How can we become more attractive on Instagram?

How can we become more attractive on Instagram?

WHERE DO YOU GET INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS? How to increase Followers via using new Hashtags? Here are a few tips to engage more followers


Unless you’re actively promoting your Instagram account, how do people find out about it?

Assemble a link between your Instagram account and your website and other social media networks.

Increasing exposure and awareness is one of the most effective strategies to be discovered. If you really want to expand your Instagram following, let people know where they can find you. To encourage people to share your material on social media and to let them know where they can find you on Instagram, you can include social media links on your website and blog.

Cross-promotion throughout your social media platforms is another excellent option. The Museum of Modern Art uses Twitter to promote its Instagram account on a regular basis. You may effortlessly direct folks to your Instagram account using your other social media accounts.

Make certain, though, that you do not simply request a follow-up. Instead, promote original material on your Instagram account to give consumers a reason to follow you. Fortunately, as Instagram introduces new content and video capabilities like Stories, IGTV, and Reels, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to grow your following by creating engaging material.

Instagram engagement is lush.

Lush Cosmetics, for example, takes the time to answer various product questions, which leads to people returning, following and maybe sharing with others. These exchanges will always be more valuable than a group of inactive followers.


While learning what information your followers will view is easier said than done, it’s a good idea to do so. On Instagram, you’ll quickly discover that some material performs better than others. That is why testing is crucial.

The smallest detail may make all the difference, whether it’s filters, captions, content types, or post times. Keep an eye on new Instagram trends to make sure you’re posting popular content.

Your brand should invest in Instagram analytics solutions to take your analytics to the next level. This enables tracking, benchmarking, and analyzing Instagram content across accounts much easier.

Report on Instagram’s competitors

Analyze alternative filters, captions, and other aspects of your content strategy to see what performs best with your target audience. Try analyzing your competition if you’re not sure where to begin.

While you should not blatantly mimic your competitors, it is a good idea to take notes on what they do or post that generates interaction. A simple competitor analysis can be really beneficial. Our competitor analysis on Instagram might help you figure out what works for other firms in your industry.


Hashtags are one of the most tried and true techniques to gain free Instagram followers. For years, hashtags have been a useful tool for discovering new things and expanding our social reach. As a marketer, you want to grow your audience by gaining followers, and hashtags help you do that.

First, look for hashtags that aren’t very popular. This notion is supported by the fact that the hashtag #love has over 184 million photographs associated with it, according to the Social Media Examiner. It’s not simple to stand out in a sea of millions of photographs and videos on Instagram.

You’ll want to locate hashtags that your target audience is more likely to use. These folks are more likely to follow your account if a relevant connection is made. Branded hashtags are a great method to organize postings around hyper-relevant material for your company and campaigns.

M&Ms, for example, does an excellent job of concentrating hashtags on an event they attend. The brand targets its customers more directly by employing hashtags like #mmspotlight, which draws attention to the spotlight music event.

It’s just as important to understand how hashtags operate on Instagram as it is to use them. You also have immediate access to hashtag performance and usage data using HASHTAGS hashtag analytics tools to evaluate what performs best. More better hashtags can bring you more free Instagram likes.

Instagram hashtag report from Sprout

Do not enter the hashtag universe blindly; instead, be aware of your feelings so that you can develop your successor.


Last but not least, if you make your Instagram followers pleased, you will witness an increase in your audience. Put the strategies we’ve given you for brainstorming and content planning into practice in a way that feels authentic to your brand voice. To put it another way, don’t come across as needy, pushy, or robotic.

For many accounts, this entails sprinkling in posts that really intended to make followers smile and create customer relationships. Remember to provide content to your followers in your personal feed as if they were friends: this can include posting memes, inspirational content, or simply sharing interesting photos or illustrations (all properly credited, of course) that can provide a mental boost to your followers throughout the day.


Because Instagram continues to gain popularity among users, using these ways to attract followers will help you expand your reach. Start a free trial today if you’re ready to put Sprout’s powerful tools to work for your Instagram management.

The HASHTAGS Index for 2021 identifies the types of social media content that consumers wish to engage with.

People continue to use social media as a point of communication for brands, whether it’s for non-cuffing and chat concerns, serious customer service difficulties, or appreciation for their favorite brands and products. You should also be supportive and communicative on Instagram for your business.

Answer as many questions or comments as you can since it could make the difference between gaining a new customer, gaining a new following, or developing your relationship with your audience. According to our index poll, 89 percent of consumers will buy from a company after following them on social media; therefore ensuring the attention and loyalty required to convert a visitor to your profile into a follower is critical.


Consumers’ activities when they follow brands on social media, including 89 percent who buy from them. The more buzz your feed generates, the more likely you are to get followers. Don’t be scared to respond to your followers if you appreciate them.

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