Best Internal Link Building Strategy in Just 3 Steps:

Best Internal Link Building Strategy in Just 3 Steps:

What is Internal Linking?

Internal links are links that go from one page on a domain to another page on the same domain. Internal linking is a part of on-page Seo strategy. It’s helpful for Google because you can essentially tell Google, how to crawl or how to move through your website effectively. It’s also beneficial for your users because if you’ve got content pieces

That is related, you’re able to improve the user experience, by sending users to relevant pages on your website. Regarding that particular topic, which they were just reading

So the question is how should we implement internal links as part of our Seo strategy? Using generic anchor text so don’t use anchor text like, here or click here for instance because that’s not adding relevancy, in terms of your internal linking.

  • Such links are used for navigation.
  • They establish an information hierarchy for the given website.
  • They increase ranking power around websites.

I’ve got different internal links to other service pages just to make that Distinction, as well as helping users on the site, who are reading this content to be able to see different services that i offer. And also I’ve got different anchor texts linking back to my home page.

Internal linking strategy

If you don’t have a good website architecture if you don’t have the right internal links in place. Then chances are you’re not going to see good results with SEO and all the other hard work you do with content, with keyword research, with onsite optimization. It’s not going to help that much if you don’t have an internal link building structure in place to help grow your site. So with that, let me teach you my three-step blueprint.

Step No.1

Now, the first step is downloading and installs a Word Press program to add related posts to your site. And this will automatically add links all across your site so that all of a sudden, you’ve got at least three internal links on every single page on your website.

Now this is just the first stage of the blueprint, okay? But it’s a quick win. It’s is pretty much the 80, 20 rule when it comes to internal link building. So it’s going to get 80% of the results with 20% of the work. And it takes a couple of minutes to download and install this. So once you get this plugin, you install it. Do you set how many related posts you want on each page? what this will do basically is for every single article on your site? This will add three related posts at the bottom of the page.

So all of a sudden you’ve got internal links to so many more pages on your site. Now, this isn’t a perfect method and that’s why you need the other two steps in this blueprint. But what it will do is help kick start your internal link building and how improves your website’s architecture asap.

Step No.2

Step number two is to install a plugin called Link Whisper. This is a very powerful plugin that you can use to quickly figure out, right, which pages need more internal links? Where all your internal links and minutes, and how can you filter Link Juice to your most important links?

So for example, you can also see the balance of internal versus external links here, right? So you can click between those. Then also what you can do is check your internal links on this page, and this will give you a breakdown of, you know, which pages you have on your website. when they were published, the number of inbound internal links, the number of outbound internal links, and also the number of outbound external links.

So you can scroll through the list and it has a page, it has no outbound internal links and it definitely needs some. So I need to add some more there. Same for this page, you know, it has a few internal links, but it actually doesn’t have any outbound internal links. So I need to add more there too. As you scroll down, you can see quickly which pages need more internal links, internally and externally and outbound.

Then also what you can do is set up auto link-building. I actually don’t really use this feature, but you can do that. If you automatically want to link certain keywords to certain pages, then you can do by just adding keywords here. So it’s a very powerful tool.

Now, if we click on Link Whisper again and go to the orphan post section. Now, this is important because, if you have some pages on your site with no internal links, then they’re pretty much orphaned. There’s no way for Google to search through your site and to quickly crawl which pages have internal links. So these are known as orphaned pages and it’s a bad practice really. So you can imagine that my site, for example, it requires a lot more internal links to the pages that don’t have any yet.

And eventually what you want to do is have a website with no orphan links because you know, you want your whole website and your internal architecture to be very connected, to be easy for Google to crawl and to make sure that Google understands exactly which pages are the most important for your site.

If you were trying to do this manually, it would take so much time and it would be very difficult. That’s the way Link Whisper is such a powerful plugin for Word Press. So I would definitely recommend it. It doesn’t really cost that much per month and it will save you hours of frustration. So it’s definitely worth it. And then what you can do is you can explore all the orphan links you have on your website, give it to your VA, and then your virtual assistant could go off and add all the internal links to the orphan pages.

Step No.3

Now, the third and final step is to go in and manually add internal links where necessary on your pages across your site, okay. And the thing is when you use Link Whisper or you use a Word Press plugin, sure these are fantastic tools, but at the same time, they’re not perfect and that’s why you need to manually add some internal links yourself. So this could be on the footer, on the navigation, across your articles.

You have to remember here that when it comes to internal link building, you try to indicate to Google what the most important pages on your site are.

So obviously if you have money pages, if you have sales pages, if you have view articles or any sort of pages that make money for your site, then you want to internally link to those as much as possible. Simply because it’ll funnel or authority and Link Juice towards the pages that are most important for your site, and when you do this, you’re going to drive more traffic and more money to the pages that matter most.

And also, it’s not just search engine traffic that’s going to be directed here. If you can make your website so that it funnels all of your traffic to your money pages. Well, that works not just for SEO, but for people coming up social media, other sources of traffic and it basically turns your website into a money-making funnel.

Manually Internal Linking:

Now, the other thing is well, that you want to manually add links to the pages you’re building backlinks to, okay. so when you’re building backlinks and using off-page SEO to get links to your site, this funnels Link Juice, AKA authority from other websites to your pages, right?

what you can do is then filter that Link Juice to other pages on your site so that they rank higher and they have more authority and the best way to do this is with internal link building. So go for all the pages that you’re building links to right now and identify where you can add internal links, what pages you need to add those links too, and basically map out the best ways to funnel authority from other sites to yours. Because if you do that, your money pages are going to rank higher on Google and that means your website’s going to make more profit.


So thanks for reading guys. I hope you enjoyed this interesting article on internal linking. By the way, I do have a link building agency. So if you’re interested in building more backlinks to your site, if you want to grow your site with SEO and you want to improve your off-page SEO and on-page SEO so that you rank higher in Google, then feel free to get in touch.

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