How to save your personal information while using an iGaming site in Canada

How to save your personal information while using an iGaming site in Canada

People consider a lot of things before choosing a gambling website, but they usually do not pay enough attention to the security features. Most gamblers with no experience think that the gambling site will do everything possible to protect them. Sadly, this is usually not the case.

Of course, there are some exceptions because once you register with Betano Canada, you can almost find a market for everything, and you will also discover that it is one of Canada’s most trusted sites when it comes down to protecting your personal information. However, not every gambling operator is like that, which is why people in Canada often get in trouble.

Regardless of the gambling site, you want to use, you would have to create an account; which means you have to put a lot of personal information on the site. As a result, it is important to choose a gambling company that can provide you with enough security features when needed. With that said, let’s look at some of the things you should do if you want to protect your personal information while using the site you like.

A very important thing to remember is that hackers are usually at least a couple of steps ahead of the security options. So, even if you are using the safest casino/online bookmaker in Canada; you can’t be 100% sure that you won’t get in trouble.

Only provide what is needed from you

Most government websites have a pretty standard registration process. They will require you to provide a lot of personal information, such as your address, phone number; and all sorts of other things. However, some states can also allow you to add other kinds of information. You shouldn’t input this information unless needed because you’re exposing more of your personal data.

A significant thing you should remember is that you need to input valuable information. Some people try to provide fake data just because they want to keep their information safe.

Sadly, this is not a good idea because once the Canadian bookmaker or casino finds out you have provided fake information, it won’t allow you to use the site. Furthermore, this can lead to many problems, such as account closure. 

You can use the specific gambling website even if you have added fake details. However, every site has a verification process that gamblers must complete before withdrawing their winnings. Unsurprisingly, this is where you may get “caught”; and you won’t be able to pull out the amount you have won.

Check if the website uses all the latest encryption systems

One of the ways that gambling websites in Canada protect people’s personal information is by encrypting it. This special technology allows the casino and sports sites in Canada to hide your personal data from those who want to access it. Of course, hackers found a way to bypass the protection; but some of the latest security systems on the market are way better than the rest.

If the site has a certain SSL certificate, you must check its bits. Some are better than others, but having higher bit protection is usually a good sign. You definitely won’t guarantee that you’re 100% safe, but it is better than nothing. Most of the Canadian sites with a remote gambling license from the Government of Gibraltar or other parts of the world use those things.

Some of the leading security systems in the world have been developing the next generation of data security. Although the SSL certificate is the way to go, this will change in the next couple of years. Therefore, we can’t wait to see the results and their effect on the iGaming industry in Canada; as well as in other places around the world.

Check with the gambling regulator if there have been some complaints about the protection of personal data

One of the main advantages of using a government website that is regulated by a specific authority is that you can check whether people have filed any complaints about it. Once you do that, you can check if someone has problems with the given operator and protect the personal information.

If that’s the case, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to trust the specific booking. Some people decide to use the site, even though it has problems, whereas others prefer to choose something much safer.

If there is no data about such problems; it is wise to research the internet and find a forum that focuses on online gambling. Once you get there, try looking for any additional information about whether the bookie/casino in Canada has suffered any security breaches. If you do not find anything, it means that the site probably hasn’t had those kinds of problems yet.

Remember to complete the verification process

Once you have decided which website you want to use; you need to complete a verification process so the operator knows you’re a real person. This is usually simple and takes a few minutes as long as you have the required documents. Speaking of the devil, most sites will require an ID card, a passport; and some kind of utility bill that will prove your address.

After you have collected all the needed data, the next step is to send it to the operator. Some people have a specific email that you should use; but there are many cases where you can simply use the built-in feature and upload a picture of the required documents.

Another essential thing to remember about the verification process is that certain gambling site have additional requirements. Sometimes, users need to video call and provide even more documents. All those things are necessary because the operators have to follow the strict rules by the gambling authorities regarding money laundering.

Final thoughts

Although some Canadians are looking for the ultimate gambling site that they can use without worrying about their safety, there is no such place. Yet, some brands are safer than others; so users must research and find the site that will offer them the best experience.

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