Gojo Satoru 2021 Guide – Skills, Power, Covered Eyes

Gojo Satoru 2021 Guide – Skills, Power, Covered Eyes

Most Interesting And Amazing Facts About Satoru Gojo. Gojo with adventure, action, fun, lots of drama, and a race of mystery

Jujutsu Kaisen is a renowned animated TV series, and Satoru Gojo is among the well-known personalities in Jujutsu Kaisen, and admirers of the series love to cosplay as the original jujutsu magician. Jujutsu Kaisen directly participates with its blacker blend of action and fear as capable jujutsu magicians combat against cursed souls. The Jujutsu Kaisen series is explained and written by Gege Akutami and produced by MAPPA (Maruyama Animation Produce Project Association).

The series provides adventure, action, fun, with lots of drama and a race of mystery that genuinely spices up the plot for beginners. Like any other anime series, Jujutsu Kaisen comprises many fights and action-filled competitions that keep the tension low. Jujutsu Kaisen concentrates on Yuji Itadori, an ordinary person who contains the soul of the prehistoric spell Sukuna that he may someway handle the power to a degree. Here, you will get to know more about the Gojo Satoru.

About Gojo Satoru:

Gojo Satoru is among the highly primary characters of Jujutsu Kaisen; he is a unique grade jujutsu magician and an educator or teacher at the Tokyo Jujutsu High. Also, he is a tall boy, who falls heavily on his students; and is considered extremely attractive by various people. Gojo is recognized as a danger and frequently called the powerful sorcerer wizard. Even Geto Suguru is among the biggest rivals of the series and famous for his powers.

Regardless of his strong character, Geto Suguru is a happy and cheerful man. Though, unlike the present day, he always wears shades instead of dressings. Geto Suguru is responsive and friendly with his friends and looks to have achieved everybody’s influence. The primary skills of Gojo Satoru are Mugen, Mukagen, Jutsushiki Junten Shutsuryoku Saidai, Jutsushiki Junten, Murasaki, Kyoshiki, Rokugan (Six Eyes), and many more.

Being the powerful personality in the franchise, Gojo Satoru has among the most significant roles also. He protects his friends and his world. Other noticeable families modify their decision on his reaction, with humans remaining in the shadows without understanding their Savior and cursed spirits not to lose their lives. Various cursed souls and curse people assembled under the fake Geto to eliminate Gojo from the main scene.

Gojo Satoru – Physical Appearance:

Satoru is frequently wearing blue attire with short black boots. Though, in his fight with Jogou, Satoru eventually removes his bandage. He has beautiful blue eyes with long white blows. Gojo Satoru often teases his friends and colleagues and keeps irritating them. However, He is a wonderfully relaxed character of Jujutsu Kaisen. Satoru comprises bright blue eyes, but they are generally covered with his black bandage or dark sunglasses.

At work or combat, Satoru wears dark black high-necked attire with similar pants and dark dress shoes. Satoru comprises many various clothes that generally have long-sleeved shirts and pants. Though, he is hard and painful towards magician executives. Satoru combines his red and blue techniques and sends purple spell energy towards his enemy. So, Satoru may see via people’s Jujutsu techniques, a sorcerer’s restrictions, and identify their potential.

Yet, despite his arrogance and power, Gojo Satoru is more human than he first seems in the series. Satoru wants to foster a young generation of wizards that he hopes will one day be his equivalents. His argumentative style is categorized by his violent and bossy attacks while showing his mastered methods to his enemies. When he trusts that sacrifice is inevitable, he will select the devastation of his enemies over saving innocent people.

Gojo Satoru’s Background:

Ever when Gojo Satoru was born, he has always been in the limelight or the other. He is a person who was born with Six Eyes, endlessness methods, and many more. Satoru can easily and quickly feel the presence of execrable people and curse people from afar, even at six. The parents of Gojo Satoru kept him in superior esteem, and Gojo viewed as a danger by both the Zenin fraternity and the cursed peoples all over Japan.

While we don’t know more about h Gojo’s life as a teen; Satoru has expelled more irritating people than anyone else. Gojo Satoru is one of the strongest characters in the famous Jujutsu Kaisen anime series. He was on the edge of demise when he found his skill to access the upturned cursed method; he controlled the power to heal himself. After completing his education, Satoru began teaching at Jujutsu High, which is no wonder for his powerful character.

He has a unique and wonderful cursed energy method recognized as Six Eyes (Rokugan); which comprises the hallmarks of being an innate ability that is learned via the Gojo Satoru bloodline. More currently, it seems that Six Eye operates as a Limitless style method where it allows Satoru to fight without a reduction in his cursed energy use; meaning that Gojo Satoru can never run out of energy and remain undefended in combat.

Gojo Satoru – Skills and Powers: 

Gojo Satoru

During the manga, we continue amazed by Gojo Satoru’s calm and strong skills and abilities presented one after the other. Gojo Satoru is also viewed as flying and teleporting in minutes. Since Satoru is from the Gojo fraternity, his cursed energy is unexpected; giving him the authority and power to manipulate space.

Even one of the unique grade sorcerers, Satoru, is famous as the powerful sorcerer in the entire series; possessing vast amounts of cursed energy and a hazardously strong technique. He is among the leading clans of wizards, namely, the Gojo Clan, the Zenin Clan, and the Kamo Clan. Gojo has gained his skills from his descendants. The main skills and powers of Gojo Satoru are as follows:


Mukagen is the method Gojo has inborn from his family as a Gojo. Also, Mukagen allows Gojo to handle space, providing him the opportunity to enhance several techniques; that will enable him to achieve the upper hand in battle. He is viewed as showing this skill to Jogou during their fight.

Six Eyes Act:

Six eyes behave as a device for spell energy. Though, Gojo has trouble accepting that he is not dead. Using Six Eye, Gojo also detects the inaccessibility of any cursed power in Toji Ishiguro. In addition, six eyes allow him to access the cursed energy infinitely.

Limitless Technique:

Limitless is an execrable method that is genetic to the Gojo clan. The limitless technique allows Satoru to control space, which he continues to do. As Satoru tells Jogo, eternity is genuine. Gojo is generally bringing it into life with the assistance of his cursed method.

Infinity Technique:

The impermeable space between Gojo Satoru and his enemies protects him from their spells; both physical and cursed, commonly called Infinity. The infinite is the neutral state of immeasurable. Contrary to popular belief, Infinity does not block any attacks.

Immense Power:

Gojo Satoru has the excellent physical power to combat against potent curses without any difficulty; quickly causing serious grievances to Jogo with strong blows and throws him great distances with a solo kick at the time of battle.

Tactical Intellect: 

Gojo is pretty strategic and can check out his enemy’s plan with minor information. He is recognized as the powerful jujutsu magician within the Gojo jujutsu community. Satoru received this nickname because of the enormous amounts of cursed energy he possessed.

Red and Blue Limitless Techniques:

Satoru uses the Blue and Red methods to combat by discharging vast amounts of energy in ray beams; and dragging or nervy matter humbly, but his strength lies within the Endlessness method. After his combats, Gojo learned to put it on autopilot, so he doesn’t need to think about accessing it.

Hollow Technique:

A non-standard method of infinite is more powerful and critical than the two standard types that only some people know about, even a few members of the Gojo Family. Satoru creates long-range originality by moving his fingers, combining “blue” (attraction) and “red” (repulsion).

Barrier Techniques:

Cursed energy may be used in various methods; Jujutsu Kaisen does not show the full extent of that range. The most practical of these methods is the Curtain; where Gojo makes a block of energy and proves to be capable in various barrier methods.

Reason Behind The Gojo’s Covered Eyes:

Gojo Satoru

Gojo Satoru keeps his eyes covered with the black bandage every time. Though, there are many various reasons behind Gojo’s covered eyes. In combat, it is significant for him to ensure that the opponent searches as early as possible about his jujutsu methods so that he may have the upper hand. Gojo requires covering his eyes with a bandage because using them will exhaust him out quickly. Gojo’s eyes are covered due to his power, not because he is blind.

Six eyes are the eyes that display cursed strength quickly. Meanwhile, Gojo Satoru may easily view their Cursed Energy, and he can sense their weakness, and later; it becomes easier for him to conquest even the powerful enemies. The second and most significant theory is that it may be Gojo’s latest fashion style. There are many to exposed to Six Eyes. Till Akutami describes the right perspective in Six Eyes; admirer models are the only method to deal with the rising interest.

Most Interesting And Amazing Facts About Satoru Gojo:

Special Grade Status:

  • Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the well-known anime that seriously supports the action and fear categories. Still, it also searches for a method to introduce a bit of life drama and high school pranks with a Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College presence.
  • Satoru Gojo is the main character and is 28 years old; which places him as a teacher to Yuji Itadori and other Curse Technical College applicants.

Master Of Cursed Energy Manipulation:

  • Satoru Gojo is such an instance, and he is a man who specializes in cursed energy manipulation; but he frequently behaves sweetly like a child who relishes his sweets.
  • The funny thing is that Satoru Gojo only began eating deserts to encourage his brain.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen does an excellent job setting up various powerful characters of different levels of seriousness; but Satoru Gojo is the powerful jujutsu wizard in the series.
  • Many magicians have equivalent skills comparable to Satoru, but he surpasses previous rules in every territory.

Six Eyes Ability:

  • Satoru Gojo was an extremely skill magician at the beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen; but he still has some skills that escape him and remain somewhat of a mystery.
  • Recently, it appears that Six Eye of Satoru Gojo works as a Limitless style method where it permits Satoru to battle without a decrease in his damned energy consumption.

Die-Hard Fan Of Digimon: 

  • Jujutsu Kaisen deals with inflated types of the fight, energy, and wizards; making it simple to assume that the anime is ready in multiple alternate realities.
  • Satoru is a die-hard fan of Digimon in high school; which means that the Jujutsu Kaisen does exist in this world.

Does Satoru Gojo Likes Miwa?

Kasumi Miwa is a second-year girl who also studies in the Kyoto Jujutsu High School. Miwa is a cute, sweet, reliable, and intelligent girl who isn’t as sarcastic as her friends and classmates. Miwa doesn’t like to communicate with Satoru, but she respects him significantly; and wishes to follow in his footprints as an excellent magician.

The Miwa doesn’t like the Satoru Gojo. Her pleasant character rapidly made her a viewer’s favorite. Miwa and Gojo have a good relationship. In Jujutsu Kaisen episode 5, Miwa inside hooked on Gojo and later asks for a photo together.

Final Verdict:

Jujutsu Kaisen is the rising anime series among all the manga. Jujutsu Kaisen is the breakthrough of MAPPA, which is recently achieving popularity at a rapid speed. The story is unique and exciting, while the characters of Jujutsu Kaisen are all fantastic. So, if you are an anime-lover, Jujutsu Kaisen is the best anime series you will love. This article will help you a lot to know more about Satoru Gojo.

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