Is it really safe to play slots if based in New Zealand?

Is it really safe to play slots if based in New Zealand?

Playing free no deposit slots UK is a whole lot of fun, but do you know what is even more fun? Playing slots safely! In New Zealand, the gambling laws can get a little bit confusing; and this leads many people to wonder whether it’s really safe to play slots in New Zealand. Don’t panic – we’ve got the answers, so read on to find out more! We’re going to be taking a look at:

– Land-based slots

– Online gambling laws

– Playing safely on offshore slot sites

Legality of Slots in New Zealand

One of the most important things behind safely enjoying slots is making sure that it’s legal in the first place! You’ll be happy to hear that playing slots is 100% legal when it comes to land-based casinos and arcades, so you really can enjoy these without having to worry. Just look after your finances and you’ll be good to go. However, online gambling is actually illegal in most cases if based in New Zealand; so you should always avoid any site that claims to be a New Zealand slot site!

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy online slots safely in this country – playing at offshore sites (sites that are based in other countries) is totally legal. With that being said, this means that they are not regulated by the gambling laws of New Zealand; so you will have to ensure you are playing them safely. Let’s investigate how to do this.

Enjoying Offshore Slots Safely

As we mentioned, offshore slot sites are totally legal to play in New Zealand; however, they are unregulated and therefore are not necessarily safe. This can mean a variety of things:

– The site may not include safety features such as deposit limitations

– You may be encouraged to chase your losses

– The odds of winning on a slot may be deceiving 

The regulatory bodies within New Zealand will always ensure that these things are taken care of; but if you are playing at a slot site based in another country, you can’t guarantee that this will be the case! Don’t worry though – as long as you do your research on each website and game; practice safe money management, and verify the security of payment methods, you should be good to go. Just use a bit of common sense and if things look fishy, it’s probably best to look elsewhere. 

The Verdict

Overall, slot games really can be enjoyed safely in New Zealand as long as you are aware of what you are playing! If you’re playing land-based slots then you won’t encounter any problems; but if you want to play online then the offshore slot sites available can sometimes be less safe. Just ensure that you use your common sense, and always do your research; and you can still have tons of safe fun whilst playing online. Most importantly, if the funs stops then it’s time to take a break from the slots!

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