Gambling Terms and Phrases for Casino Lovers

Gambling Terms and Phrases for Casino Lovers

Before you start playing casino games you may need to take the time to learn about the terms that are often used within the industry. This will help you gain the understanding needed to play the games and not get scammed. These terms are commonly used and you’ll see them everywhere when you start gambling online or in real casinos. You’ve probably heard some of them before, but it helps to know what they really mean and what they mean for the casino. 


Action is the term used to describe play within the context of the game. You’ll often hear the casino say “the action is one you” which means that it’s your turn to make a move within the game. As is often the case with gambling terms and phrases they can mean different things within a different contexts. For instance, you can bet, fold or raise, when the action is on you. 


Bankroll refers to the amount of money you have put aside for gambling. This isn’t the same as the deposit. The deposit on your account can be much more than the bankroll. You can use only a certain portion of your deposit as your bankroll for a particular game. For small-time players, the two may often be the same, but for professional players, there are amounts set aside to work on a particular game. 

Betting Limit

A bet is often called a wager as well. It’s the amount you’re putting at stake for a particular round or turn within a game. That’s what you can lose and there’s usually a limit as to how much you can bet within a turn. It’s where the term comes from.  The limits usually tend to rise as you keep playing so that the game becomes more competitive for the players that keep winning. 


A Gambling bonus is a promotional tool used by the casino to attract new players and to keep those who keep coming back. These bonuses come in the form of a deposit added to your account or as a free spin or a free turn. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you’re able to take this money and go – the wagering requirements are attached to them. You’ll need to win some on your own before being able to withdraw the bonus. 


The term refers to the amount you need to pay for the seat at the table or for the ability to play the game in the first place. Most games do have buy-ins since that way everyone has put a portion of the bankroll on the line and they are playing for real.  The term is most commonly used in poker where the buy-ins are increasingly more expensive. 


Croupier is a table dealer or at least that’s the French term for this position. The term is not commonly used in the US but if you’re playing in international casinos you’ll come across it. This is especially true in some Asian casinos that have a long cultural exchange with French culture. The table dealer runs the game in games such as poker or blackjack.

Double Down

Double down refers to the amount you’re going to bet. When a Gambling player doubles down it means that they are betting the same amount as they did in the previous turn. It means that they are confident in the hand that they have and in some cases; it can mean that the player is forcing others to show their hand or to fold. 

House Edge

Every casino game is made to work in favor of the casino or “the house” which means that there’s always more of a chance that a player will lose. It’s important for the player to know how much of an edge the house has. That will tell you what your chances are. Some games are completely randomized and based on luck alone.  They work based on the random number generator and nothing affects the result of the game but luck.

Progressive Jackpot 

A progressive jackpot is a term commonly used in slot games but it can be used in other games as well. It refers to the jackpot that grows exponentially with every turn you play. That means you’ll end up paying for more and winning more the longer you stay in the game. It also means that there’s more to lose as you do. 


This Gambling term refers to those who come to the casino to watch the game but don’t participate in them. There are many reasons why someone would do so. It’s a hobby for some and it’s also a way to learn about the games firsthand. There are usually rules as to how this is done so that the railbirds don’t affect the game or disturb the players in the process. Online gambling can still put you at risk for developing a compulsive gambling habit.

Tapping Out 

Tapping out means that the player is giving up and that they won’t bet anymore. This can be because they have gone through their whole bankroll, but it doesn’t have to be the case. It’s useful for a player to set up a limit at which they plan to tap out. This can be because they’ve lost a certain amount of time or because they’ve lost a certain amount of money. 

Knowing these terms can help you out if you’re new to the world of gambling since they will give you a better understanding of the institutions you’re getting into. 

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