How to Keep Your Things Safe While Traveling

How to Keep Your Things Safe While Traveling

Travel theft refers to theft that takes place when you are traveling to another city, state, province, or country. You should therefore make copies of essential documents, such as your passport.

Many bras, undergarments, belts, socks, and pouches are available that will allow you to store items on your person. Try not to bring any cash with you on your trip if possible. Also, make sure that your belongings are in close proximity when you are in transit.

Your home-based belongings need to be protected while you are away on a trip. You can have a trusted friend or family member housesit. A neighborhood watch organization can also help keep a lookout if you notify them before you leave.

Additionally, a guard dog and a home alarm security system that includes 24/7 surveillance monitoring can protect your home from arsonists; violent criminals, squatters, and thieves while you are away. 

Below, we will provide you with some handy tips that will help keep your things safe while you are away on a business or leisure trip so that you can focus on more important matters. And you can keep all your bags safe with Vertoe, one of our locations is Luggage Storage NYC. You can store all bags that contain safe and legal items as well and complete your trip with peace of mind.

How to Keep Your Belongings Safe at Home

A state-of-the-art security alarm system should be installed. It should include motion, light, heat, smoke, and gas sensors and detectors. Automatic water shut-off valves can also help turn off the water automatically in the event of any excess moisture or pipe leakage.

Around-the-clock security monitoring services can be ordered by calling your home security alarm provider. Security personnel will surveil your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until you return from your trip.

Home automation and remote access controls will also allow you to make modifications to your home’s security via a smartphone app. For example, you can check in on your home and every room using your phone, tablet, or computer.

You can arm or disarm your home security alarm, increase or decrease your thermostat; activate or deactivate sprinkler and light systems; lock or unlock doors and windows, and more with a few simple clicks on your smart-enabled device.

A guard dog can also help protect your home, or you can hire a mobile patrol unit to monitor the perimeter if you live in a very large house that has multiple living quarters. 

Make sure that your hedges are trimmed and that all of your landscaping is well-maintained and kept before you leave on your trip. Ask your local post office to hang onto your packages so that delivery drivers don’t leave a bunch of packages by your door.

Valuable assets such as jewelry, artwork, and bonds can be stored in lockers or safes. You can also store such items in a self-storage unit that has 24/7 surveillance; climate-controlled facilities, alarm sensors, and deadbolt locks until you return from your trip.

A security alarm system is designed to help protect your home from harm and to also deter criminals from even targeting your home in the first place.

Common Security Mistakes to Avoid While Traveling

Try and wear your bag in the front so that you can keep a better eye on it. Buying the right gear (e.g., fanny pack, chain wallet) will also make it harder for pickpockets to rob you. Zip ties are also a must for your luggage before you leave for your trip.

Try to only bring credit or debit cards with you. Call your bank and ask if they can temporarily lower your credit or spending limit. If you must bring cash, then avoid keeping all of it in the same wallet or purse.

Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Travel in groups with a trusted friend or family member if possible. Never leave your luggage unattended either, even for a minute. 

Try not to drink too much and do not consume illicit substances; as you do not want to be in an intoxicated and vulnerable state. Avoid wearing expensive designer clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

You do not want to put a large target on your back and, instead; should try and blend in with everyone else. Carrying a fake wallet can also serve as a decoy in the event that you are actually robbed.

Be Safe Out There

Traveling is not easy, especially during these precarious times. Tensions and fear are at record levels, so you need to be alert and perform the necessary due diligence about the destination that you are traveling to.

Try to travel with trusted friends, colleagues, or family members. Self-defense gear can help protect you, such as a taser, mace, or sexual assault whistle.

Taking self-defense and conflict resolution classes before you leave may also help you get out of a dangerous situation with your life and your wits intact.

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