7 Reasons Why You Should Attend A Gaming Expo

7 Reasons Why You Should Attend A Gaming Expo

Playing video games has become a great outlet for destressing from work and school responsibilities. The gaming industry is a booming and dynamic sector. As of 2021, the global video market was valued at US$195.65 billion and is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.9% from 2022 to 2030. Both game developers and players need to keep up with the advances in the industry. One of the ways you can do this is by attending gaming expos. 

The Importance of Attending Gaming Expos 

Contrary to what some believe, gaming expos are not new. The first such event was Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas in 1967. Since then, gaming conventions have seen tremendous growth. 

You may consider gaming expos an additional expense, but it is necessary, especially if you are serious about your hobby. You may be one of the hundreds who think that gaming expos are just hype. While these events are not for everyone, you can benefit from participating in these conventions. Here are some reasons you should consider booking a ticket to a gaming expo near you. 

1. It Provides Good Networking Opportunities 

If you are working in the gaming industry or interested in pursuing a career in gaming, these expos can be a good venue for building connections. It offers you a chance to meet industry professionals and seek advice on launching your gaming career. Who knows? You might receive a business card or two. 

If you are already working in the licensed online casinos industry, attending the expo may allow you to meet other individuals doing what you do. It can allow you to collaborate with other gamers on a project. 

Earlier, we mentioned that the gaming industry is a dynamic sector. New trends can happen overnight, and you may be unable to keep up with the speed of development. Gaming expos offer you a chance to stay in touch with the latest happenings in the industry. 

You also get to try out the games firsthand by attending gaming conventions. In addition, you also get acquainted with the latest gaming technology, upcoming titles, game prices, and others. You also get to know what is in the pipeline for game developers. Finally, you can have an opportunity to talk to them directly. 

3. You Can Feel Connected With Other Gamers 

While you can play alone, attending gaming expos provides the perfect opportunity to connect with other gamers. Yes, you can hear their voices on a headset if you play online, but the feeling is not the same if you see them in person. Gaming expos are where gamers of all ages and from different parts of the world converge. These events can be an excellent avenue for gaining new friends or meeting online buddies in person. 

You may find gaming celebrities at these expos if you are lucky. Gaming has bridged the gap between celebrities and non-celebrities. At the venues, you get the chance to rub shoulders with celebrities. Gaming expos allow you to meet people of every shape and size, gender, color, able-bodied, and others. 

4. Opportunity to Learn 

When you attend a gaming expo Melbourne, you can learn about the industry. You discover new learnings and dispel rumors and fallacies that people have been holding on to for a long time. Industry leaders are invited to speak during these events so that you will acquire new learnings. 

Again, if you have plans to pursue a career in the gaming industry, the gaming expo might allow you to develop new skills. You will be able to know how a game is being developed. Finally, you will have an opportunity to attend workshops and experience right there and then how to be a good gamer. 

5. Play New and Prototype Games 

New and still-in-development games will be premiered at the gaming expo, so you can play the games before they are sold to the market. While you may already be aware of games to be released, game developers may take the opportunity during these conventions to announce new releases. 

Smaller and independent developers may also attend the event to be on equal footing with the big developers. They only need a break because they also produce unique and high-quality games. This way, you discover something new that you have never heard before. 

6. You Can Participate in Tournaments 

Game expos will never be complete without the daily tournaments held at the venue. Regardless of your favorite game, you can find different tournaments being offered by the organizers. Bring out your competitive spirit and have fun while meeting people as passionate about gaming as you are. 

The good thing about these tournaments is that you may even play a game or two with the developers. At the end of it all, you could have a photograph with them after the fun tournament. 

7. You Get to Socialize With Other Gamers 

At gaming expos, you get to mingle with people who love gaming as you do. But it’s not only the gamers that you will meet. You can also interact with publishers, designers, media personalities, or celebrities. You can socialize with them for a few hours and multiple days

Gaming expos allow you to test out your socialization skills. While you may like to operate alone, it can be hard to resist not talking to the other attendees at the convention. The experience of attending gaming expos can be hard to replicate elsewhere. 

Have Fun And Learn at Gaming Expos 

The biggest reason for attending gaming expos is the fun and learning you will get. The games’ excitement and the value you will get from the speakers can be a worthwhile experience regardless of whether you are just a casual gamer or looking to become part of the gaming industry. 

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