Developing a Mastery of Handicap Betting

Developing a Mastery of Handicap Betting

Betting is an exciting leisure activity that keeps gaining popularity at a high rate. The fun is derived from the buzz of the immersive gameplay and the anticipation of winning or losing. As a result, players strive to bet with intelligence to increase their winnings, which are more fun than losses. There are different strategies for doing this, but handicapping is arguably one of the best despite being so simple. How does it work?

All the top gambling sites have advanced betting options like handicaps to spice up the gaming experience. You could try GGbet Casino to explore and understand what these bets are all about. Just as the name suggests, handicap betting involves the inclusion of a circumstance that makes success harder to achieve. Since success is harder to achieve, the wins are bigger and more worthwhile.

These are common in sports and e-sports betting. They come to play when a team is a clear favorite over the other, hence, the odds of them winning are high, and the returns too low. As a result, players would run away from such bets because they do not make economic sense. For instance, if Manchester City was playing against Oxford United, we know that the former would win, so the moneyline odds could be around 1/10, which is worthless.

This is where the handicap bets come in. The casino would assign a figure to make winning harder for the better team. They could allow gamers to place a handicap of 2, for example, which means Manchester City will have to beat Oxford by three goals or more for the bet to be successful. This concept is not new to casino gambling. In blackjack and poker, you would receive additional chips or cards as a handicap, which would lower the house edge significantly.

How to Place Handicap Bets?

It is quite easy to place these bets. All you need to do is go to a trusted sportsbook, find the sporting event of your choice and these bets. The bet could be denoted by a negative or positive number on the team. For instance, in the game above, Oxford United would have a +2 next to it, which means that they would have to be beaten by more than three goals for Manchester City to win.

These bets are available in most sports events, mainly football, rugby, basketball, and NFL. The best casinos have also introduced them in games like tennis, horse racing, and e-sports like CS: GO. The concept is the same, though the mechanism and the points could vary.

Also, the casino provides a range of betting options. In football, for instance, you could have handicap bets ranging from +1 and +2 to up to +7 in some casinos. You should evaluate a place as the most likely bet.

Asian Handicap Betting

This is the most popular type of handicap betting in the gambling industry. It is the same as the original type but removes the possibility of a draw. For instance, in the Manchester United vs. Oxford United game, the handicap would be +2.5 instead of +2. Hence, there is no possibility of draw. If the former won by 2 goals only, it would have lost. It has to win by 3 goals for the punter to win. These bets give rise to only two possibilities – a win or a loss. 

Excellent Handicap Betting Tips

Handicap betting can lead to consistent wins worth more money. However, you must be smart to enjoy its fruits. Firstly, teams have ups and downs, so the underdogs could be having a good run while the clear favorites may be facing some problems. Football, for instance, has become so unpredictable. We have witnessed some upsets because of the change in the form of some teams.

You should do extensive research and find out how a team is fairing. Some of the red flags that could lead to surprise results include:

  • Injuries or suspension of the top players;
  • Change in management or coaching staff;
  • Consistent poor results;
  • Too many fixtures over a short time.

These are circumstances that often affect the top teams, leading to upsets. The underdog could also be in good form, leading to better results. They also tend to play their hearts out when contending for something. For instance, when a team is relegated from the English Premier League, they would play well and sometimes win some unexpected matches. 

Secondly, you should place your handicap bets keenly. Since they may be new to beginners, it is advisable to countercheck and ensure that you have placed the bet you had in mind. Finally, the casinos vary greatly in terms of odds. You should always check a few of them and settle for the one that gives you the biggest wins for your handicap bet.

Handicap betting is an enticing way of getting huge and more consistent wins when gambling. It is an intelligent way of playing these games. It also increases the risk, leading to more excitement. There is no reason why you should not try them.

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