Honbike ChainFree One Review: Let the E-bike Be A Bike

Honbike ChainFree One Review: Let the E-bike Be A Bike

In recent years, the focus of the electric bicycle market has been tilted towards high-power and long-lasting products, it seems that electric bikes have lost the meaning of pedaling. Today, we turn our attention to the Honbike ChainFree One, an e-bike without throttles. As a chainless folding bike, how does it perform?

Proven & Award-winning Design

Honbike is a micro-mobility pioneer, with teams in China, Japan, Europe, and the USA. The teams behind the company honed their extensive design, engineering and manufacturing expertise while creating countless e-scooter and e-bikes for well-known, global brands, including Lime, Bird, and Pure. 

During the launch campaign, Honbike ChainFree One gained hugely popular in Japan with nearly 6,000 bikes sold, has been praised for its pioneering industrial design. 

Red Dot Award 

iF Product Design Award 

Good Design Award 

International Design Excellence Award


Patented Shaft Drive System

Taking inspiration from the automotive world, https://www.honbike.com/ rejected conventional exposed mechanisms and invented a durable single-arm gear transmission. Also, Two sets of bevel gears mesh precisely, transferring energy from the shaft drive to power the rear wheel. However, Sealed within an aluminum shell, its untroubled by dirt, dust, and elements. 

Unlike chain and sprocket propulsion, there is no slipping or loosening. Honbike’s smooth and highly efficient pedal power transmission is precise and consistent. 

Riders don’t have to worry about snags or chain grease ruining their outfits either. 

Based on industry maintenance and replacement cycle recommendations, riders will make lifetime maintenance savings of at least £1,500 versus conventional chain-drive systems.

Safety Smarts

ChainFree One intelligently detects and adjusts to different terrains. When its gyroscopes detect a slope, its CPU applies more power. Always in tune with the rider, there are no jolts, just effortless smooth riding. 

Besides, the same responsive gyroscope and sensor technology react to acute cornering angles, cutting power if the bike tilts too much (+30°), giving the rider full control. 

Honbike’s flush handlebar houses a reflective strip to complement the integrated front and rear LED lights. Its wheels and tires have reflectors too for visibility and safety, while the ergonomic brake levers hinge at each end of the handlebars. This prevents annoying snagging or more serious gouging in a collision.

High-Efficiency Brushless Motor

ChainFree One comes with a new long-lasting brushless 250-watt motor. It is more energy-efficient than a conventional e-bike motor. Compared with another powerful e-bike motor, this brushless motor has fewer components, it is 49% lighter than traditional hub motors, which is easy to carry as well.

Automotive Die Cast Manufacturing

ChainFree One is constructed from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum and magnesium alloys for lightness, strength, and resistance to corrosion. It also enables Honbike’s distinct and minimal profile. The molding technique requires no welding, and no additional heat treatment to enhance the strength and is more commonly found in automotive, aviation, and high-speed electric motor manufacturing, where consistency, finish, and durability are paramount. The process is greener too, with far less waste of energy and material.

Battery And Range

ChainFree One doesn’t label itself with range and power. With a maximum range of 40 kilometers/ 25 miles per charge, Honbike is perfect for lighter commutes, leisure rides, and a coffee run, which is more suitable for riders focusing on actual usage with a little extra range. But for occasional longer trips, the company also offers an optional additional battery that doubles the per charge range to a maximum of 80 kilometers/ 50 miles. 


Two-fold Convenience

Honbike folds simply in less than 15 seconds. One hinge at the handle stem and one hinge on the frame. The seat easily adjusts up and down with the twist of our Butterfly Lock©. And the pedals fold too. When it’s curled up, it fits neatly in car boots, cupboards or RVs and Honbike easily travel by train too. 

Golf Saddle

ChainFree One’s unique Unisex D-shape EVA foam padded saddle is designed to make it easier for riders to hop on and off; making an emergency stop safer. 

The minimalist design prevents clothing from getting caught and allows the user to move their thighs more freely, which allows for better pedal efficiency. The height adjusted simply via Butterfly Lock©. For riders that prefer a more traditional rail saddle, Honbike also provides a saddle replacement.


Material: 6061 Aluminium alloy 

Weight: 21 kilograms (including battery) 

Drive: Patented chainless shaft drive. 

Motor: 36V 250W 

Battery: 36V 6Ah 

Max speed: 15.5 mph / 25 kph 

Maximum Range: 25 miles / 40 kilometres 

Battery charge time: 3.5 – 4 hours 

Waterproof: Bike IPX4 / Electrical parts IP65 

Pedal assist: 5- levels of assistance 

Wheels: One-piece diecast Magnesium alloy rims 

Tyre: Kenda 20” x 2.125” (508 mm x 55 mm) 

Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes, front and rear (6.3”/160 mm) 

Grips: Honbike Ergonomic 

Lights: Integrated front and rear LED lamps; reflective handlebar strip 

Saddle: Unisex D-shape EVA foam padded saddle; adjustable seat post with Butterfly Lock© 

Pedals: Folding, anti-slip design; ABS construction 

Fold: Two-fold process; with integrated carry handle 

Dimensions (unfolded): 61.4 x 23.2 x 41.7” (1560 x 590 x 1060 mm) 

Dimensions (folded): 39 x 17.7 x 35.5” (990 x 450 x 850 mm)


This is a product full of many details. When the whole electric bicycle market is pursuing speed and passion, Honbike pays attention to refinement and simplicity, focusing on safety and ease of use. Over the years, the public seems to be accustomed to the thrill of throttles, while ChainFree One tells us that riding with pedal assistance is the joy of riding.

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