How to set up an IT department after a move?

How to set up an IT department after a move?

Office moves are not easy and the most difficult part of it is relocating the IT department. Hiring professionals who are specialized in big moves is the best way to complete an office relocation process. From buying new furniture items to deciding which ones to take along with you according to the dimensions of the new office, a lot of tasks need to be performed simultaneously. 

To shift your old furniture items, you can hire the best furniture movers who are trained enough to safely handle your old furniture to the new place. These people will not only organize the furniture items but also the entire IT equipment relocated by them. If you are looking for a guide to setup IT department then check out this: 

Contacting the IT Service Provider: 

You know without the internet, nothing is operable. Internet Service Providers are the specialized people who are responsible for managing the IT department for its clients. They provide services to the organizations based on their demands for instance services could be Software as a Service, Platform as a service, or Infrastructure as a service. After moving to the new location, you must contact ISP so that you can start working in the office like before. 

Servers and Storage: 

Checking on servers and storage for their operational work. Servers are responsible for letting a computer perform tasks for its multiple users connected to the system. Servers store a large amount of information in them and enable the clients to connect with the network. When an office is relocated, all the configuration processes should be thoroughly analyzed for effortless working in an organization.

Checking on facility needs: 

There are certain things and equipment which are required to be reviewed after setting up an office. 

  • Limit Physical Access: Some equipment like servers and routers must not be within reach of every person. Servers carry highly sensitive data so only authorized persons must have access to this equipment. Access control rooms must be set up permitting only authorized people of the company.
  • Bandwidth: Check on the bandwidth requirements and prepared for the backup plans also in case of system or equipment failure.
  • Conference rooms: Conference rooms carry special meetings with the clients and employees. Check if all the IT equipment is correctly configured and is working properly. 


Backups are very important if you want to protect your data from being completely lost. After the office move check thoroughly if the backup plan is working as required.


Check all the cable connections in the office thoroughly. However, Look out for them regularly to prevent damage to the equipment attached to the wires and cables. Old wires and cables must replaced with new ones in the new office setup. 

Upgrade old equipment:  

Old equipment must upgraded from time to time for the effortless working of the system. Now you have relocated, it is the correct time to replace your old broken equipment with new ones. You can replace your old printer, scanner, etc with the modified new versions for better productivity. This will increase the efficiency of the entire IT department. 

Safety Precautions:

The safety of your employees must be your priority all the time. That’s why all the risk factors like fire hazards and flood hazards must be analyzed completely so that safety measures can taken accordingly. 

Buying New Furniture for the IT department: 

 After an office move, you will required to purchase new furniture according to your office needs. Some factors must considered before purchasing furniture which can enhance the overall look of the new office.

  • Buy furniture keeping in mind the flow design of your new office. 
  • Look out for the dimensions of the space while purchasing new furniture. It might possible that the furniture may not set properly in a particular cabinet office.
  • You must go for the trendy yet comfortable furniture as you have to work all day long in the office so the material must be comfortable enough.
  • Look for lightweight furniture which could easily dragged from one cabinet to another if require.

Bottom Line Up!!!!

Setting up a new IT office department is a long process that requires a thorough understanding of the requirements of an organization. With the right moving tech and the above guidelines, it will be easy for you to set up an IT department. 

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