How to choose the right nicotine strength?

How to choose the right nicotine strength?


Are you planning to replace smoking cigarettes with personal vaporizers and e-cigs? Then this guide is for you. Nowadays, choosing the right nicotine strength is the key to saying goodbye to smoking.

Nicotine is a chemical compound commonly found in the tobacco plant. Nonetheless, the combination is an alkaloid. Nicotine is traceable in aubergine, potatoes, and tomatoes in small amounts. For instance, if you were to compare one gram of tobacco and aubergine, you will find that 1gram of tobacco contains 20mg of nicotine while 1 gram of aubergine control 0.0001mg of aubergine.

Furthermore, it is good for you to know having too much nicotine makes you not enjoy vaping, and too little can result in going back to smoking. When you choose the wrong strength, you might get nicotine sickness. That is why in this guide, we will discuss

• How to choose nicotine strength

• Things you should consider when choosing a nicotine level

How to select the nicotine strength

Are you a new vaper, and do you know nicotine consumed without smoke is not a health risk? The best nicotine strength should keep you away from smoking cigarettes. There are two significant factors you must consider when you are selecting the right nicotine strength.

• The type of device you are planning to use

• Your smoking habits

#1. The type of device you plan to use

The type of device you will use is equally important. For instance, when using c-cigarettes and convectional vape, these devices have a slender design and are small in size. As a result, they are best used to select nicotine strength and match your tobacco usage.

Furthermore, more powerful devices such as vaporizer pens have a vape tank and require e-liquids with lower strength. Also, these devices are more robust and use a higher amount of vape juice in one sitting.

 That is why when you use an e-cig, you will use 1 ml of vape juice per sitting. But a vaporizer uses up to four times that amount per session unless you adjust it.

#2. Your smoking habits

It is suitable for you to know that you probably fall in a lower range of each suggestion if you don’t smoke occasionally. But those who smoke 10-20 cigarettes each day are in the middle. However, those who smoke more than a pack are in a higher range.

When selecting the best nicotine strength for your body, use these suggestions as your starting point. However, the suggestions should not be a limitation if you want to try out higher nicotine strengths.

The following is an equivalent guide that will give you a clear idea of your nicotine strength needs.

• 0 mg- not an ex-smoker

• 6 mg and below-light smokers; This group consumes half a pack or less daily.

• 6 mg to 11 mg- average smokers; This group consumes between half a pack and a whole pack daily.

• 18 mg -for people who smoke more than a packet of cigarettes

• 24 mg- heavy chain smokers; this group smokes more than two packs daily.

• 36 mg-the most robust nicotine strength in the market

It is also crucial you go through the details of each form of e-liquid you are considering using. Two types of e-liquid are available in the market: Nic salts and freebase. Nic salts quickly absorb nicotine in the bloodstream while freebase produces more vapor and allows you to vape for long.

 However, if you are not a smoker, try the 0 mg e-liquids, nicotine-free. But in case you are an ex-smoker, vaping will help you reduce the nicotine level over time. That is why it is recommendable for an ex-smoker to start with 11mg -16mg.

Things you should consider when choosing a nicotine level

 When you select your ideal level of nicotine well, vaping will be enjoyable. That is why you should assess your smoking habits and the type of smoker that suits you prior. The following are some of the things you should consider.

#1. Check out your old smoking habit.

If you are an ex-smoker, it is best to go for a nicotine level that rivals your old cigarettes use. If you are a light smoker, you may opt for a lower concentration, but heavy chain smokers may prefer a higher nicotine concentration.

#2. Taste and throat hit

When you go for a higher strength nicotine level, most likely, you will experience throat hits and harsher taste. It is advisable to go for a lower concentration if you want to share a smoother vaping experience.

#3. Vaping frequency

If you are that person who wants to vape for a long, then you should avoid a strong nicotine level.


It’s good to note that vaping should be done with caution even though it is not harmful like smoking cigarettes. However, when you use the above guide appropriately, you will ultimately know the amount of nicotine you should consume per puff.

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