How Do Polish Casinos Help Their Players Prevent Addiction?

How Do Polish Casinos Help Their Players Prevent Addiction?

Online gambling is definitely fun, especially when the number of amazing games is constantly growing. Here many bettors face a big problem, which is gambling addiction, and it can happen to anyone. No matter whether you are making wagers on roulette, sports, poker, or scratch cards – the gambling issue may lead to serious financial problems.

There are many ways that online casinos advise bettors to realize when it is time to stop making bets. Betting platforms also encourage people to remember about responsible gambling when they make a deposit using the “kasyno blik” favorite among Poles. Wagering websites are also doing a few things to prevent gambling addiction, and you will learn what they are.

What Does the Government Do to Prevent Gambling Addiction In Poland?

The Polish Ministry of Finance announced the launch of an information campaign to combat gambling among young people. In fact, the authorities plan to prevent the negative effects of the industry.

The campaign is called “Gambling? Don’t Get Involved!” and is aimed at people under 18 years old, namely middle and high school students and their parents. Previously, about 110,000 parents and students participated in a similar campaign. In the updated program, the authorities plan to tell people about the negative consequences of gambling, including addiction, financial problems, and social isolation.

In addition to the Ministry of Finance, the initiative also supported by the Minister of Education and Science of Poland. Recall that a recent charity organization GambleAware has announced that it will allocate $ 5.5 million to fund the first UK research center, which will study the harms of gambling. GambleAware said it would give the research center an eight-month grant and support its work to protect society from the harms associated with gambling. According to Alison Clare, the research director of GambleAware, it is a fantastic opportunity for the British University to develop and innovate in a relatively understudied area, offering a much broader range of academic disciplines than those currently involved in gambling harm research.

What Do Polish Online Casinos Do to Prevent This Issue?

In most cases, measures towards gambling addiction prevention vary from one country to another, as well as the particular country`s regulation of the gambling industry. In Poland, for instance, it is a regulatory requirement for gambling websites to see when clients start spending more than usual or show erratic spending patterns.

Below, you can find a few things online casinos in Poland implement to avoid gambling addiction cases

·       Upfront SoF verification. Gambling websites must verify the source of funds of clients upon registration. Everybody knows that bettors may spending all their savings, money borrowed from family, or betting loans. Thus, this measure is critical.

·       Restrictions for the self-excluded. Online casinos in Poland check all gamblers for self-exclusion. These problem punters who signed up to avoid relapsing in moments of weakness. In this case, they cannot enter a betting platform or open duplicate accounts.

·       Targeting the right audience. Online casinos set their marketing campaigns so that their product is not promoted to people on the self-excluded list.

·       Addictive gambling triggers. Gambling websites adjust triggers for addictive betting signs and patterns. For instance, when punters put high-outcome but risky stakes, show erratic wagering patterns, or chase losses.


Making bets online is an exciting activity, but it is also risky. The government and wagering websites in Poland do their best to prevent gambling addiction, but it is you who must control this process. You should set some limits for yourself not to get into trouble. So, you can always make bets, but you should always do that responsibly.

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