5 Advantages That Make You Say “Yes” to Microsoft Power BI

5 Advantages That Make You Say “Yes” to Microsoft Power BI

5 Advantages of Microsoft Power BI are Detailed business knowledge, Integrations, and the Ever-expanding Community, Affordable Pricing, User-friendly Interface etc…

In the last few years, Microsoft Power BI has dramatically altered enterprises. Power BI is the first option of premier development companies players when it comes to consolidating crucial data for fresh insights for mobile app development company profitability, exploring new markets, or enhancing customer participation and involvement.

Microsoft Power BI is now widely regarded as a market leader in business intelligence software. However, As BI consultants, we can see why this self-service BI solution has risen to such prominence. This post will explain why you need to use Power BI and which features have proven to be the most beneficial to FortySeven customers. Hanna Shnaider advises custom software development companies to consider incorporating Power BI as it grows because of her expert knowledge.

Advantages That Gets You Saying “Yes” to Microsoft Power Bi

There are several benefits to using Power BI Reporting, but we’ll focus on the top five in this piece.

Detailed business knowledge

Power BI goes much beyond a collection of reports and graphics as a modern analytical tool. We recommend that software development company customers take advantage of Power BI’s comprehensive data integration features and powerful data analytics services to profit from data-driven decision-making. Look at how FortySeven Power BI-based BI solution for an international real estate or custom software developer helps our customer monitor their cash flow, recognize trends, and identify new profit potential by looking at aggregated financial data from any perspective.

Integrations and the Ever-expanding Community

Because of the assistance, you can obtain from the online community, it is usually ideal to purchase software with a large active community. Thousands of Power BI templates are readily available from members of the online community. It’s also simple to look for shortcuts, hacks, and new trends.

Integration with other software is always important because you’ll want to link Power BI to other products for greater efficiency and capabilities. The majority of new custom software released supports Power BI, as the software providers give integrations with the most widely used software (Microsoft Power BI).

On the other hand, Microsoft offers integrations with all Microsoft software and dozens of other programs. A YouTube search can always help you find solutions to your difficulties and strategies to improve productivity. There are over 70 ports in all, allowing for the collaboration of almost any custom software. You can connect and import data from major software, including Azure, Salesforce, Amazon Redshift, Google Analytics, and others at the touch of a button.

When it comes to aesthetics, the possibilities are limitless. Here are some popular ones that you should try:

  • Decomposition Tree
  • Funnel Charts
  • Gauge Charts
  • KPIs
  • Various types of maps
  • Slicers

The images that are in the form of a Q&A are the finest. Microsoft Power BI is AI-enabled and has a natural language interface that lets you ask queries about the data. For instance, you may inquire about sales for a specific month or sales above a certain threshold, and so on.

Gets Your Business’s Reporting and Generate Insights Automated On Auto-Pilot

Custom software development companies are seeking new methods to improve efficiencies and stay ahead of the curve. While automation is becoming a reality in almost all software development companies or corporate sectors, data has had the greatest impact. You can seamlessly combine numerous data sources for your custom software agency and generate reports using Power BI reporting.

For example, Power BI can be coupled with your ERP to provide daily updates on product production progress. Managers can use Power BI to generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports and interactive data visualizations by building or selecting templates.

Managers can better understand progress and identify areas for improvement with these visuals. These documents are reports.

User-friendly Interface

We want to emphasize that Microsoft Power BI is rather simple to use and can deliver analytical capabilities to users of all levels, from novices to seasoned analysts. It has a user-friendly interface with features like drag-and-drop, natural language inquiry, and automated integration with current systems, among others. Furthermore, employees can only see data relevant to their user job; thanks to Row Level Security in the Power BI service.

Affordable Pricing

We often recommend Power BI to custom software development firms with tight resources; as one of its primary benefits is the lack of/minimal upfront expenditures (depending on the service package). Power BI Desktop and Power BI Mobile, for example, are both free. Power BI Pro ($9.99/user/month) and Power BI Premium (beginning at $4,995/dedicated computing and storage resources/month) are two alternatives under the Power BI service price plans targeted to demand at various scales. You could find out more extensive information on Microsoft Power BI’s portfolio and potential service plans when you contact any FortySeven IT expert.


Aside from the advantages highlighted above, Microsoft Power BI has several drawbacks. As a result, if you want to make sure that Microsoft Power BI is right for you; we recommend mapping your software development company needs to Microsoft’s custom software development company intelligence offerings. Also, You might find reliable BI consulting helpful in completing this work. The FortySeven software professionals are always willing to assist you at any level of your development company intelligence project.

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