording:

Imagine yourself in a scenario where your employee has a secret meeting with your business competitor, and you want to hear them talk. TheWiSpy has introduced an intelligent surround recording feature that will help you listen to the whole conversation happening in the real world.

The employee monitoring app has access to the microphone of the device that helps record a conversation around the radius of the phone. The recorded audio is then uploaded on the TheWiSpy online portal, where you can hear it and download it for later use.

Whatsapp spy:

Whatsapp is a leading application that allows people to communicate, such as call or text each other. You can also share media on the app. TheWiSpy offers an advanced feature to spy on text messages and calls on WhatsApp. You can view chat history, call details, sender information, and much more. TheWiSpy provides access to the whole app that makes it possible to spy easily. 

GPS tracking:

You can use a live GPS location tracker to know where your workers are during working hours. When you’re supervising remote employees, then this feature is a blessing. But, unfortunately, you can’t monitor them physically 24/7 because of different locations; you are left with no other choice than to track them.

Because you’re responsible for your company’s success, it can be achieved based on how your team is on making that happen. So if your employee is doing personal chores when they’re supposed to work hard, you can identify it through a live GPS location tracker.

Call recording:

You can track employee devices and record their calls through TheWiSpy. You might feel it invades privacy, but there is no harm in listening to business-related calls for an employer. Company data is sensitive, and if you don’t take care of its privacy as an employer, then you’ll end up in loss. So don’t think it’s illegal or wrong unless it’s for an immoral purpose.

How to evaluate performance through a tracking app?

TheWiSpy offers features that can help you evaluate performance quickly. For example, features like app activity, browsed data, time spent on working tools, etc., will provide accurate information. Then, based on the data, you can justify in a more subtle way and evaluate the level of performance each employee is giving.

Through employee tracking software, you can monitor work time, employee working, and personal activity. You can get a final report or real-time results using the online portal to view the fetched information.

How to improve employee productivity?

Now that you have accurate information about employee performance, you can plan how you can increase productivity within the business. In addition, provides remote functions that can help you better the office environment. For example, if you feel like your employee is cutting slack while working, you can restrict their mobile or internet usage.

You might find deceiving employees while monitoring their day-to-day activities. It is just an idea of how you can control the success of your business while you track employee devices. It is helpful when you know which employee is weak and how they can improve their skills under your wise supervision.


It is hard to understand employees when you’re not around, and it is way more challenging to improve productivity. But employee monitoring can save you from this trouble. By using tracking features, you can identify the faults in workers and figure out ways to improve their work ethics. TheWiSpy is a compatible and affordable app that will make your management more thorough and better. So don’t wait around and watch your business go out of order; instead, use TheWiSpy to enhance company growth without going through trouble.

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