Don’t Let a Bad Name Sink Your Business – Business Name Ideas

Don’t Let a Bad Name Sink Your Business – Business Name Ideas

5 Things to Avoid When Naming Your Business. How to come up with a Business Name? how to trademark a business name? Best business name ideas to follow in 2021. One of the crucial steps when you start a new business is creating a catchy and unique name. This name will be the cornerstone of your future branding initiatives and will define other business name search aspects, such as your logo and domain name.

Many entrepreneurs spent a considerable amount of time and resources searching for a fitting name for their business. But how effective is this name for your business’s growth and success?

This article will try to answer this question by identifying several benefits of having a good name. We will also look at five things to avoid when naming your business.

The Importance of Your Business Name

Before you choose your brand name, it is essential to understand why having good branding is crucial to your business’s success. Here are some benefits you might get by coming up with a strong name.

Having a unique business name can make you stand out from your competition. It helps you establish an identity that your customers will associate with your products and services. 

Even when you offer the same type of product as your competitors, a good name can help you to attract more attention.

how to come up with a business name

The trick is to pick a unique name that represents what your brand has to offer. However, avoid choosing something that might limit your business potential. For example, a name like Howard’s Stove Repair Service may be too specific and might hinder future expansions.

Increase Memorability

A catchy brand name can help people remember your business more easily. When you successfully make connections between your brand name and its characteristics, people will remember your brand when talking about a specific product.

Increase Memorability

RipCurl is an example where the brand represents the overall vibes of challenge and excitement of surfing, which played a big part in becoming the industry leader.

Create a Lasting Impression

A unique and strong business name can leave a lasting impression on people. When your customers receive high-quality products and excellent service, they will associate these positive interactions with your brand name.

 Lasting Impression

When done correctly, your business name may help your company build credibility and gain trust from potential customers.

Crowdspring’s brand awareness statistics reported that 77% of consumers use brand names when referring to specific objects. For example, brands such as Jet Ski, Jacuzzi, and Zipper leave a strong impression in people’s minds that they use these brands as general terms.

Improve Search Engine Visibility

Considering the constant growth of e-commerce in the last few years, search engine visibility has become an important factor when creating a business name. In 2020, Semrush reported that around 57% of all traffic in e-commerce is direct, and around 26% coming from search engines.

Because of that, ensuring that your brand name is easy and simple to type into a search engine is important – it can positively affect the traffic to your website.

Work as Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Since 92% of individuals trust word-of-mouth recommendations, having a strong brand with a good reputation can be the key to growing your business further. If customers feel satisfied with their interaction with your business, they will start recommending you to their peers.

how to name a business

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With a well-crafted name, your business’s reputation will improve more effectively and quickly through your customers’ recommendations.

Drive Sales

As your business name leaves a lasting impression on people, improves your reputation, and drives more traffic to your website, it will eventually lead to increased sales and profit. Since this is the ultimate goal of your business, it gives you more reason to have a strong brand name.

A business with a weak name might miss out on the opportunity to get discovered by potential customers and get fewer sales and profit. So, we are trying to answer how to trademark a business name.

5 Things to Avoid When Naming Your Business or how to come up with a business name

Besides understanding what makes a good brand name, it is also important to know the characteristics of the bad ones. To help you with that, here are five things to avoid when naming your business.

Hard to Say or Spell

When you build a business, having people struggle to say or spell your business name can be a significant hindrance. If people find it hard to simply pronounce or write your brand name, nobody will remember it. This may cause confusion which negatively affects your brand awareness.

how to trademark a brand name

Try to choose something short and simple – it will be easier to remember, and people will not have a hard time pronouncing and writing it.

Having a business name that follows current trends might sound good at first, but remember that trends and fads come and go easily. For example, naming a stationery shop Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen might be good in 2016, but it is a dated reference today.

If you want your business to stay relevant for a long time, avoid associating your business name search with something that may limit its potential to grow in the future.

Copying Competitor Names

Researching your competitors’ names is essential to avoid confusion and make sure that you have something unique. This is especially important when you run a business with a highly saturated market. 

You would not want your competitors’ websites to come up when people search for your business on Google. Because of that, take your time to do thorough research and make sure the name you choose is unique. so how to trademark a business name which prevent from plagiarism.

Too Much Insider Knowledge

Sometimes you may get tempted to use a name containing meaning or information that only makes sense to you and your colleagues. However, you should avoid it if it doesn’t convey any meaning to your customers.

Remember that your primary focus should be on your potential customers. Therefore, create a name representing your company’s values and characteristics so people can understand your brand better. It’s okay to include some personal meanings, but don’t leave your customers in the dark.

Being Too Descriptive

While your business name should help people understand what you do, being too descriptive can be counterproductive. A descriptive name tends to be longer and less catchy. This may obscure your brand behind its competitors.

business name ideas

Some great brand name examples include DocuSign, Shopify, and LegalZoom. These names convey enough information and characteristics while still being simple and catchy.


A business name plays an essential role in your overall branding initiatives. The name can influence your future marketing strategies because it will represent your company’s visions and characteristics. Therefore, one should put effort when choosing a name for their brand.

In this article, we have learned six reasons why having a good brand name is important for your business’s success, and how to come up with a business name including:

  • Establishing your identity
  • Increasing memorability
  • Making a lasting impression
  • Improving search engine visibility
  • Working as word-of-mouth marketing
  • Driving sales

We also looked at five common mistakes people make when naming their business. This may help you know what to avoid during your brainstorming sessions.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand the importance of naming your business correctly and how to choose the right brand name that fits your company. We hope you can get an idea about the question how to trademark a business name?

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