How IP Telephony Helps To Make a Strong First Impression for Customers

How IP Telephony Helps To Make a Strong First Impression for Customers

Small business grows in such a competitive environment that every contact with the buyer must be thought out. And that goes for talking on the phone. IP telephony for small businesses from Freezvon gives you the tools you can take care of so that from the very first seconds, as the client waits for a response, he begins to form a positive experience of interacting with the company and wants to continue cooperation.

Always be ready to communicate

Have you already counted how many potential buyers could not get through to your mobile? But many entrepreneurs, starting a business, simply get a second SIM card and hope that it will be enough to serve customers. But on simple cell numbers, there is one communication channel – you potentially lose profit every time the line is busy. You can solve this problem by starting to use virtual numbers.

You can connect the 800 Toll Free number to be available to customers throughout the country. When they want to apply for services, the call is free. The line here is multichannel to receive multiple calls.

If you are looking for a simpler option, you can order mobile virtual numbers with codes of different operators or countries. It will be convenient for customers to make calls, and you will be able to process more calls by connecting a virtual PBX to the number. For those customers who want to quickly get a response and not spend personal funds on a call, we install a free Callback widget on the site.

For virtual numbers, you don’t even need to buy a SIM card, for a good telephone connection you only need fast internet. Calls can be managed from one device: smartphone or computer through the application. This communication solution is best suited for small businesses, offering benefits such as:

  • cheap rates for outgoing calls;
  • free forwarding to SIP for most countries;
  • ease of use;
  • the possibility of rapid expansion (connection of numbers, VoIP services, channels for incoming and lines for outgoing calls);
  • call management without special equipment;
  • cheap international calls.

IP telephony allows you to set up communication not only for the office, but also for teams that work remotely at home, for example, for startups.

A catchy greeting for better recognition of your brand

How to get to know a client in a few seconds and designate your unique offer? Using the welcome message service. This is an easy and inexpensive way to position your small business.

The text of the audio message can be:

  • Informational. Tell the name of the company, time of work, how long to expect a response;
  • navigational. When the greeting is used in conjunction with the IVR menu service;
  • Advertising. Tell about a special offer;
  • Image. The company slogan or brand values are voiced.

How does your brand sound? Solid and business-like in male voice acting or cheerful and loud in a feminine way? During a phone call, the image of the company is formed by ear. Freezvon announcers can record professional-level greetings.

Auto attendant and voicemail for easy call management

When the company is small and each employee is involved in many operations, it is difficult to keep track of all the calls. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the self-service function for customers. Auto Attendant (IVR menu) is a service through which a subscriber can get information about the company’s working hours, the availability of seasonal promotions, or redirect the call to the right specialist.

For those clients who want to discuss cooperation issues with the head, but the head of the company is temporarily unavailable, connect voicemail. In the practice of business communication, this is an important tool for the rapid exchange of relevant and important information. Wherever you are, messages are stored on the Freezvon IP provider’s cloud and are available at any time.

Using VoIP services to increase sales

Any businessman knows that efforts to promote a brand and work on recognition come down to sales. And since we have already taken care of the first impression of customers by thinking over an enticing welcome message and setting up an IVR menu, then it’s time to think about increasing the number of sales.

Call Recording

Close more deals when you know exactly what your customers want. IP telephony for business offers such a service as call recording. This service will be useful to:

Analyze customer requests during incoming calls;

Find out the weaknesses of the brand (find growth points) when you make a presentation of services and get a refusal;

Collect positive feedback to speak “live” words with the audience during marketing campaigns.

But you can lose this valuable data if you do not systematize it. Here it is important that your IP telephony is integrated with the CRM system. For example, Bitrix24 has support for virtual numbers. Everything valuable that a support manager can learn while communicating with customers should be entered into CRM. Then sales specialists will have an understanding of the needs of each buyer in order to make subsequent sales.

Callback from website

Worth mentioning is the Click to Call widget. With the right use of it, small business incomes are growing rapidly. All thanks to impulsive buying. Imagine a buyer who has already been seduced by your promotional offer on the site and is only one step away from making a decision. Your manager should dispel the last doubts. And so that the client can contact him, a button Call from the site (Click to Call) appears on the page. The advantage of the widget is that the number of actions for the client is minimized, and he will be able to enter the company immediately online from a computer and smartphone. If you are interested in this service, then make sure that there are enough managers to handle the increased number of calls and transactions.

Cloud PBX for small business

Management of all these useful IP telephony services is done from a virtual PBX. Freezvon has a one week demo period. But you can easily see how convenient it is to communicate with customers by managing everything through IP PBX. And it does not matter that your staff has 3-5 people or a huge department of specialists.

Cloud PBX does not have an analog cable connection. It is available through a web application, and all maintenance costs remain on the side of the provider. One day your small business will start to expand. Scaling will be economical and fast when there is a virtual PBX. All VoIP services listed above will be available after subscribing to the use of IP PBX. It will also be possible to use conference calls, manage SIP accounts, call forwarding, and set up a contact book.

With such a set of tools that IP telephony has, it is easy to start a business, knowing that you have all the processes of communication with customers under control.

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