In 2020, Is It Still Useful to Take CCNA / CCIE Exam?

In 2020, Is It Still Useful to Take CCNA / CCIE Exam?

Whether CCNA / CCIE is worthwhile, depends on you. It’s a personal decision you have to make by yourselves before you spend time and money on these Cisco Certifications click here 

The salary of CCIE is high, but so are many other certificates. But this certificate is a Technical Engineer Level Certification for workers with experience in the IT industry. Pay attention to this, It is for those people with work experience~

Cisco Certification System is divided into five levels. CCENT<CCNA<CCNP<CCIE<CCAR. What you ask are the second and fourth levels. Well, I’ll give you a brief answer to your concerns. I hope I can help you. Thumbs up if you like it.

Here Are Some of the Reasons Why It’s WorthwhileorWhy It’s not.

  1. Input and Output: first of all, we need to invest the expensive cost of CCIE – the cost of CCIE Lab is USD 1,800 + the cost of Written Examination is USD 450. If you want to work in the third tier cities in your hometown, and pursue stability and self-sufficiency,in this case, the CCNA / CCNP Test is enough, and it is easy to find the corresponding jobs in the corresponding cities. Also, If you take a CCIEer to apply for the position of low-level Internet bar network management with a salary of USD 500-600 a month, is it worthwhile?

2) CCIE TestDifficulty: no one can guarantee to pass CCIE Skill Test at a time. However, If the version is changed in the process of preparing for the CCIE Examination, it will greatly reduce the pass rate of the examination.

3) CCIE is useless for those who don’t keep learning. This is a developing industry. It is necessary to master the current mainstream technology in real-time so as not to be eliminated by society. The field of Cisco’s Technology Application is innovating, CCIEer needs to keep learning.

Cisco’s Technology Application :

1) If the companies provide training opportunities or reimbursement of examination fees, of course, you can take the examination( However, according to the feedback of the students, you may have to bear the examination fee on its own if you fail.)

2) CCIE can be used as a threshold for recruitment. Also, We can see the latest recruitment released by the manager in charge of Cisco coordinated by SPOTO.

SPOTO: SPOTO collates and shares the positions that Cisco is looking for in the near future. Cisco Job Recruitment is fresh and updated on February 21st.

3) The treatment of CCIE is not bad. Also, If you are already in management and you have an annual salary of one million, please skip it.

4) Take CCIE Test to recharge your faith. Also, If you have money, beauty, and technology, Why not have an IE certificate to make you better? However, its number is unique in the world and CCIE is the best certificate in the network industry.

5) If you are engaged in overseas-related industry development, and have English, Japanese, and another second or third language, test it!!!

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