How many friends can you have on Pokemon go

How many friends can you have on Pokemon go

How Many Friends Can You Have on Pokemon Go? What’s the Limit? What fun is this game? Complete Detail of pokemon go, Lucky friends, Reddit.

Have you ever noticed Pokemon, Pokemon Go has a list of built and it is managed via Niantic social? In this app, you can add friends, exchange gifts with them and even keep an eye on their online status and battle them.

The Pokemon game has given a wonderful way of playing and enjoying the aspect of society. In fact, this game gives a larger stage of getting connected with other people as well. On the other hand, Niantic has also made things easier and simpler for people to get interacted with people.

What is the number of friends can be made on Pokemon?

Well, the maximum stretch of the list of this can be done by 200 and people can really enjoy it. But once you reach this limit you will have to remove some people from your list if you are willing to add some new ones. However, you can meet many others here and get connected with them. There are other ways too with which you can find the connection. Pokemon gives you a limit of 200 people and rests you will have to remove.

Level of friendship

Pokemon has got popularity for two reasons that here not only games are interesting but it has also interesting ways of making friends. Now the question is how many friends can you have on pokemon go? It also increases your Friendship level and there are also five different levels and it also helps people. You can battle with friends, trading and even send gifts and exchange gifts in a great way for increasing your Friendship levels. It also gives extra bonuses such as Battle Boosts or Premier Balls. On the other hand, it is also giving a way to do this and doing lots of fun activity.

Is Snorlax Good in Pokemon Go?

Have you heard this name Snorlax? If you have played this game then you would have surely heard about it. Snorlax is a pure normal type and it has its own weakness and strength. So it has one weakness and that is fighting types. It also pairs with natural immunity with a CP and it is known for reaching more than 3,000 and this also includes defence and this would be 169 and it has also max health of 272. However, it is also one of the best characters which is the part of the discussion and it also one of appreciated character in the game.

About Niantic Pokemon Go Trading  

Yes, Pokemon Go trading is really a wonderful captivating feature and the best part of it that it is very simple. In this, you would just require a friend who could get involved with you in trading. There are several trades; it gives you different ways to play ad get indulge with. The best part of it is that you can get lucky Pokemon and you will even get good features. So if you are taking tension about investing in trading then common you need not take worry because it would not take any investment in trading. how many lucky friends can you have on pokemon go?

The best feature of Niantic Pokemon Go trading evolution

Well, yes, it has lots of good features but the best one is candy. In the game, there will be lost of candies to grow and move ahead in the game and it will be fun on the other hand. There are several games which would require excessive candies. If you have not checked the latest version of the pokemon goes and check that that is also so very interesting and quite entertaining. You will have lots of ways to collect candies and even evolve that. how many lucky friends can you have on pokemon go?

There will be even bonus candy and that would also be full of fun and love. Trainers also receive a bonus of candy when trainers start trading and there will be the possibility of HP and CP then you would get reroll for your Pokemon. It will also be fun to do and so you can try it once and enjoy having a good time.

What would you need for Niantic Pokemon Go trading

However, before playing this game, there is even a need for a few things and those things are really so necessary. So in this game, you would require 10 player minimum. Also if you want to trade with any person then you would require a friend in the game (Pokemon Go). Do you know that trading requires 100 meters and it also got updated in 2020?

What fun is this game?

Well, there are lots of funs in this game and it is full of encouragement and enjoyment. At first, you need to understand a few things then you can understand its needs and requirement. When you understand it’s basic then you can go and play along with your friend.

Ways to make Pokemon Go friends

You need to go and visit the trainer section in the game and then find friends tab. The next step would click on ‘add friends’, there you find out a ‘Trainer code’. You will get 12 digit serial numbers and you can also share this code with anyone on any platform.

Also, you can also get a trainer code from another person. This game is actually full of fun and there are lots of things which would bring interest and fun and increasing friendship level in Pokémon Go is one of them. You can also participate and battle with another one. You can also go and raid together and there will be other options such as trading. The best deal you will get here is no investment in trading. 


This game is pretty easy and simple and it is on the other hand full of fun where you can make lots of new friends and increase the number of your friends. So the process is so easy and simple and it would just take your minute and you can easily understand this game and its all features. So go and play this game and enjoy your time. I hope you can get the answer to how many lucky friends can you have on pokemon go.

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