How to Merge PDF: Easy Guide on Boosting Productivity

How to Merge PDF: Easy Guide on Boosting Productivity

Don’t know how to merge PDF and why? Check out this article to find out all its benefits and learn how to merge PDF files online like a pro.

Merge PDF Online to Increase Your Work Efficiency

The PDF format provides you with many powerful tools and allows you to work with multiple documents simultaneously by combining them into one file. Read below to find out why it might be necessary and how to do it.

Why Merging PDF Files Is Useful in the Professional World?

Having software that allows you to merge a PDF can have many benefits. This feature can be necessary both in a professional environment and in everyday life.

Organize all your files efficiently

Document management is one of the main reasons why you might want to merge PDF online. Combine several documents with the same subject, such as contracts or invoices, into one PDF file to find the information you need faster.

Save the space

PDFs can store not only texts but also images, photos, tables, and other “large” media files. PDF merging allows you to reduce the overall size of data. It both frees up space on your device and allows you to share documents with other users easily.

Compatible with multiple platforms

Your workflow might involve many participants with various devices and platforms. Combining different files into one PDF ensures that the original formatting is preserved and all recipients have access to the stored data.

Convenient file sharing

Instead of sending a hundred different files and wondering if all of them will reach the recipients, merge a PDF file online and don’t worry about sending them. Moreover, in this way, you reduce the total size of materials sent, which allows you to comply with the requirements of instant messengers and document exchange platforms.

Fast print

PDF merge online tools are also handy if you need to print documents. Instead of sending files for printing one by one, you can combine them into a single PDF. It helps you save time and avoid mistakes.

Privacy and security

PDF is used ubiquitously in the workflow because it is one of the most reliable and secure formats. It is convenient since all changes in the original document are easy to track. You can also protect your saved data with a password so that only those with access can view or modify it.

Necessary for a few occupations

The advantages of merged PDF files described above are essential for many professions. For example, lawyers and attorneys can collect different materials on cases and topics into single files. Typography professionals use PDFs to preserve formatting when printing books or magazines. Insurers, real estate agents, educators, accountants, and other professionals will also appreciate the benefits of such a tool.

Smartphone friendly

Combined PDF documents can be opened without problems, even on portable devices. You can send or receive and read files in this format on any smartphone or tablet.

How to Merge PDF Files With PDFLiner

You can easily merge PDF pages if you have a handy tool. PDFLiner will help you combine multiple files into one in just a few clicks. Follow our simple instructions:

  1. Download the first file. Start by selecting the desired PDF, PNG, or JPEG file on your device and uploading it to the platform. Click the “Upload Document” button or simply drag and drop the desired document into the central field. You can also browse our form and template library and pick any available file from it.
How to Merge PDF
  1. Open page settings. After uploading the first document, you will be taken to the editor. In the upper left corner, find the “Page Settings” button to bring up a pop-up window with an additional set of features.
How to Merge PDF
  1. Select the desired tool. In the new window, on the top panel, pick the “Merge” tool. Please note that you can also swap pages, delete sheets, and split the downloaded document into several new ones.
How to Merge PDF
  1. Add files. After clicking on the “Merge” button, you will get another pop-up window with access to the files saved on your device. You can also use any other documents you previously created with PDFLiner and saved them in your account. Choose the desired file to add to the first PDF.
How to Merge PDF
  1. Modify the document. If you only need part of the information from the downloaded files, you can remove some of the pages that are not required at the moment. Check the box for each such sheet and click “Delete.” You can also change the order to structure the document better.
  2. Save changes. When you’re done customizing the pages, click “Apply” to save your changes.
How to Merge PDF

Continue working with the created document using other tools of this PDF merger. You can save the final version in your account or download it to your device, send it to recipients, and print it.

The Wrap Up

Combining multiple PDFs into one file has many benefits for any activity. Use the PDFLiner editor and this short guide to experience them all by yourself.

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