Expandi Helps LinkedIn Professionals Automate Prospecting And Grow Their Network Effortlessly

Expandi Helps LinkedIn Professionals Automate Prospecting And Grow Their Network Effortlessly

Say goodbye to manual outreach and use Expandi’s omnichannel platform to reach and engage customers across all channels

Out of the many social media platforms, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the go-to platform for B2B professionals to expand their network and generate quality leads. With over 800 million users and 60 million decision-makers on the platform; you can find, identify, and reach decision-makers with accuracy. However, one problem business owners face is reaching out to prospects at scale; which can quickly become a very manual and repetitive process. Even with a dedicated sales team.

Expandi helps sales teams leverage automation to reach more prospects in less time; which in turn, increases their reach and drives conversions. Using automation, sales teams save time that would have been otherwise spent on manual tasks; such as writing the same connection requests for multiple prospects, sending follow-ups a few days later, and more. Although not mandatory, it’s recommended to turn on LinkedIn private mode for this kind of outreach.

LinkedIn automation features from Expandi include:

  • Connecting with and messaging prospects automatically.
  • Sending LinkedIn and email campaigns from the same platform.
  • A/B testing different sequences and messages to see what works best.
  • Integrating with other marketing tools like your CRM to centralize your contacts.
  • Using dynamic GIFs and images in your outreach to stand out.
  • Generating reports to check at a glance how many leads responded, replied, and converted.
  • And more.

When used properly, Expand helps boost entire sales processes on LinkedIn. Helping sales teams find relevant leads, engaging them with automated sequences; sending email follow-ups, and tracking success across a set time frame. Combined with a LinkedIn headline generator, it’s critical for sales teams to optimize their LinkedIn processes to get the most out of their activities.

Our Latest Achievement

Since its inception in 2019, Expandi has been exponentially growing as a bootstrapped SaaS. Going from “the new kid on the block” seven-figure business in less than two years. 

For businesses looking to leverage LinkedIn sales and automation; Expandi delivers a robust platform where users can craft an outreach campaign in under 15 minutes and see results in 24 hours.

  • Bootstrapped to $4M ARR in just 14 months without paid ads.
  • Ranked #54 out of Nathan Latka’s 474 fastest-growing SaaS companies of 2002.

About Expandi

Expandi is one of the top automation software that is constantly growing. Since 2019, the company has been helping businesses of all sizes assist their LinkedIn and sales outreach needs.

The key services offered by the platform include automated LinkedIn outreach, smart sequences; dynamic image and GIF personalization, email outreach, and more.

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