How to Register a Company in the Netherlands?

How to Register a Company in the Netherlands?

“Do not wait for the opportunities, get up and create them in your way.” If you want to start your business, start it in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has a robust economy, open-mindedness and thriving culture, making it perfect for business success. Whether you want to open a retail shop/online business, register your company with The Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands for a great success. 

So, how to register a company in the Netherlands? Scroll down and get the answers to your questions!

Step-by-Step Guide to Register a Company in the Netherlands

To register your company in the Netherlands, follow the following steps:

Check out Your Visa Status 

For setting up a company in the Netherlands, you must have a Dutch/EU nationality and your company must be registered with KVK. You will also need a start-up visa, stay visa, or residence permit to get work permits in the Netherlands. However, if you are non-EU citizens, explore EU Blue Card, DAFT visa, or the HSM visa options. Besides these, the other requirements are;

  • Legal representative or a board of directors 
  • Company name & address 
  • Draft articles of association 
  • At least one shareholder 
  • An accountant 

Select a Company Form

Next, select your desired company form and business’ holding structure. Holding structure includes your personal holding (tax, legal, and personal wealth benefits) and operating company that is running the business. After this, register your company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK) including:

  • Public/private limited company 
  • An sole proprietor
  • General/limited partnership 
  • Foundation
  • Professional partnership 
  • Association with notarial deed 
  • Cooperative and mutual insurance society

Moreover, you must register with KVK one week before/after starting your business, avoiding the need to visit KVK again and again.

Find Your Business’ Address

You must register your company at a Dutch address in the Netherlands, meaning your company’s office address must be an actual office address and not a virtual address. You can also register your company at your home address and it can be proven via rental contract, ownership title, or BSN registration. After registration, you will get your RSIN, registration, turnover tax, payroll tax, and VAT ID number.

Gather all Your Documents

After this, you need to verify your identification. For this, you need to provide a copy of your passport, utility bill, and TIN number. You also need to register your business with ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs). 

Decide on the Nominal Share Capital of the B.V.

The founding shareholders pay up the nominal share capital of your BV into your company at incorporation. It refers to the limited/personal liability amount. Each country has a significant amount as in 2012, the limited amount was EUR 18,000 in the Netherlands. Most people choose a nominal share value of EUR 0,01/1 and a share capital of 120 shares, allowing them to divide their share capital in 6 equal shareholders. 

Choose Your Company’s Incorporation Specialist

If you want to set up a BV in the Netherlands, you also need a Dutch notary. If you want to incorporate 100% online, reach out to incorporation specialists and register your BV at the Company Registry (KVK).

Create Your Bank Account

Create a corporate bank account for your BV. Your BV does not require a Dutch bank account. You can also use foreign banks such as, Revolut, or N26. After having  your bank account, pay up the nominal share capital of your company.

Register with Social Security and File Your Taxes

After creating a bank account, register with the Dutch social security and provide information about your employees and company such as their dates of birth, addresses, and names. Next, file your taxes by registering with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. These taxes depend on the type of your company; moreover ensure your all documents are up-to date. 

Choose the Right Guidance

Finally, select the right guidance to set up and run your business smoothly in the Netherlands. So, choose a reliable, trustworthy, and authentic Dutch company for professional guidance. The Dutch company will also handle all your administrative tasks and take care of your responsibilities efficiently.

The Verdict

Starting and registering a business in the Netherlands will help you achieve your business goals smoothly and take your company to greater heights. Follow each step to register your company in the Netherlands efficiently and consult a reliable Dutch company for the right guidance. The Dutch company will handle your necessary paperwork and administrative tasks, taking care of your responsibilities carefully. 

So what are you waiting for? Run and register your business in the Netherlands without worry and complexity right now!

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