Raw Honey vs Regular: Is There a Difference? Buy Honey Online

Raw Honey vs Regular: Is There a Difference? Buy Honey Online

Where to buy honey online? What is the difference b/w Raw Honey vs Regular? Raw Honey and its Benefits. Things that you must know before buying honey.

Honey is nature’s miracle food and is bestowed upon humans as one of the natural ways to protect and heal the body from small and minor infections. Honey is found in nature in beehives and is a by-product of bees’ digestive process and their bee hiving process. A single beehive can have several pounds of honey but most of it is usually filtered out in the process removing the hive matter and the dust and other components behind it.

Buy honey online, if looking for Raw Honey, as it is the closest to natural honey that is found in the beehives; and is highly nutritious and beneficial for the body. Raw honey is different from regular honey that can be found in bottles packaged; and sold by different brands in local supermarkets. There is a stark difference between the two as one is highly nurturing for the body whereas the other, not so much.

What is Raw Honey vs Regular?

Regular honey is the honey that is extracted from beehives; and is highly processed in a way that it is manufactured, repacked, and sold in a supermarket. But this honey has no health benefits and may in fact be harmful to health. The reason why regular honey is cheaper and more easily found than raw honey; is due to the fact that obtaining honey is a hard and lengthy process.

To make a single bottle of a regular-sized honey jar; there is a need to harvest honey from no less than 10 medium-sized beehives. This is because of the fact that each beehive is different and holds a different quantity of honey. Also, the honey that is obtained contains a lot of organic matter; which news to be filtered out which takes away a lot of the quantity. Honey is quite difficult to harvest in the first place and even more so now; as bees in several countries face extinction.

Regular honey has many characteristics and flaws which makes it inferior to raw honey such as:

  • However, Regular honey is highly purified which removes some of the most important organic matter which is beneficial for health
  • Regular honey is golden and light in color, almost viscous but more fluid in nature
  • Most brands that make regular honey highly adulterate the honey with the sugar syrup; chemicals, and water to increase its yield and improve its taste
  • It is very sweet and looks pristine, therefore most customers assume this is the real form of honey
  • It has a see-through, clear luminosity which is not a rait for raw honey

Raw Honey and its Benefits

Raw honey is unlike regular honey in many ways. It has organic material which is left behind by the bees that make it natural and easily absorbed in the body. When you buy honey online, this filtered but non-processed form of honey is especially great for the body; as it has no chemicals and adulterants and is closest to the pure honey found in nature. There are some distinct features of raw honey such as:

  • Thick texture
  • Blurry consistency
  • Contains organic material – bee pollen and propolis
  • Has a different taste


Raw honey has great health benefits as well such as healing wounds, improving immunity, improving digestion, correcting cough; and cold symptoms prevent cellular damage from free radicals, and are packed with antioxidants. It is a perfect sugar substitute as well. So after reading this you can get an idea about Raw Honey vs Regular.

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