10 Holiday Traditions to Start as a Family

10 Holiday Traditions to Start as a Family

Family traditions give us fond memories, which is why it’s never too late to start. Holiday traditions can be fun for kids of all ages and give them something to do with their families when they grow up. Here are a few holiday traditions you can start as a family.

1.    Bake Holiday Cookies

Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit like smelling cookies baking in the oven. You can bake holiday cookies for friends, family, and more to bring a little holiday cheer wherever you go. Not to mention, baking as a family can be a fun activity during the winter.

2.    Buy Each Other Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a holiday staple. You can make them even more fun (and funny) by purchasing them for one another. Instead of letting your spouse choose his or her own sweater, purchase them one that is sure to make them laugh. Not only can this give your kids fun holiday gifts to open before the holidays, but it also gives you a fun activity to do on a cold winter night.

3.    Hang the Same Ornament

You don’t have to use the same ornaments every year, but you can have one that’s special to your family. You can let your kids craft ornaments or find one that you all like. Every Holiday Traditions Christmas, you’ll be able to hang the ornament as a family while decorating the tree. Those ornaments can then be passed down to your children.

4.    Donate

One holiday tradition that benefits your family and improves society is donating money and resources to the less fortunate. There are many ways to get involved in gift-giving during the holidays, including donating toys to kids in need.

By donating every year, you can teach your children about the true meaning of the holiday. If you don’t have any toys to donate, you can also volunteer with the entire family.

Holiday Traditions

5.    Pick a Tree

If you’ve always relied on fake Christmas trees that require zero cleanups, now is the time to get a real Christmas tree. By going to a tree farm as a family, you can let your kids pick out their favorite tree and keep the tradition going every year. By showing your kids how to purchase a real tree, they’ll be more willing to start the Holiday Traditions with their own families when they’re older.

6.    See the Lights

Everyone enjoys looking at beautiful and extravagant Christmas lights. Make a date every year that you take a drive around the neighborhood to check out your neighbors’ lights. You can also venture outside of the neighborhood and find houses that put on an entire light show during the holidays. Checking out the lights is a fun activity for all ages, and it makes for a beautiful Instagram photo.

7.    Take a Family Photo

You don’t have to send Christmas cards to everyone you know, but you can snap a photo every Christmas to celebrate the holidays. These yearly photos can also show you how much your kids and your family have grown over the years, and they give you something to display during the holiday season.

8.    Plan a Cocoa Night

After a long day, everyone could use a cup of hot cocoa. Whether you just shoveled the driveway as a family or can’t seem to get warm after spending just a few moments outside, warm yourself and your family up with a cup of cocoa before the holidays. You can also use this Holiday Traditions opportunity to spend time with your family after dinner.

9.    Start Shopping Early

Your holiday tradition can start on Thanksgiving when you plan your holiday shopping spree. If you enjoy shopping on Black Friday for the tons of deals available, you can plan your route and destination by making a list of all of the stores you want to shop at.

10.  Have a Movie Night

The anticipation of the holiday can make anyone feel jittery the night before. Help yourself and your children relax by having a movie night on Christmas Eve every year. You can watch your favorite Christmas movies while sipping on some hot cocoa.

Last words on Holiday Traditions:

Starting a new family holiday tradition shouldn’t add any pressure to your existing holiday plans. All you have to do is find something that everyone enjoys and start doing it annually.

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