How to Do Screen Recording on Windows 10/ 11

 How to Do Screen Recording on Windows 10/ 11

If you have been using Windows 10 for a long time or have updated to Windows 11, you will find it a good choice to find the best options to help you in terms of the best screen recording. Build-in Xbox Game Bar and the Microsoft Stream  are excellent choices for recording screens on Windows 11.

Let us check out the two powerful screen recording options available on Windows 10 and 11. In addition, you can find an alternative method of screen recording on Windows 11 using a third-party screen recording program. 

How to Use Xbox Game Bar to Record Screen

Built into both Windows 10 and 11, the Windows Xbox game bar has been known to be a great option that you would find quite unique in more ways than one. It has a lot of features that include having a look into your CPU and GPU activity on your computer. It also provides you with quick access to your Xbox. The most useful feature that you would find impressive can include the ability to record your screen. 

How to record screen using the Xbox game bar? Follow the steps here below.

Step 1. Open the Xbox Game Bar

Launch the app that you want to record. There is not much you need to set up when it comes to recording. You will be able to begin recording with ease and simple steps. 

Screen Recording

If you are using Xbox Game Bar for the first time, you will need to press Win+G on your keyboard at the same time to activate the program. In the notification that pops up, check “This is a game” 

Step 2. Start Recording 

To begin recording, you can simply press the key combination of Win + Alt + R. This will open a small recording window. You can begin working on the app, and the screen will be recorded in the background. 

Screen Recording

Step 3. Stop Recording 

To stop recording, press the key combination of Win+ Alt + R once again. The recording will stop. You can also click on the stop button on the recording widget to stop recording. 

Screen Recording

The recorded video will be saved in the gallery section of the Gamebar app. You should also find the MP4 file under the Videos and captures folder. 

How to Use Microsoft Stream Screen Recorder

The Microsoft Stream screen recording feature is web-based, very easy to use and saves video to stream.  You would just need your camera and microphone, and nothing else is needed for the screen recording functionality. Screen recording with Stream is perfect for recording courses, lectures and quick tip videos. Microsoft Stream is one of the excellent options to help you in terms of creating powerful screen recordings.  

How to record a screen using Microsoft Stream? Following are the steps involved in how to record a screen using Microsoft Stream.

Step 1.  Record the Screen

Simply click on the Record button to begin recording your screen. Select the content that you want to record. It can be the entire screen, a part of the screen or an application window. Once you have selected the area, click on Share. If you want to include audio in your recording, click on Share audio. 

microsoft stream screen recorder

Step 2. Review the Recording 

Once the recording has been completed, click on Play to review your recording. You can record again by pressing the Record button and trying again. Once you are comfortable, you can click on Upload to Stream to upload your video recording. 

Screen Recording

Step 3. Upload the screen recording 

Once you have clicked on the Upload to Stream button to begin uploading the recording, it will start the upload process. You can manage and monitor the upload in several ways. You can monitor the uploading process and fill in the description for the video, such as name, duration, description of the events, and language, to name a few. 

Screen Recording

Once the upload is complete, you can decide to Publish or share the video. You can even trim the video if you want to. 

How to Do Personalized Screen Recording on Windows 11

Windows 11 offers some good default options for screen recording, but there can be some limitations. As a versatile screen recorder, RecForth screen recorder is designed for tutorial makers, video makers, and YouTubers. The different modes can better match your screen recording needs, making it easier to record screens on Windows 11.

The below is the detailed steps about how to screen record on Windows 11 via RecForth screen recorder.

Step 1. Get RecForth for Free  

Download RecForth from Microsoft Store and wait for its successful installation on your Windows device. Click the RecForth icon to open it and enter the main page.

Screen Recording

Step 2.  Set up for Screen Recording

Select a recording mode (Full Screen, Custom Area, Window), and then configure the recording options according to your needs. You can record screen and audio along with the webcam when the webcam and microphone are turned on.

Screen Recording

The menu bar at the bottom of the main screen only provides some relevant settings, but you can get more advanced settings on the Settings page. You can set a timer, output file save location, shortcut keys, or customize pointer click effect, video resolution, FPS on the Settings page.

Step 3. Capture the Screen with RecForth

Tap the red Record button, RecForth will start capturing anything you like on the Windows screen after a countdown. You should note that you can pause or resume the recording at any time during the recording, just tap the corresponding button on the floating panel.

Screen Recording

Once you are done recording, click the red Stop button. Then you can then review the recording in your local folder.

To sum it up

Well, those were a couple of ways that you can use to record screen on Windows 11  with simple and easier steps.  While you may be able to use the built-in or default options to help you record your screen, third-party screen recording programs will give you a more high-end screen recording experience. So don’t hesitate and give RecForth a try.

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