How to Play Dragon Tiger Online at a Casino

How to Play Dragon Tiger Online at a Casino

One very cool thing about live online casino that most people tend to ignore in favor of more exciting benefits such as super-fun video slots and lucrative deposit rewards is the fact that due to their inherently global position, online casino has made classic casino gambling games from other countries a lot more accessible. Beforehand, for example, you couldn’t expect to enter a Las Vegas casino and play a niche Chinese gambling game, but nowadays anything is possible! What is Dragon Tiger and How to play it? Dragon Tiger is a bit like a two-card version of baccarat and has many similarities with it.

If you want proof of this just consider the emerging popularity of Dragon Tiger, a type of casino game that has its roots in Far East Asia in particular. Before online casinos it would have been harder for people in the western gambling world to play this game, however, nowadays it is available for everybody to try. Anyhow, keep reading for a run-through of what Dragon Tiger is, and how to play it at online casinos. 

Online gambling: A whole new world 

Online gambling has well and truly unlocked a whole new world of gambling entertainment to the masses; there is just no arguing with this. Whilst online gambling existed in the 1990s, it was still incredibly simple, and the lack of relevant computing power; as well as widely available high-speed connections hampered its progress in the early days. 

Nowadays there are hundreds, if not thousands, of times more online gamblers than there are land-based gamblers, which is fascinating when you consider the fact that the online casino industry has only been around for the last two decades. 

What is Dragon Tiger? 

We could go on about the remarkable development of online casinos until the cows come home; but now it’s time to explore the main point of this article – Dragon Tiger. What is it? Well, as most gambling experts will tell you, Dragon Tiger is a bit like a two-card version of baccarat and has many similarities with it. Originally created in Cambodia, however, it has a slightly different flavor to traditional baccarat. 

The action basically revolves around guessing who has the higher card, either the Dragon or Tiger.

How to play Dragon Tiger online 

The first thing to do if you want to play Dragon Tiger online is to find an online casino site that offers it; and we would definitely recommend Evolution Gaming’s Live Dragon Tiger here; a game that is responsible for Dragon Tiger’s increased popularity. It is a very simple game to play, and the action begins when you place a bet on which of two cards will be higher. 

After the bet is made the dealer will deal the cards; and you can then see if you were successful or not. 

Top tips on how to play Dragon Tiger Online 

Dragon Tiger is a remarkably simple game to play; however, this doesn’t at all mean that you don’t have to be tactical to play it well. Here are some top tips on how to play Dragon Tiger: 

·         Budget effectively: Because Dragon Tiger is quite simple in terms of betting options; it is crucial that you budget effectively to keep yourself in the game for as long as possible.

·         Don’t overthink it: Again, due to Dragon Tiger’s simplicity; it’s important not to overthink things, as it will only bog you down.

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