5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers & Reach Wider

5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers & Reach Wider

How to grow Instagram followers organically? Here are the 5 best ways to increase Instagram Followers for Free and Boost Popularity.

Instagram is a great opportunity for your brand to build a huge following and reach a wider audience. It is one of the most engaged social media platforms and an effective tool to grow your business and take it to the next level of success.

Now the question arises of how to get more followers on Instagram? There are two ways of gaining Instagram followers. The first one is to buy Instagram followers and reach a wider audience in a short time. But if you are low on budget then we are going to tell you some amazing hacks to grow your Instagram following without spending any money.

In this post, you are going to learn the top 5 ways to grow your Instagram following and reach wider without spending a dime. So, let’s get started!

Use Different Instagram Hashtags to Grow Instagram Followers

Your ultimate goal on Instagram is to get active instagram followers and an increased engagement rate. A hashtag is one of the most effective tools to increase your discoverability on this platform. Adding relevant hashtags to your Instagram posts makes it super easy for potential followers to find your content. 

So, choose your hashtags smartly. It’s not about the number of hashtags you add, it’s all about the quality. Using product-related hashtags increase your chances to reach a new audience and get discovered. Avoid using generic hashtags, as it can make your post look spammy. Instead, use those hashtags which describe your brand and bring additional engagements and likes to your post.

To find relevant hashtags you can analyze the posts of your competitors. You can also come up with your own branded hashtag and encourage your followers to use it in their posts. The maximum number of hashtags you can add in one post is 30. However, you should only use 6-7 relevant hashtags to make your post look professional.

Post Content Using Latest Features of Instagram

Instagram keeps on introducing new features now and then. You should utilize every feature offered by Instagram to reach a wider audience. There are various features to showcase your content on this platform.

Apart from feed posts, you can use different formats to post content like Instagram Stories, Reels, Live, and IGTV. Instagram story posts are a great way to attract huge engagements. You can add various stickers to your stories to make them more captivating and engaging. Always use the latest features to Grow your Instagram Followers.

Instagram reels are currently the most popular tool to attract an audience to your profile. These short videos bring your imagination to life with AR filters and audio tools. You can also attract potential followers by going live on Instagram. In this way, your customers will connect with you in a better way, thus encouraging more engagements.

The IGTV feature will let your brand create long-form vertical videos. It can be used to create content series, interviews, and other videos of longer duration. These videos can help you build a huge customer base by attracting more potential Instagram followers. In order to succeed on this platform, use every feature that Instagram offers.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio will Help to Grow your Instagram Followers

The Instagram Bio reflects a lot of things about your brand to the potential followers. So, use these 150 characters wisely. Your bio should be very informative and should include a clear and compelling description of your brand. It should encourage your profile visitors to convert into permanent followers.

You should also include a call to action button like “follow more for amazing content”. Also, add a clickable link to your website in your Instagram bio. The branded hashtag we mentioned in the above tips should also be included in your bio to encourage followers to use it while talking about your products.

Make sure the bio includes all the targeted keywords to improve your visibility on Instagram. This will help you gain more followers and wider reach on this platform.

Partner up With Micro-Influencers

One of the best ways to reach a wider audience is to partner up with micro-influencers who will promote your brand. It is not necessary to work with big influencers. Approach micro-influencers with 10,000 to100,000 Instagram followers, as they have higher engagements and can offer wider reach with a reasonable budget.

Make sure you choose influencers related to your niche. This will help you get your product in front of a highly engaged audience. This will boost up your chances of building a huge following.

Post Your Content at the Right Time

Every account on Instagram has its own peak engagement hours, this happens when most of its target audience is online. You just need to figure out your peak posting hours to gain more engagements on your post. You can use the Instagram Analytics tool to evaluate which type of content is getting more likes and comments and at what time.

These analytics reports provided by Instagram will tell you what is the best time of the day and best days of the week to post your content on Instagram. You should also post consistently to gain more followers.

Use the Instagram scheduling tool, this will help you schedule your posts in advance and publish them automatically when your audience is most engaged. It will also help you save a lot of time and automate your content without any hassle.

There you go! These were some fantastic tips that will help you gain more followers and a wider reach on Instagram. Make sure to use these strategies and make the most out of your Instagram business profile.

But remember if you want to Grow Instagram Followers then give your audience authentic and unique content on regular basis. Also, It’s time you apply these fantastic tips to your Instagram profile to get some amazing results.

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