How Long are Stand-Up Comedy Shows?

How Long are Stand-Up Comedy Shows?

You will always remember your first time going to a comedy club. You can enjoy some time with your friends and laugh the whole night. But, how long are stand-up comedy shows and what is the schedule like? This is a common question by a lot of people so they know what is happening before the Comedy Show. So, let’s take a closer look.

How Long is a Typical Comedy Show?

You will find that typical stand-up comedy shows all last around the same time. This is about two hours long. But, it will depend on how many acts are in that show. Two hours is normal when there is three to four comedians. They will also get a designated slot for the show, which is usually shared. That is unless there is a certain comedian headlining the show and this is something you will know when it is advertised.

Therefore, a comedian might be on the stage for around 30 to 40 minutes. This is a good amount of time to share jokes and stories without boring the audience. Of course, it can seem short and sweet if you like the comedian. But, it does also mean that you have other acts to look forward to. Click on the link to see a stand up comedy show in London. Comedy Carnival has a list of events you can enjoy, with a lot of the shows being around two hours long. Again, this is with three to four different comedians for you to look forward to.

Other Elements to Consider

There are other elements to think about when you are going to see a stand-up comedy show. These are going to dictate how long your night out is going to be with family and friends. So, let’s take a look.

When the Doors Open

Often, a comedy club will open its doors earlier than the show start time. This is something that you have to take into account and that can add time to the show since you will have to wait. For example, the doors can open around one hour before the comedy show starts, which gives everybody time to find their seats.

You might not like the idea of waiting around for an hour. Indeed, you do not always have to be this early. But, the last thing you want is to be late for the show. This is something that can disrupt the flow of a comedian, as well as mean you get picked on and made fun of.

Happy Hour

A lot of comedy clubs have bars and a place that serves drinks before a show. If you want to enjoy one or two before the comedians come out on stage, you will want to be early for happy hour. You can enjoy a drink during the show, but you do not want to be rude and leave your seat during the performances.

So, if you want to make the most of happy hour, arrive early before the start time of the show. This allows you to find your seat, get your favourite drink and then relax and enjoy the comedy you have come to see. 

Show and Dinner Packages

It is possible to enjoy a show and dinner package from a comedy club. In other words, you purchase your ticket and a restaurant is arranged for you. This is going to add a couple of hours to the schedule for the night.

Look carefully at the packages and see the times outlined if you buy one. This is going to give you a better indication of what you can expect on the night and how long you are going to be out.

Can You Leave a Comedy Show Early?

Imagine that you are in a position where you are now enjoying a comedy show. Perhaps you have work early in the morning and you want to leave. Is it possible to leave a show early and before it is finished?

Well, this is a difficult one. When it comes to comedy show etiquette, leaving early can be disrespectful to the comedy. You can interrupt the show and be a distraction, as well as send a negative vibe toward that comedian. What’s more, if you are in the front row, this is really obvious and it just does not look good.

However, there are going to be sometimes when you will have to leave early. All you can do is try to make this as subtle and non-disruptive as possible. For instance, you could make your move between different acts.

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