Health Care Apps for Children

Health Care Apps for Children

Inevitably, kids of this generation devote most of their leisure time to screening. Regardless of the energies puts forward by their parents to restrict their mobile phone usage, children often get captivated by these smart devices. Consequently, it is unreasonable to deny them complete access to these gadgets.

However, it is best if we can attempt to stimulate the features they focus most on these devices. It keeps them cool, entertained, and even educated while playing.

Advantages of health care apps for children

Health care apps improve the physical and mental well-being of kids. It eases the work of a professional doctor, especially when they’re guided by an expert. Below are some other benefits of health care apps for kids.

  1. User-friendly interface: most health care apps are designed with a simple and easy-to-navigate interface specifically for kids. You need not get a special tutor for kids on how to use these apps.
  2. Full-time access: since kids are fond of spending more time on screen, it is an avenue to get them more involved with educative and productive content. These apps are accessible any time of the day, which makes them a good alternative to physical playing and a good way to utilize precious time.
  3. Reduces in-person meetings: The availability of health care apps has significantly reduced the rate of booking sessions with medical practitioners and health experts since some of these apps teach kids the basics of healthy living.

Disadvantages of health care apps for children

  1. Access to personal information: most health care apps require a sign-up for users to get full access to their content. It demands sensitive personal info of users, which may pose some data privacy risks. But in order to cope with this, it is worth downloading a VPN for macOS, iPhone, or Android. VPNs are a great tool to hide your online ID while browsing. VPN does this by masking your IP address and changing your real location through different servers to render you undetectable by your ISP and third parties.
  2. Reduced income for health experts: If you can get health care services on an app; what is the need for consulting a physical health care expert? Consequently, this will lead to a loss of revenue for operators in the healthcare industry.
  3. Misleading information: most people rely on information gotten online. Some of this information is not backed up with proven facts and thus; can be misleading, especially for the young kids who lack prior experience on such a subject.

What is the safest app for kids?

As a substitute for keeping kids away from smart gadgets; we can deduce a way to make them more productive while catching fun. For instance, we can install puzzle games that are set to boost that psychological adaptability as an alternative to fighting games that instills violence in them.

To save you the stress of further roaming on the net; we have curated a list of health care apps for your kids.

Smash Your Food

Indeed, every kid likes to smash. Why don’t we give them the privilege to do what they enjoy most while learning something new? Smash the food game provides answers to that. It is an educative app that guides kids on the best combo of the nutritional recipes in foods in a fun way. A player scores more points according to the number of harmful foods they are able to smash. It is quite an easy and interesting game for kids.

Triumfland Saga

Kids love to travel, don’t they? They can get to go on a full trip while saving other kids from a virus. Triumfland saga game influences a tailored mode of behavior in children and assists to discourage unsafe behaviors through prescribed tasks for players, which include food classification, soccer games, assisting and competing with other children in town, answering brainteasers, etc.

Super Stretch Yoga HD

Super Stretch Yoga HD is an interactive game that inspires kids to emulate and gain new vigorous yoga postures meant for kids. The game allows kids to spend quality time on screen while learning new yoga skills; thus creating an improvement in their general health life.

girl and boy using Android smartphones

Monster Heart Medic

Monster Heart Medic is a captivating, adventurous game. The kid’s medic is entrusted with the responsibility of diagnosing a friendly mammoth known as Ragnar and giving him direction on how to live a healthy life. Children get to gain basic knowledge of heart and blood vessels and how they can improve their health.

My Food – Nutrition for Kids

This is a game that teaches kids how to choose food with balanced diets and the need for making such decisions.  Over the app, kids will get to gain knowledge on classes of food, diet, and how to plant parsley.

Awesome Eats

Awesome Eats is an application that provides kids with awareness of the significance of consuming more vegetables and fruits to boost their overall health. In addition, it explains the importance of recycling foods to decrease the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

Calm Harm – Manages Self Harm

This is a great app that teaches kids how to free themselves from physical and mental injury associated with inflicting self-harm. Intentional self-harm is a sensitive case that is surrounded by intricate motives. The app does a good job at distracting kids and teaches them how to express feelings, ways to exert annoyance, and how to be cool.

Pick Your Plate

This game teaches children how to make choices on well-balanced meals and the implication of not sticking to a balanced diet. Kids are taught how to select nutritious foods that can improve their healthy well-being. Pick the plate game is quite easy to play, but then again; meeting all nutritional necessities while keeping up with only a 3 food budget is where the problem lies. It is an interesting game every kid should try out.

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